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Michael Beasley is back

The Heat is set to announce the return of Michael Beasley on Wednesday afternoon, the Miami Herald has learned.

Beasley has agreed to a one-year, non-guaranteed deal, according to a source, but is expected to make the roster after training camp. The Heat's No.2 overall draft pick in 2008, Beasley was recently released by the Phoenix Suns after an arrest for possession of marijuana. Beasley has a long history of problems caused by his recreational drug use dating back to rookie camp before his first season with the Heat.

A highly rated recruit out of Kansas State, Beasley was to be a cornerstone of the Heat's post-Shaquille O'Neal rebuilding effort. Instead, Beasley was traded to the Timberwolves in 2010 to clear cap space for the Heat to sign LeBron James and Chris Bosh and re-sign Dwyane Wade.

The Heat found success last season with Chris Andersen, a player who was out of the league and looking for a second chance, and the team is now taking a chance on Beasley and hoping its support structure and leadership within the locker room can have the same positive effect.

Last season, Beasley averaged 10.1 points and 3.8 rebounds per game per game for the Suns. Both totals were career lows. Beasley is expected to be the 14th player on the Heat's opening-night roster, leaving only one roster spot up for grabs during training camp.


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Great move!

Taking a flyer on him is basically a no-brainer since he costs nothing, and he can finally make good on the heavy investment made when picked, but to say that I am surprised would be an understatement.

He plays a position somewhat redundant on the Heat (James, Battier, Jones, Haslem, & Lewis), positionless b-ball as it were, but if he can keep his head straight and finally mature at only 24-last chance basically son- he can help an already great team.

Balls Riley they call him!

Beasley can create his own shot, Battier, Jones, Haslem, Lewis cant.

Wow! Shocked at this move!!!

One year - non guaranteed, so he might never see the court....

I'm REAL interested to see who's minutes he's going to take. He certainly isn't the shooter, rebounder, defender that Miller was. Can't see him in the regular rotation, and with that being said, let's see how he handles having to work for minutes and not being catered to AAU-style.

Wish I knew what Riles knows, cause this is a head-scratcher. Does Beas have pics of Riles?

I knew it was going to happen. Great move by the heat. I truly think beas will help this team. They needed some bench scoring, and even though he wasn't the type of player Miller was he is a good backup in case one of our top scorers gets injured.

Well. That was Beasy wasn't it?

1. As sure as some were there'd be NO repeat after 2006 or even 45 wins, there will be NO 3peat w/MB as a Miami Heat. Book it.

2. Dade County parents & injury attorneys are on notice. Those Heat players who wanted/demanded/pleaded for Beasley's return were surely aware of various charges, investigations, allegations and convictions/pleas accrued by Beasley in recent months/years. Those Heat players could -- and should -- bear legal liability should Beasley screw up again, including any incident where Beasley harms/maims/injures or kills any Dade County resident from this day forward. Yes, I'm serious. Whatever happens now, IS on Heat players who wanted him back. They should, rightfully, assume just as much liability as the team when (not if) Beasley screws up again since EVERYONE knew of & about ongoing investigations and criminal implications related to Beasley's behavior *before* they endorsed Beasley's return.

3. If Bron, Bosh & Wade weren't onboard with Beasley's return, no way Riley re-signs this all-time loser. So yes, WHATEVER Beasley does from this moment forward, on or off the court, will and should redound to the Big 3, positive or negative. And for once, I really DO hope the media hypes Beasley's next fail and those who risked a once-in-a-franchise-lifetime 3peat for it.

Sad really. A living, stumbling testament to the vain arrogance that Beasley wouldn't dare betray the trust of James, Wade or Bosh.

Can't and don't believe Riley was comfortable with this at all. Of all people, Riles surely knows the diff btw redeemable and unsalvageable. This was player driven by players writing checks their egoes can't cash. Totally, absolutely, stoopid.

Big risk....Big reward! How bout no risk...
Jack--POT! Great Move!!!!

I like the signing....

Let's see just wait and see...

taheati - are you retarded?

Beasley's a good dude, just been caught smoking pot a bunch of times.









NEXT SEASON: JAMES JONES / BATTIER / & maybe LEWIS or HASLEM would retire....

we then have a replacement the likes of: JAMES ENNIS / ERIC GRIFFIN / VARNADO....





PF LEWIS / *BEASLEY(sf)/ HASLEM(nursing his injury)


just sayi'n

available ufa @ sg:
>stephen jackson
>richard hamilton
>d. cook

LEANDRO BARBOSA PG/SG i guess still a free agent...

a booster for as on PG/SG position a defense oriented guard... good fit for HEAT CULTURE...


rockstarjc - you can't really use the words "heat culture" after verbally massaging Riley for giving supercoolbeas a FOURTH try. That's the #1 problem with mb, it's the attitude, lack of professionalism, that will effect the 'heat culture'. This ain't just about smokin' weed, it's about not being stupid enough to keep getting caught doing it. It's about the other stupid-a$$ $hit that he's been charged with.

