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LeBron on Jordan: 'M.J. said that?'

From the Bahamas, where video games were the big topic, LeBron James shrugged off comments made by Michael Jordan that Jordan could beat James in a game of one-on-one.

In a promotional video game for NBA2K14 recently, Jordan said he wouldn't lose to any current players, except for maybe Kobe Bryant "because he steals all my moves." James laughed off the comment. James is on the cover of NBA2k14.

"It was for my game?" James said of Jordan's comments. "It's a good promotion thing."

James said "absolutely" he's thought about a matchup with Jordan but "no one will ever see it and it's not going to happen. But it's good for people to talk about ... M.J. said that?"


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Jordan would have a hard time beating Lebron James...when Jordan last played nearly 10 years ago, he never played against guys who have the skills - speed, size, quickness, strength and ball handling ability of some of today's players, especially LeBron...Iverson crossed over Jordan 12, 13 years even big men like Durant have wicked handles...Jordan was arguably the greatest player in the TEAM sport of basketball...he was great at trapping and help defense for example...but one on one basketball is a whole different the way, Jordan was not that great of a pure shooter (a stable of one on one basketball)...he developed a jump shot later in his career...not only would Jordan have a hard time beating the likes of LeBron and Durant, I doubt he could have beat his own teammate Scottie Pippen and possibly even Dennis Rodman, who would out hustle his way to 10 lay ups in a game to 10 by ones...and in a game of "make it - take it", against Russell Westbrook he might lose 10 - 0...Russell could hit 10 jumpers in a row...and if Jordan tried to "D him up" Russell could blow right past him...also remember Jordan in his prime was not as strong as he was later in his career when he bulked up some...Jordan needs to shut the hell up and just bask in the glory of the player he USED to be...

Six Rings ... Need I say more.? Jordan played with men. Players nowadays play with boys.

Jeff, your comment exposed your total lack of knowledge of the game of Basketball.

Jack, first of all this is all subjective and opinion...but if your going to attack my "lack of knowledge of basketball", as least state your reasoning...still, there a big difference between NBA basketball and one on one pick up basketball...

I agree jeff. all of this blow past Jordan talk is as if u r talkin bout Jordan past his prime. when has Russell westbroo ever hit 10 jumpers in a row? the ONLY player to give Jordan the bues is gary payton. other than that I have seen games where Jordan has 9 points at halftime and end up with 48. easily. and im not a Jordan fan. Jordan may not have played with new guys but if the DREAM TEAM is better than the REDEEM TEAM and Jordan was the elite out of all then how is it you lower his credibility?

did you see that block Jordan had against Chicago when he played against the wizards? that was him up in age. shows his defensive effort in his prime. and don't worry...I know you secretly went to view it on youtube. and you are secretly impressed

I like Jordan but its a new day an new time it's Lebron time to be in spotllight

Not only did the Bulls NOT win their first championship over Jordan's first x 3 seasons (1984-1985-1986), the Bulls NEVER won more than 40 UNTIL they drafted HoGrant & Pippen in 1987.

One day, hopefully soon, *real* basketball historians will come clean about MJ: great scorer, but nowhere close to greatest player ever.

Hypothetically: James v. Jordan in their physical primes playing 21 under 2013 rules? Bron -- EASY.

Why? Because No-Grab-Defense + No-Flykick-Fadeways = NO CONTEST (defensive grabbing + offensive flykicks were MJ "signature" moves).

Bron would simply post MJ like Godzilla posting Spongebob (80% makes) while Jordan reverted to jumpers (50% makes) after 5 straight stuffs by LeBron.

Not only did the Bulls NOT win [a single] championship over Jordan's first x 3 seasons (1984-1985-1986), the Bulls NEVER won more than 40 [games WITH Jordan] UNTIL they drafted HoGrant & Pippen in 1987.

The quality of players and the competition was a lot stronger in Jordan's days as opposed to today. Jordan and Lebron are both different types of players. Jordan is more aggressive with an attacking style of play while Lebron is more the facilitator type of player who can also engage in an attacking style when the game dictates it. Jordan is the greatest player of all time and Lebron might be the best all around player at the moment but playing one on one basketball is a different kind of beast. What Lebron has in size advantage, Jordan can make up for it with his equally impressive and superior defensive skills. Jordan's fadeaway jump shot is almost unstoppable and he can hit that with his eyes closed. Contrary to your argument of No-Grab-Defense, the 2013 rules would be more in favor of Jordan than Lebron. Fadeaway jumpers were not the only offensive moves that Jordan has. Lebron on the other hand can also be equally unstoppable with his bigger frame.

All in all, a Jordan vs Lebron matchup would be interesting to watch. In a best of 7, I think Jordan wins that one 4-3. Shame on people who think that Jordan would dominate Lebron. Let's give Lebron some credit as he has won back-to-back titles and is gunning for his 3rd straight.

Jordan is his time and now would beat Lebron in team ball or one on one. And I am not a MJ fan but I give credit where and to whom it belongs to.. I agree with Mike Kobe is the only serious contender especially one on one. And I would say Going back to any other one on one with him.Kobe is the only serious contender to his air ness. Now or yesterday. MJ 6 rings. Kobe 5
Jordan more MVP's althogh obe should have been awarded more. Who would or could out maneuver or out score Kobe. only Mike in a match up. You cannot put one over the other it is as if they are twins in performance. Some areas Kobe finishes on top some others Mike does. Kobe hit over 80 in a game. We could only split hairs at best it comes down to who you like

Only a hand full of players can be classed with Kobe and Mike regardless of who or what position they play or played. They easily would be Karim, Chamberlain, Oscar, The Hawk(Connie Hawkins ) for those who do not know, Elgin Baylor, Alajawon(Hakim), And of course, "Magic". No one else is even close to this group.Challenge that...

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