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Bosh's reach into Miami's Spanish-speaking community and Univision significant for Heat

Chris Bosh has been studiously learning Spanish for several years and it appears all those private lessons have paid off. Bosh went on Univision Thursday morning and showed off his bi-lingual skills during a sit-down interview. Bosh conversed in Spanish about his trips this summer, his family and the reason why he's learning Spanish.

Cool, right? I mean, Bosh's self confidence is unflappable. As one follower on Twitter pointed out to me, for Bosh to "put himself out there" like this, it shows a lot of bravery. Beyond that, of course, it shows just how intelligent Bosh really is. And I'm not talking about his ability to learn a new language.

From a business perspective, Bosh's reach into Miami's Spanish-speaking community is hugely significant not only for himself but for the Heat. The Heat could not buy the type of credibility and respect Bosh is making with a segment of Miami's population that has always been hard to reach. Bosh's goodwill isn't going to land the Heat an enormous television contract with Univision, but it's not going to hurt that goal either. Think about that the next time a national news outlet throws out the idea of the Heat trading or getting rid of Bosh.


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