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Wade and Durant give the green light: trash talk is a go, NBA; Repeat, let the trash talk begin

The men are restless. Like the initial days of autumn, the first hints of NBA trash talk are here. Yes, it must be time for training camp!

The first exchanges of passive-aggressive NBA ego banter are between Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant and they played out on the Internet Tuesday night. Wade and Durant don't have any personal beef with each other that I can recall (at least, not until now), but that didn't stop them from going back and forth with one another over SI.com's Top 100 players of 2013-14. Durant said he thinks former teammate and current Houston shooting guard James Harden is a better shooting guard than Wade, in so many words. Wade then made a "note to self" to make Durant "respect your place in history" and then posted his note to self on Instagram, where it received about 77,000 likes.

On Tuesday evening, Durant started the fun during an interview with the one and only @NoahCoslov of CineSports.com, who randomly has an irrational fear of bunnies. Coslov asked Durant who was missing from the Top 10 player rankings by SI.com's NBA blog, "Point Forward." Durant said Harden was missing and that Harden should take Wade's place. [Wade was eighth, ahead of Kobe Bryant (ninth) and Harden (11th)].

Coslov and Durant then teamed up to sell men's deodorant.

Wade caught wind of Durant's perceived disrespect and posted this to his Instagram account, reminding Durant and everyone that the Heat defeated the Thunder in five games in the 2012 NBA Finals:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.04.41 AM

Durant then had to get the last word.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.15.40 AM

Wade and Durant first meet this season on Jan.29 at AmericanAirlines Arena. Wade and the Heat face Harden and the Rockets on March 4 at Toyota Center and then on March 16 at AmericanAirlines. Also, Durant thinks Bosh is a "fake tough guy."

After the dust settled and the East Coast went to bed, Durant then got into it with a fan on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.39.39 AM


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