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Dwyane Wade says he feels 'better than I expected at this point, but I'm not where I want to be'

Before Dwyane Wade got into it with Kevin Durant on Tuesday night, he spoke with the Miami Herald for about 25 minutes about a few things, including his charity event on Thursday night, his expanding brand and love for fashion, his sock collection and, of course, his knee.

Wade, who had OssaTron shock wave treatment on his knee in July, said he feels "better than I expected at this point, but I'm not where I want to be either." Similar to last season, Wade is going to ease himself into training camp but hopes to be ready for action by the start of the season.

"It’s a big year for me and I want to make sure I left no question in my mind," Wade said. "When I’m healthy, I want to feel and play at my best."

After the OssaTron treatment, Wade rested his body for a month and then "once the pain started going away, I started to strengthen my body." Wade said he did not go to Germany and receive platelet rich plasma therapy and added that he's not worried about his "weight or anything like that" to begin training camp.

"For me it’s about I play my best when I’m pain free," he said.

Deep bone bruises to his knee caused Wade significant pain during the playoffs, but he played through the discomfort and helped lead the Heat to its second straight championship. He received electric-stimulation treatment during the Heat's championship run and also had his knee drained of fluid. Wade says he has been pain free for over a month now and has been getting back in shape "the old school way" with classic weight-training exercises.


Wade also has been putting the finishing touches on his second annual RunWade charity event, which will benefit his charity, the Wade's World Foundation. Presented by Nieman Marcus Coral Gables and watch manufacturer Hublot, RunWade also will feature some of Wade's tie and sock designs, which are set to launch this fall.

For the past year, Wade has been collaborating with designer sock company Stance and neckwear company The Tie Bar to put together his own lines of socks and ties. The result will be Wade's initial foot into the fashion industry, a brand and idea he hopes to expand. Stance will feature a collection of 13 socks inspired in part by Wade's love of the movie "Coming to America." The Tie Bar will feature 30 bowties in a collection called The Gentleman By Dwyane Wade. Like the socks, the ties will be dominated by bold colors and exciting patterns and designs ... at least that's what the designers of the socks and ties tell me.

We'll have a fashion story on Wade and his love of socks in Thursday's paper, which will coincide with RunWade. "A Night on the RunWade" is from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at The Moore Building in the Design District. For tickets, contact Kiley Lapointe at or (305) 529-9506 ext. 5. Proceeds will benefit Wade's World Foundation.

Also, these are Wade's favorite pair of socks:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.50.55 AM
Yes, that's Bill Walton.


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Not gonna lie... those socks are nice lol..

WIth this whole Durant / Wade "beef" I really think Durant is jealous of Wade for some-reason.. Even in the finals when Durant went in on Wade saying he's too small.. Wade never said nothing "publically" to disrespect KD so I really dont know what his beef is.. Everyone knows James Harden will be a future all-star in this league for a long time especially teamed up with D. Howard.. But He is NO WHERE near Wades level just yet.. ESPECIALLY DEFENSIVELY.. He CRASHED in the NBA finals against the Heat..

I dont think KD understands how much Wade has changed his game since Bron came onto the team.. I gurantee, if Coach says we're sitting Bron.. Wade green light.. you will see the FLASH back in action..

There was ALOT more I had to say.. but ill just leave it at that

Nicely said Smitty. Wade needs to average no more than 20min/game then turn it up in the playoffs...

KD needs to remain humble like that guy who was crying on his mothers shoulder when wade was collecting ring number duce.

I don't even understand why the media likes KD. He hides behind his image makers, but Durant is just a PUNK.
A ringless, soft, trash-talking PUNK!!

If I would be D-Wade. I would answer KD's tweet "show me don't tweet me" with another instagram pic, " hand wearing 3 NBA championship rings" and below saying "Is it visible enough for you??? Can you see me now".

KD is a fraud... he plays Mr Nice but the immaturity comes out... I remember when he was mouthing off against Bosh... about nothing.... go sit down somewhere Kevin..

I've been a Basketball fan longer than Kevin Durant had a basketball in his hands, I understand he has amazing skills for a seven footer in the NBA and if he continues to play at the caliber he's playing theres no doubt he will be one of the greats, but I think his humble begingings of being a gentleman are fading fast. When he first started in the league I saw him as humble yet hungry player,but now throughout these couple of years it seems he has morphed into a childish bitter person, has he learned nothing from the begingings of the "Lebron saga"? I know he's a great player,but he seriously has some growing up to do. And as for Comparing James Harden who is a serious hitman on the court to Dwayne Flash Wade a MVP, 3x Champ is ridiculous. It's like John Wall saying that Kyrie Irving is better than Kobie Bryant knowing that the young man has'nt even seriously begun his carrer. Mr. Wade has transform his came to new heights thoughout his career even with his pains and woes. He has made made the euro step into the "Wade step" and then some. D Wade has done more in and for the NBA then Both Durant and Harden and does'nt gloat about it, he just simply continues to play the game and looking into ways to be better than he was last year, which is something a lot of players in the NBA truly need focus on. In conclusion Mr. Durant needs to respect his elders especially when there still winning while you are still just there opponent.

Respectively sent

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