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Almario Vernard 'MF' Chalmers has never been this 'MF' ripped

Heat PR put out some inside looks of this year's pregame player-introduction video. Find it here. It's likely not the only pregame video the team will do this season, because last season the team had two. One was made especially for its alternate white home jerseys.

So, the new video looks like it's paying homage to America's foundry workers, or maybe alternate-universe-steampunk dystopia, and that's really great. Beyond that, one thing that struck me was the chiseled physique of one Mr. Almario Vernard Chalmers, who Dwyane Wade, of course, affectionately calls Mario MF Chalmers. Chalmers has always been a clutch player, but he hasn't always been in the best shape possible. From the looks of a few pictures, it appears he's taking himself a little more seriously these days. One might say he's MF ripped. Of course, all that muscle definition could just be on account of the body oil. I'll make sure to talk to him about it on Thursday morning in Detroit.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.33.10 PM
And here are pics of two of the Heat's 2,403,022 alternate jerseys this season. I like to joke around about all these jerseys, but I guess it's paying off. James apparently had the top-selling jersey in the world last year. Of course, those figures didn't factor in the Chinese black market, which, based on quick math in my head, accounts for 85 percent of all jerseys worldwide, most of which have Kobe Bryant stitched or laminated or colored on the back with permanent marker.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.55.08 PM


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We need to wear those red uniforms more often. Anyone else agree?

I like to see the team play in the all black unis with white numbers/names.

Only saw part of the first preseason game v the Hawks, and my takes were similar to others:

Roger Mason will make the squad and be a contributor as a combo guard that can defend/hit the open three/handle the ball with confidence/be a positive in the locker room.

Larry Drew didn't impress (I know, it was only one game, and I didn't see all of it)

None of the bigs stood out to me, not saying they can't play, they just didn't separate themselves from each other.

That being said, I'ld take any of them over having supercoolbeas on the squad. Speaking of god's son:

"I ain't got no minutes in my pocket and I don't got no crazy cell-phone plan." -- Really?

He attended 5 different high schools and this is the education he acquired? I know, he's in a job where English, even as a second language, is an over-qualification, but certainly he can represent his team (his brand) better than that. Can't wait to see how his game has evolved into ANYTHING the Heat can use.

We play in the Motor City (what's left of it) tonight. Here's to hoping he has a phenomenal outing and the Pistons make a play for him. I think he is more suited for a team with Brandon Jennings and J-Smoove than a team with Wade and Haslem and LBJ. How about Beasley for Billups?

Only problem, Wade, Haslem, Chalmers luv Zombeas -- or at least say they do. Doesn't matter if Zombeas might've blackmailed his way onto the team, threatening to tell all if his "family" didn't go to bat. Cuz that's what families do.

While poor LeBron can only roll his eyes and hope Rashard renders Zombeas moot. And mute.

Rashard, JJ, UD, Bosh, Birdman - all of them before beas hits the floor, and yep, even put Greg O. in there as well.

Where do we think we would use this shiny new toy? Or better yet, who will he defend on the other team, the SF or PF? If I remember correctly, and I do, he couldn't stay with the SF's and the PF's pushed him around.

Shard must be looking strong judging from Joe's article earlier in the week. Gotta love that!

"Or better yet, who will he defend on the other team, the SF or PF"

The mascot. Ours or theirs. Though Gorilla beat him to sh!t

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