And, no, Taheati is not retarded, he makes 100% sense. Our leaders would have HAD to be on board with this move, and that is just freakin' puzzling. We know how hard those guys work to get the rewards they have, and they HAVE to know about mb's lazy-a$$ approach to his job, so, YES, they are on the line for this move as well.

Look, before we start penciling him in our starting rotation, he has even made the team yet, we lose NOTHING (and probably gain a bunch) if he sits in Juwan Howard's seat all year.

Can't wait to see the expression on LBJ's face when the Heat are on defense and the ball gets swung around the perimeter with Heat players rotating feverously to contest shots and mb is the weak link, standing a step off the box while an opponent drains a wide open three.

What is Wade going to say when he busts his butt to get down court on a break and beas settles for a quick three over a 6' guard.

Hopefully it never happens, hopefully we can get that spot to Ennis or Hamilton or Mickey freakin' Mouse. I would have used Rodman in that scenario, but he's busy on a humanitarian mission to North Korea.

No risk, unless he makes the team, then all hands on deck.

I personally think he could be the pick guy.... If doubled, cut to the foul line for a elbow/foul line jumper... Rebounding needs work... Defensive rotations will help him on this team... His midrange game will come in handy... Yeah, solid pickup.....

Just one set:

line up: Bron, Wade, CB, Allen, Beasley...

Bron at the point, CB in the post, Wade cutting or curling to the paint, Allen spot up for the three, Beasley setting the picks or curling open for a midrange shot....

just one set....

He has to learn how to pass the ball... play within the system.... not the savior, just a role player... but a good role player....

I still think the best starting 5 should be:

Rio, Wade, Bron, CB, Bird....

just sayin.... 007....

With 14 under contract, what position do y'all think is most needed????

another big
another point
another wing
a solid rebounder



Baby sitter

How's these guys sound?

Dantay Jones
Drew Gooden
Ralando Balkman

Thin market, I'm just sayin....

Could we get the Cowboy's baby sitter for Dez Bryant on retainer?

hell I'll work with him...

Much respect Black, but ZO/Haslem/Wade/Riley/Spo couldn't get through to him for 2 years, what tools do you have to get threw to his thick head?

to be honest, I see what your saying...

But he has to want to be a part of this team... I or no one else can stop him from messing up... He has to want it for himself... The Heat already have greatness all around them...

...and ZO/Riles/Wade/Spo/Haslem don't have that?

Now, 9/11 has three reasons to be remembered....2001/Benghazi/resigning mb.

I really didn't think he would come available to the Heat via free agency... This could be a really good pick up... Now it's up to Mike to show he's capable of dealing with the pressure that comes with this team now....

Hopefully he's really taking this seriously.... I didn't like how he played the first time around... But now, I do see how to use him better on this team....

You got to look at the future. The big 3 will take a even bigger chunk of the payroll. You might need 5 or 6 min contracts to make the math work. Let Beas prove himself now by being a great practice player. There is no risk in doing this at all. The Heat know what kind of practice player he is already. They never had a problem with that. It was off the court stuff they had a issue with. I'm sure Riley will have him on a short leash
telling him when he can pee this time. 1st sign of trouble and he's out. The competition in practice will be stiffer and that's all good. He don't even have to play this year. We already have a championship team.

hey Jeff you still on the road???

"He don't even have to play this year. We already have a championship team.


I think Beas, after moving around to three different teams within his short career so far, has realized that he cant rely on talent alone.. I think he realizes that he'll have to use his talent AND actually put forth hard work to succeed in the NBA. So with this 2nd chance with the team that drafted him, and with PROVEN stars in Lebron and Allen (along with Wade) Beas will settle down and actually play within the system, LEARN TO PLAY DEFENSE, and WILL be a big help scoring off the bench! with a 2nd lineup of Cole, Allen, Beasley, Birdman, Oden .. Golden!!

or even Bron, Wade, Beasley, Bosh, Oden for closing games... too good.

Hopefully we won't need defense to close those games, Smitty. Beas and CB in that lineup with a rehabbed Oden = pipe dream. Who's checkin' the quick PG on the other team? Is Beas chasing around the other team's SF?

And when do we play with all second string players? We almost NEVER have that lineup on the floor, there is almost always AT LEAST 2 of our 3 big contracts on the floor, so counting on beas' 10ppg (from 2012-2013)to suddenly inject offense into our second unit is ridiculous.

Where's UD? Damn, he sacrificed enough of his PT for this a$$ first time around, I hope he doesn't this time. YOu don't even have Battier in your post....did you see Game 7 of the Finals?

Who does Beas guard on Indy's team? West will eat him alive, George will blow by him, dude from Houston - too strong for beas.

Here's hoping he never makes the team, and we would have lost nothing.

And what was his NBA talent that he has been surviving on? Stand still 3pt chucker? Ball handling? Rebounding? On ball defense? Help defense? Ability to penetrate? What is his skill that we don't already have on this team?

