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Mayweather Jr. attends practice and speaks to Heat about staying on top

Floyd Mayweather Jr. attended Heat practice on Sunday and delivered the team a message about defending titles. The boxer knows a little bit about that. He's 45-0 over a 17-year career.

"Not many people can relate to our guys in terms of championships, so we felt he would be a great voice for him to hear," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "His message was awesome. The guys ate it all up."

Mayweather was in town on Saturday for the Canes' game and Spoelstra reached out with an offer to attend practice. Few outsiders are ever allowed to watch Heat practice, according to Dwyane Wade, but Mayweather is a little different.

"From one champion to another, he just talked about being proud of us and how we handled ourselves," Wade said. "He knows, as a champion, how hard it is to go out there and compete when people try to take you down. He kept telling us how proud he is of us. If you got up today and you were a little tired, you walk in and see the champ, you work a little harder."

LeBron James, who is friends with Mayweather, put Spoelstra and the boxer in touch.

"With him being 17 years-and-0, we're trying to defend two titles and he's been defending for a long time," James said. "He definitely knows where we're coming from. It's definitely exciting to have someone, one of the greatest of all time, to be in your presence. It's something you can talk about years from now when you look back on the history of sports. That guy was at our practice."

Both Spoelstra and Pat Riley are boxing fans. Spoelstra is a loyal supporter of Manny Pacquiao, but said on Sunday that "you can't deny" Mayweather's work ethic and career.

"Seventeen years on top is ridiculous," Spoelstra said. "We all have the ultimate respect."


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Hello????? Where is everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

We all in hibernation till the season starts?

How about some predictions on the season from the regulars?

Black, Smitty, Eyeball...Thoughts?

Im still here! Was off line for a bit attending the black theater festival in ATL.. (funny that the heat play atlanta for their preseason opener).. Of course I want to say the Heat will win 73 games just to beat the record, but with the emergence of these other "superteams" on the East (Nets, Knicks, Pacers, Chi, Bucks) I think the Heat will be win somewhere around 55+ games this season and come in at one of the top 3 spots come playoff time. Of Course Postseason I'm predicting a 3-peat.. Especially if they can get something out of Greg Oden.. thats my two cents..

Roger Mason Jr. I wouldnt say he solidified his roster spot, but he is pretty darn close to doing so lol, he was looking GOOD out there.. 6 boards, 4 asst, and 14 points.. I know this is just preseason but i like what I see with him, especially having the ability to play both guard spots. I would have liked to see more of Larry Drew II, but im pretty sure he'll be playing in Souix Falls this season.

Chris Bosh was BALLIN!

Bron was SUPER rusty, but Im pretty sure he was laying low mostly for the other guys

VARNADO not impressed, but I still think he's better than Joel Anthony. Eric Griffin was pretty good for the limited amount of time we saw him.

Westbrook, Hamilton, and Drew II are the ones who get cut first IMO.

And again I know most of you dont agree with me on the Beasley thing, but I would like to see how much he did/did not improve since his last tenure with the Heat.

Welp Until the next one.. 3 peat

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