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Preseason schedule features just three home games

The two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat will play the new-look Nets twice during the preseason. The home-away set against Brookyln highlights an eight-game preseson schedule that features just three home games for the Heat.

Oct. 7  Atlanta at Miami AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL 7:30 PM
Oct. 10 Miami at Detroit The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI 7:30 PM
Oct. 11 Charlotte vs. Miami Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO 7:30 PM
Oct. 15 Miami at Washington Verizon Center, Washington, DC 7:00 PM
Oct. 17 Miami at Brooklyn Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY 7:30 PM
Oct. 19 San Antonio at Miami AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL 7:30 PM
Oct. 23 Miami at New Orleans New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA  7:00 PM
Oct. 25 Brooklyn at Miami AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL 7:30 PM



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Brooklyn twice in preseason?

Really. But at least you can watch them at a normal hour. Last year, league scheduled Clippers twice. In China.

Sooo im glad the heat are "interested" in Mo Williams, but if their looking for a point guard, why not give Ian Clark a try? he plays D, and can hit a three..

Clark signed w/Utah.


@basketballtalk Report: "Greg Oden looked lean, moved well in recent workout for teams"

@hoopsworld: "By all accounts Oden moved well, moved smoothly, and says he feels absolutely no pain in the right knee he underwent microfracture surgery on almost a year ago."

Winderman also reports Heat are "competing" against Pels for Oden. Pels can offer $3m in available cap, Heat debating $3.2 mini midlevel or vet min + years.

Nothing wrong w/getting paid. But guys don't join the Heat *expecting*, much less demanding, to get paid -- ESPECIALLY guys with crappy wheels who haven't played in 4 years.

If Oden *really* wants teams to believe his wheels are good and finally fixed, why not sign for 1yr at the vet min, prove it, name his price next summer? Seems to me Oden expects the reigning champions to take ALL the risks. #chump

Clark signed with Utah!?!?! ughh.. sucks..

yea Ive been reading the Greg Oden news. And after him I don't see any valuable Bigs shaking free in the FA market. So here's HOPING he's healthy, willing to work, and signs with the Heat... either that or Varnado / Joel has a late growth spurt and gets us a mobile 7' footer... #wishingthinking

Even worse re Clark? Barry Jackson says the Heat didn't even make an offer. In Riley we trust but dem other guyz, I dunno.

Jackson also quotes a scout who says none of the Heat sleaguers will make a roster, calls Ennis a d-leaguer, thought Hopson showed the most talent.

Shorter: THIS is how/why teams draft guys like Adam Morrison, Michael Beasley, Wesley Johnson, Hasheem Thabeet etc while the Spurs mine future starters in guys like Kawhi Leonard (via Indiana).


(But important)

TJ Quinn, ESPN Investigative reporter, just provided his assessment of certain accusations linking so & so to Biogenesis after examining the pertinent documents: "Utter crap"

Disagree on Ennis... Think he could add to this roster....

Mo Williams too....

Just think a big is needed... Doesn't have to be a center/7'.. But a 4 who can battle down low... Market is thin though...

How about Haslem. He's a 4 who battles centers down low.

This past weekend NBATV was running a bunch of Heat games from this past year.......Winning (and watching winning teams) NEVER gets old!

I don't know why Barry Jackson was so down on Ennis. Dogged him all summer, even before he found a scout to agree w/his opinion.

I like Ennis' game. Liked his clips pre summer league, liked him through Orlando/Vegas, like his ball iq, length, skills & d. Not a prodigy but someone who could find mins on a team like the Heat w/some seasoning (Skyforce). Also not blinded by boxscores; models game after Jimmy Butler.

David Aldridge on Clark:

"It is a credit to Clark, and a condemnation of supposed Draft 'experts' such as myself (another reason I detest the pre-Draft process), that he could be the Co-Player of the Year in the Ohio Valley Conference, and the conference's Defensive Player of the Year, and lead his Belmont team to a third straight NCAA Tournament appearance, and finish third in the country in 3-point percentage, and have almost nothing written about him. I mean, nothing."

"No scout or general manager or coach mentioned his name a single time to me over dozens of hours of conversations before the Draft about guard prospects. Nor did I do enough research—which should have been simple, in retrospect—to uncover him."


Sing it brotha. Although a Heat fans on THIS blog recognized he had game BEFORE Orlando.

"Although a [few] Heat fans on THIS blog recognized he had game BEFORE Orlando."

eh like I said.. I liked clarks game, I like Ennis game.. Hopson was OOook to me... Any news on the Justin Hamilton front??? lol I know he was injured during the summer league, but has anyone heard any news about him recently? not saying they should sign him, I was just curious..

