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Dogs I Meet On The Road And Other Stuff From Shootaround

Some might say Uga is the most famous bulldog in college sports. Well, those people would probably be right, but Uga certainly isn't the toughest. Nobody messes with Jack the Bulldog, the official mascot of Georgetown athletics.

I met Jack for a brief interview today after the Heat's shootaround. He had more than a few choice words for the Tea Party, even though the good and honorable lobbyists of Georgetown really haven't been affected by the nonsense on Capitol Hill. Jack's handler, Father Steck, was a very kind and learned man who is looking forward to basketball season.

From shootaround ...
-Greg Oden worked out with the Heat's younger players in a session before the team's regular-rotation players took the court.

-Chris Bosh, speaking about the Nets, said, "Some guys are always Celtics to us."

-On the Heat's rotation, Erik Spoelstra said it's "still too early" but added the Heat plans on "using our depth" this season. "It can change," Spoelstra said.

-On Roger Mason Jr. breaking into the Heat's rotation, Spoelstra reminded reporters that Norris Cole was still ahead of Mason on the depth chart. "We have a very good back-up point guard right now."

Dogs I Meet On The Road And Other Stuff From Shootaround


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