Yeah Black, still on the road. I'be been busy as hell. That's why it takes time to respond. Never too busy too get news on the Heat. You guys give me good insight on what's going on. Texing/blogging and driving is a career killer though. Reading and driver not to good for it either but traffic jams and lights make cheating easy. was right about Beas the 1st time around. I hope you are wrong about him this time. around. #2 pick in the entire draft owe us. Time to accept his MINIMUM payment.

It's worth a shot ! Hard believe one guy who hasn't accomplished squat in the NBA will destroy the Heat dynamic that's been in place for years. He does have skills and yes...this will be his LAST chance. Motivation can become quite the life lesson element.

Joe, I hope that's all the ink you waste on Beaz. I wanna know who didn't get invited to LeBron's 3 day vacating.

Posted by: eyeballtwo | Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 06:27 PM Does Beas have pics of Riles?


Close, but no cigar.

Not Riles. And not, necessarily, pictures. Just the usual what-ifs.

What if NO teams expressed ANY interest in Beasley post-Phoenix?

What if Beasley, facing the end of his NBA ride, finally played the TWO trump cards held since his days with the Heat? Trump cards that NOTHING to do with Riley but EVERYTHING to do with certain former teammates?

Think about it.

Which Heat players not named Beasley were a) arrested for possessing approx 20gms of marijuana but never charged b) accused by former business partners of indulging pot-fueled sex parties at the player's condo -- when Beasley was still a Heat?

Yes, in the latter, 1) the player sued the partner for libel and 2), the partner *is* disreputable evidence his arrest for bouncing checks while 3) the parties allegedly occurred before Beasley was drafted even though the partner only divulged specifics of said parties after Beasley became a Heat. But the libel suit has barely progressed while the partner promises to reveal all, including evidence, when deposed.

So, what if -- Beasley "blackmailed" his return to Miami?

That's the thing w/extortion. Once you pay, you keep on paying. That's why Warrior coach Mark Jackson finally came clean. Paid once to keep his infidelity wrapped, approached again with the same old sh!t.

What ifs.

Not saying this *is* what happened. Am saying it could easily happen if Beasley had any "proof" implicating Heat teammates in his "addiction."

Also NOT wishing it true.

But it's one of the few things that could explain a) Miami's abrupt about-face after quickly, strongly refuting initial rumors last week b) Riley's near disgust announcing Beasley's return.

E.g. MB rings teammates asking to put in a good word. Teammates initially decline. MB plays trump cards. Teammates leak word of Heat interest. Team denies interest. Teammates come clean to Riley. Riley relents, in disgust.

The most important thing about extortion? It IS a crime. Victims DON'T have to pay. Silence CAN be imposed on the blackmailer as part of any agreement/condition to reduce sentence.

jpejeff, I enjoyed spending time with you on the road yesterday. Man you good at what you. 007

Don't listen to all my post guys... some of them aren't me...

But Jeff, keep that thing in the wind, 10-4.... they can hate... We going for the 3peat... the real 007....



Agree with you RP, he won't take down the whole team. But I do disagree with you that beas does have skills.

.....And what was his NBA talent that he has been surviving on? Stand still 3pt chucker? Ball handling? Rebounding? On ball defense? Help defense? Ability to penetrate? Is he a kome-like volume scorer?

Nobody has pinpointed what skill he does bring to this team. Can you help us out?

Congrats' to the whole James Family...

Best wishes to Bron and his Wife....

Hope to meet you all soon....

Much luv Bron... 007...

He was 18/19 yrs old and college player of the year, and he came to a team that for 1st time in his life had a better player than him. Wade. And he put up good #s his 2 yrs, 15-6 basically off the bench and playing out of position.

With that said, Great guy that will have 1 roll. Score off the bench, has a similar game to LeBron, nice rest guy for LeBron, and insurance should we get injuries He can score

Comparing beas to LBJ is like comparing any of us to Joe Goodman

14 in, 1 more spot:

or a point guard




think , Justin Holiday G/F could be a better among them...

Pat Riley, must find taker's of Joel Anthony & may pick-up Justin Holiday...

PG chalmers / cole
SG wade / allen / *holiday
SF james / *beasley(pf) / jones (or ennis)
PF battier / lewis / haslem(nursing his injury)
C bosh / birdman / *oden / *j. hamilton

just sayi'n....

if heat management and Riley would decide to buy-out james jones then i guess it would be better to summoned James Ennis SF...

Please believe Pat Riley would not sign Beasley unless he okayed it. Im sure Pat has layed down criterea that Beasley must meet to make the team and to stay on the team. Pat has always liked Beasley as a player and as a person, but is very concerned about his maturity. Hopefully the past couple of years was a way to Beasley see his mistakes and the consquences of them and is now open to grow up. I think the Heat are betting on that Beasley will be atleast the player he was while he was with the Heat. If he becomes that player then it would be a huge impact to the team.

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