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Breaking down the Heat's rotations and trends from its regular-season dress rehearsal

The Heat approached Wednesday's exhibition against the Pelicans as if it were a regular-season game. Here's what we learned about Erik Spoelstra's rotations, which likely will not change on Tuesday against the Bulls:

—The Heat opened the first and third quarters with the the same nine-man rotation that it used to win 27-straight games last season. Ray Allen and Birdman were the first players off the bench, followed by Norris Cole and Shane Battier.

—Spoelstra went small to begin the second and fourth quarters, featuring a three-guard lineup with Cole, Allen and Wade. Battier and Birdman rounded out the frontcourt.

—Greg Oden, who played four minutes in the second quarter, allowed Bosh to operate at power forward for a stretch. Bosh finished with seven assists, including the assist on Oden's dunk.

—I'm sure that the Pacers took note of the rotation featuring Bosh, Oden and LeBron in the frontcourt.

—Beasley spelled LeBron for 13 seconds at the end of the first quarter. Beasley didn't reenter the game until garbage time.

—The Heat was at its best in the fourth quarter without LeBron. Hey, it's the preseason.

—Wade carried the team without LeBron in the linup. He was 10 of 17 from the field.

Wade is playing really well. OK, we kind of already knew that, but Wednesday affirmed what we thought we already thought about our thoughts on Wade. Wade is entering the season like a Top 10 player.

—The Heat's conditioning was phenomenal for the preseason.

—Cole played point guard the entire fourth quarter and finished with one extra minute than Chalmers overall. Spoelstra went with either Cole or Chalmers in the game at all times.

Mario Chalmers—Dwyane Wade—LeBron James—Udonis Haslem—Chris Bosh

Chalmers—Ray Allen—LeBron—Birdman—Bosh

Norris Cole—Allen—LeBron—Shane Battier—Birdman

Cole—Allen—Michael Beasley—Battier—Birdman 



Chalmers—Allen—LeBron—Bosh—Greg Oden








Cole—Roger Mason Jr.—Allen—Battier—Bosh

Cole—Mason—James Jones—Michael Beasley—Joel Anthony


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