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Highlights from Dwyane Wade's fashion show

Pics from Dwyane Wade's fashion show here. The Wade's World Foundation raised over $300,000 for charity on Thursday night.


Michael Beasley is back, and casually dressed.
A trimmed-down Dwyane Wade will report to training camp on Monday.
He dropped weight in an attempt to take pressure off of his knee.
Dwyane Wade and his golden shoes.



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That a way to class of the event mb.


class 'up' the event

Wade & Beasley. Is it luv? No wonder Gabby/3 almost broke up. Dwyane isn't as smart as we thought.

He's smarter than u think.......a trouble young man keep I'm occupied and ingage with team members keeps him out if trouble

If you think a future HOF guard in the late prime of his career flushing a once-in-a-franchise-lifetime to 3peat down the toilet *just* so he can babysit a loser on his 4th-5th-6th chance to stay clean is "smart," then you're right: Wade must be smarter than Riley, smarter than LeBron, way, way smarter than god.

It's okay for Wade to try and help him ppl..there is nothing wrong with extending an olive branch to someone who may be drowning b cuz ur branch mite be the one to same him, good lookn out Wade..that's why we love u:) :)

love D wade and M Beasley stay focused ignore negative forces

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