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BOSH: 'With everybody being under contract and having no tomorrow ... we know what we have to do'

Chris Bosh was at Turnberry Isle Miami in Aventura on Wednesday selling cars for Warren Henry Automotive. Bosh does it for free Land Rovers. Here's a dramatic interpretation of the event, more or less.

So, it was pretty exotic. Also, there were really good veggie burgers and grilled grapefruit. Has anyone ever in the history of the world grilled a grapefruit before today at Turnberry Isle Miami? Maybe Jim Berry from CBS Miami would know. He knows how to grill PR lackeys, and sing, apparently. He can sing a tune.

ANYWAY...after waiting around for about two hours, and being entertained by Jim Berry for most of that time, I got to interview Bosh for about five minutes. Guess what? It was worth it. We talked about boats. Bosh is now a yachtsman. Seriously, he has been renting yachts this summer, but now he's thinking about buying one.

ME: Do you have a boater's license?

BOSH: What? Never.

We got around to talking about basketball and I reminded Bosh that "theoretically, everyone from this team could be gone next year." You know, because maybe he had forgotten. And then I asked Bosh a stupid question like "how is that going to change the team this year?"

Bosh, being a professional, gave me a good answer.

BOSH: "With everybody being under contract and having no tomorrow, it’s kind of exciting because we know what we have to do for one and then, two, it’s like it helps you focus on what you need to do in that moment instead of next year or whenever. If we take care of business, we know everything is going to be all good. So, we just have to take that mentality and that kind of erases all the doubt."

In other words, the Heat needs to win the title to make sure this team stays together. Training camp is in the Bahamas and starts Tuesday.



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I'm beginning not to like Durant as much after his latest stupid comments. Yeah...he' a helleva shooter & scorer BUT....
1st - he's now playing for a cheap owner in a secondary city.
2nd - he gets LOT of calls probably because of his frail frame.
3rd - his defense has always been suspect...Yeah good luck guarding LeBron if OKC ever makes it that far. 4th- the issue here really is Wade & his health - not his game. Harden can only dream about having the complete package that is DWade has. For that matter KD should better star dreaming too because his resume at present is resembling somebody who will NEVER win a title. Yeah...KD is OVERRATED !
5th- gotta say it...any team with that knucklehead Perkins in the starting five will always fall short based on his stupid play.

I have never, ever liked Durant. Don't even understand why people think he is nice. I feel it was because back in 2010-2011 season when the media was trashing Lebron, they needed someone else to praise on, so that is how KD got his break.
Durant is just a ringless, trash-talking punk! Not even worthy of all this attention.

RP just went 5 for 5!

The key to beating OKC two years back, was to shut down Harden....

I guess things worked out just fine...

I'm just sayin...

Durant's a nice guy, he was really just praising his dude, not setting out to diss Wade.

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