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Pics of LeBron's new tats: 'Akron' and 'Est.1984'




"Est. 1984"


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Ok? What's the impact of this on basketball and the Heat?

I'm going to assume that's a serious question, so I'll honor it with a serious response. The impact is enormous. Those new tattoos could add five points to LeBron's averages.

Lol...just ribbing you. We're sensitive about LeBron leaving.

Pathetic. W T F cares about this 2nd rate Jordan-wannabe! This is why nobody watches the nba anymore.

His message all summer, and now fall: There's no "C" in Akron.

konandy, Ratings in the NBA are the highest they have ever been. Do your homework before writing something that stupid. Sounds like your a little jealous you dope.

Lol he doesn't play like Jordan at all. If anything Kobe is a Jordan copy-cat Jordan said so himself. Go watch sumthin else n don't comment on this message board if ur not a fan

Just tried to trade some stocks, not a good day... Invested a mere 100.00 and lost the whole dam thing in just 10 minutes... Go figure....

Whats going on at training camp?

Yeah nobody cares that you play stocks. Nothing to report since its closed to the public. You should know that since you claim your a big Heat fan.

I Have A Good Feeling That Lebron Is Going To Stay With The Heat For A Long Time Instead Of Returning To Lemonade Dans Wanna-Be Cavs.
His Tat Is Is A Symbol & Tribute To His Birth Place & The People Of Akron Ohio.
Good/Great People Come Out Of Ohio, Some Just Don't Work There.

007, All things Heat, 3 Time Champs this year

Season predictions on the season everybody?

I'm going with 60-22

Lebron MVP
Beating Clippers in Finals in 6 games.

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