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Here's that video of Michael Beasley punching himself.

Here's the video of Michael Beasley punching himself in the head after stepping out of bounds. The video shows Beasley lightly hitting himself but after the video cuts away Beasley turns around and backpedals and then starts to punch himself with more purpose.


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Oops, up side the head.....Oops up side the head

That was hardly a punch. More like a knock.

If you ever want to be respected as a sports writter, please find better stories to report...

Dude gave himself 2 lumps on the head, requiring medical attention (though psychiatric attention would be more appropriate/effective). It's not Plaxico Burress, but it kinda is.

Lol. Michael Wallace just tweeted:

"Heat take exception to reports Beasley got treatment for self-inflict punch last nite. Say treatment was needed for blow from Jerebko."

See? It IS a story, when Jerebko can cause 2 x lumps with one blow.

Heat need a deep bench for a 82 game season to keep Bosh, James, Wade, Allen fresh for post-season. If Beasley, Hamilton, Mason, etc. do their part, the 6th to 15th players deserve just as much credit as do the future HOF in bringing home the ring. Sitting at home, viewers do not understand the abuse hecklers give players on the bench. I would think Beasley gets much more trash talk than these comments do, Part of the pay check, but I give the bench players credit for being insulted on a nightly basis and not going postal. Winning on the court is only part of the game: being able to handle the mental garbage often separates the winners from losers.

Not a story...get a life Joe.

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