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Juwan Howard named assistant coach; Heat makes front-office moves

The Heat's front-office organizational chart will read a little differently this season. Here are the list of promotions within the organization heading into this season:

Andy Elisburg has been named senior vice president of basketball operations/general manager. He was previously an assistant general manager. Elisburg is Pat Riley's salary cap guru and a significant portion of the Heat's brain trust.

Adam Simon has been named assistant general manager/general manager Sioux Falls Sky Force. Simon was previously the director of player personnel.

Dan Craig has been named assistant coach of player development. He was the assistant coach/video coordinator last season.

Chad Kammerer is now the Heat's director of NBA scouting/advance scout

Moving from coaching to the front office, Keith Askins is now the director of college and pro scouting

Juwan Howard is now an assistant coach of player development, replacing Askins.

Rich Fernando is now an executive assistant to coaches. He was an assistant video coordinator. 

Eric Glass, formerly a video intern, is now in the video room full time.

Tim Hardaway is now a scout in addition to being a community and corporate liaison.


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I can't believe Andy is still alive. He is a Heart Attack waiting to happen. What does he weigh? 650 pounds?

And Lebron James has been officially named The Heats God of all Creation.

What can Juwan 'The Mummified Mummy'Howard contribute to this team as an Assistant, how to cost effectively roll a joint? I don't get it

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