Also if Mo does sign with Miami, how long do you think Rio will remain their starting PG? I think Rio is actually a better player than Mo, but only when he attacks, and his head is in the game.. but, that only happens twice during the regular season and two games every playoff series.

What are the chances Drew Gooden could come in and focus just on rebounding?

Could the Heat use a player like him?

Hopefully Mo Williams does sign with the Heat... Really see him helping this year's run....

Would it be possible to sign them both to multi-year deals with options beyond this year?

What are the chances Maggette has something left in the tank? Slasher, Attacking the paint?

Think Ennis would be a better option though...

Sometimes the best trade/acquisition is the one you never make.

I'ld take Dante Jones over No Williams.

Ennis isn't ready yet...but here's one to watch get loose before the season. Check out the Sun's roster...if Caron Butler gets released...look for him to come on the cheap to back up Wade. If he's got anything left in the tank for 20 minutes a game...he'd be a fit. Add him & Oden = bitchin' team !

I would like to see caron butler back in south beach! uhhh not too sure about gooden.. he hasn't been a good player since he left Chicago,and even then I wasn't impressed.. maggette is interesting, but hes basically a lesser slightly older version of wade. but really I would like to know whats the Heats plan if oden doesn't work out? either to injury or doesn't sign.. I wonder if they have a couple of trade scenarios brewing up..

Dudes, Suns just introduced Butler as a key piece in their rebuild (vet leadership). Plus, Butler got a lot of help from Heat teammates on D. Now? Turnstile. Rather Heat season Ennis on Skyforce, callup on 10-days, then see if he can contribute postseason.

Not opposed to Gooden. Played well when Bogut went down (2011-12). Just got crunched by Bucks' youth movement.

Ditto Kennedy (Skyforce, callups). Otherwise, would prefer Heat cut their losses on Varnado (release) *and* Anthony (trade to free slot/capspace), similar players with very similar limitations. And as much as Gooden might have left, his $ history suggests pay to play, not plays for rings. Prove us wrong Drew. Dare ya.

Still think Suns buy out Butler. They don't want him taking younger guy's minutes...if they truly want to start over. That's a smokescreen to see if someone wants to trade for him. We'll see...think he's a Riley type of guy...heck when he played here Riley loved him. Think he'll turn out to be better than the rest of the options out there.

Suns can't amnesty Butler. Already amnestied Childress. On the hook for $8m this year. Butler will be F/A next yr. If you believe Riley (last week), Heat scouting 25-26 yr old perimeter types, tendered a couple earlier in F/A but targets chose more money.

If the Suns were to buyout Caron Butler, he would be a good fit for sure... But would they take a trade for Joel in some scenario, where they give some future pick or Gortat, for maybe Joel,Ennis, and Varnado... We then pick up Gortat and Butler...

Lol ... never mind.

Meanwhile, Odenwatch cont.

Barry Jackson: "Center Greg Oden probably won’t decide among the Heat and five other teams until this weekend, agent Mike Conley Sr. said Tuesday, adding that formal offers haven’t been made yet."

Makes sense. Oden couldn't decide Monday (rumors suggested he might) because there was nothing to decide, i.e, NO ONE tendered term sheet. Good. So suitors AREN'T insane after all.

if the SUNS would take a trade from heat i think it would be:

Joel Anthony / Varnado / James Jones / plus trade exeption (from Pittman) second round pick 2014

Marcin Gortat


heat would:

pg chalmers / cole
sg wade / allen / *dj kennedy (sg/sf)
sf lebron james / battier / ennis (sg/sf)
pf bosh / lewis(sf/pf) / haslem
c *gortat / *oden / birdman / ?

just sayin....

heat for 3peat!!!

in RILEY we trust!!!


Haha... LOL...

Whats up rockstar.....

I'm just saying....

Of course Butler would be available, he's not getting any minutes in front of god's son - Micheal Beasley (supercoolbeas). Still waiting for that all-star appearance from him, that SPO was keeping him from. 'Miami doesn't develop it's young talent' 'SPO can't coach, will never win a championship' 'the league has past Riley by'.....maybe, just maybe, Beasley was/is/will always be a chump.

Always liked Butler's game, and think he could play with this group, but we are pretty filled at the 2/3/4 spots. I don't think he'ld play in front of Batt. I wish him well (meaning, hope he gets the heck out of Phoenix) just don't see us filling a roster spot with him at this point of his career.

