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Dwyane Wade Taking A Picture Of Me Taking A Picture of Dwyane Wade And Other Stuff From Today's Secret Practice


Dwyane Wade loved my stunning outfit today, so he had to take a picture. Mario Chalmers and Michael Beasley are hanging out in street clothes to Wade's left (more on that later). LeBron is over there in the back playing Words With Friends, or something.


—The Heat practiced at Basketball City on Pier 36 today, and there's a funny story behind that.

Originally, the Heat announced it would practice at Asphalt Green on E 90th Street. Instead, the Heat changed its itinerary at the last minute in an apparent attempt to fool the New York media. It worked. Good ol' Wiley Pat Riley gave everyone the slip today. Only a handful of writers attended practice and there was nary a television camera in the building. Well, there was one, but he was Bleacher Report or something and was asking Greg Oden to make funny faces. Here's a map of the wild goose chase Riley and the Heat put the media through today.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.59.59 PM

—Rashard Lewis is not with the Heat in New York due to a family obligation. Lewis also was not in Washington.

—Spoelstra said Michael Beasley is improving from an infection caused by a cut on his arm. I've heard another story that Beasley ate some of the same crab dip from Verizon Center that made Mario Chalmers ill, but whatever.


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