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Signs, Clues and Conspiracies That The Heat Is Secretly Taking Aim At #SeventyTwo

This is the beginning of a running log of signs, clues and conspiracies that the Heat is secretly gunning for 72 victories this season...to be tracked on Twitter and this blog throughout the preseason...follow me on Twitter @JoeGoodmanJr...look for the hashtag #SeventyTwo...everyone is welcome to join the conspiracy...according to think-tank editors, cross-marketing of multiple social media platforms is the only way newspapers will survive...

Sign No.1 the Heat is secretly planning an assault on #SeventyTwo: The Paleo Conspiracy

Ray Allen went on the paleo diet this offseason and got his weight down to less than 200 pounds. This is Allen's 18th season in the league and, like pretty much everyone on the Heat's roster, it could theoretically be Allen's last season under contract with the Heat. Allen is on a strict snack diet on charter flights this season of plantain chips, pecans and cashews. Allen shot .419 from three-point range last season, leading the Heat with 139 three-pointers. Paleo Conspiracy Theory in a nutshell: Less weight will make Allen quicker and will give him more consistent lift late in games, which will help the Heat get to 72 victories. Also, "Get that MF-ing rope outta here."

In related news, here's a link to my story in today's paper on LeBron James, whether or not he can shoot 60 percent from the field this season and, if he actually does, will that equate to the Heat challenging the Bulls' all-time NBA regular-season record of 72 victories. The Heat was 24-2 last season in games James shot at least 60 percent from the field.


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