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EMAILS I GET: 'Show this to Beas about what happens in real world'

As Carl Hiaasen might say, there are a lot of sick puppies out there in Miami. Most of them are Heat fans and sometimes they send me emails. This is another blog post in the ongoing chronicle of ... DUN DUN dun ... emails I get.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.47.35 AM

SENDER: Mantautas
SUBJECT: 'death to loser'
TIME: Sent at 7:47 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 27 

Dear Joseph,

This video has a lot to do with the NBA:


The victim was complacent.

The winner won by surprise.

In this clip the loss was not trivial, but fatal.

First, in the NBA offense has to quietly stalk the other teams for mental lapses.

Second, the defense can never let their guard down against surprise attacks.

In the video the reptile lost his life by not being aware on the court.

The jaguar keenly observed that the gator relaxed and the gator was killed because of it.

The moral is NBA players many times are mentally lackadaisical.

This video illustrates that even one mistake can be fatal.

Show this to Beas about what happens in real world.



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