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Blood and stuff from inside the Heat's locker room.

As players and visitors walk into the Heat's locker room, this quote is the first thing they see just outside the inner sanctum.


Walk a few steps forward and these photos (actually wallpaper) illustrate the Heat's blood-brothers motif.



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Gives me the chills to see this! 3 peat on the way... By the way, if the dynasty talk is true, they're going to have to build a new stadium to put all these wallpapers on. Love it!

WOW! i like that.. made me wanna go and try out for the heat! then I realized I suck at basketball..

Bloody good read on Rashard Lewis -> .

Would feel a lot better about 3peat chances with Rashard stepping up. Bron already does.

The words are a quote from Shakespeare's history play "Henry V." They were spoken by the young King Hal to his army before the battle of Agincourt against the French. The French had gathered 40,000 soldiers; the British, 8,000, but with a slick battle plan on a muddy field, the English won the day, which happened on St. Crispen's Day. To read the whole speech, look up "St. Crispen's Day speech, Henry V."

I'm an English professor at MDC and a Heat fan. So, I love the quote from one of my favorite plays.

By the way, "The St. Crispen's Day Speech, Henry V" is available on YouTube. You can hear it performed by Kenneth Branaugh (late 20th century) or Laurence Olivier (mid 20th century).

Jerry C Blanton | Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 06:59 PM

Jerry C Blanton | Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 07:09 PM


Awesome. Thanks prof. Stick around. We don't bite (usually).

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