Used to praise Odom's game, because he was so versatile, had a lot of different skills, but after he left the Lakers, and took a dump on the Mavs, I don't see his game as anything special.

What's Oden's problem? Seems like that knee injury has affected his brain. You have a chance to play with the dominate team of it's time and you want to wait and see what the Kings offer you? Is his agent Mike Conley, Sr? Somebody talk some sense into this young man.

And while we are sending the end of our bench to team's for their stud players (Gortat), let's pry Greg Monroe away from the Pistons by offering The Warden, JJ, and rights to Duane Causwell.

Sometimes, you just don't get it.... I'm just saying....

How about Keyon Dooling instead of No Williams?

Well...with regards to Oden & the Pelicans - really ...with that name he'd still consider them ! They just signed their 3rd center on the roster in Withey add to the other make-shift guys at center... Stiemsma & Jason Smith.

Actually, Butler WILL start for the Suns this season. Beasley was benched last December, never started another game. Phoenix, may have a new coach, new GM, but they're still stuck w/the same ol Beas. Cherry on the cake? Beasley is now (as of May) being investigated for a sexual assault that allegedly occurred last January, this on the heels of his DUI in February. So, as u might guess, the only recent buzz about Supercool is how superscrewed the Suns are in any effort to move him (via trade)

Even if Butler doesn't become available, Mo Williams should be a target....

Still think Drew Gooden could fill a role....

If the Suns really want to go young, trading for Ennis and Varnado, along with Joel and JJ, for veteran leadership in exchange for Gortat, would be a smart move on their part...

I'm just saying....

Could anyone see turning Gooden into Rodman?

Could Maggette fill a role? not much, just a minimal role...

Here's my take on things...

Everyone team in the east became better. I thought that at this point, players would be begging to play down here. I thought for sure, Dalembert/Camby etc were a lock to play at the min. Being that either one would probably start for the Heat with a chance to finally win a title at the end of their careers. For what ever reason, Dalembert likes his chances with Dallas, and Camby (not that we need him) felt that despite dodging the Heat last year to play with the Knicks, only to have zero impact with the franchise, goes and signs with a team that has a starting center on their bench making him a 3rd string at best, Houston. And now we have this stupid Greg Oden "decision".

I thought FOR SURE that a center rotation of Dalembert, Birdman, & Oden was a lock this year. Boy was I wrong. And what do I see this morning .. Oden deciding between the fkn Pelicans and Heat. LMAO. Look I'm not sweating Greg Oden, not one bit, but if the Heat managed to win a championship with Joel Anthony as their starting center at some point then the sky would be the limit for Oden. Look at what having a big man who can actually catch the ball did for us. (Birdman) On any other team, he probably doesn't get to play much at all. For this team, we probably don't win a game or two in the playoffs without him.

With that said, what better team could you showcase your comeback with other than the Heat who you'd have a great chance to start for if you can stand up straight, catch a basketball, kinda sorta rebound, and dunk. (a hook shot would be asking waaaaay too much, great foot work, low post moves whoa whoa whoa too much) If I were Oden, id use the Heat. They're always on TV so everyone would be watching and other teams wouldn't want us to have a good center so they'll make Oden a huge offer just to leave us. I'd sign vet min 1 year +1 player option, ball my arse off and then bolt to the highest bidder.

Ideally, i'd like the Heat to sign Mo Williams, Oden, and Antawn Jamison/Lamar Odom (just because I still have a Lamar Odom Heat jersey. )

Just sayin...

Maggette maybe (like Butler)...because we do need someone to create their own shot to back up Wade. Obviously there's plenty of stand-alone shooters.

What about Beno Udrih as a back-up point ?

Once Oden makes up his mind...and the Heat decide what to do with Joel...there's still plenty of time to move in on the remnants of what's available.

My 2 cents...Gooden is shot and Mo Williams never impressed me with his game. Inconsistent shot, not much of a passer seeing the floor, tends to hog the ball...not really the best fit. For a back-up I'd look at Udrih ... who is much more of a playmaker looking to pass first or make a play for someone else.

I think Udrih is being courted by the Knicks.

Doesn't Ray Allen back up D Wade?

Has Antwawn Jamison ever been known as a good defender? Off rebounder, yes, but defensively.....?

RP, I see the same thing regarding No Williams' game as you do.

I'ld take an 'all in' Odom in a heartbeat, but I haven't seen that Odom in a few years, and don't know (doubt) if he'll ever commit to basketball like that again.

Keyon Dooling? Speed/defends/team player/creates own shot (which, on this team isn't as high a priority as being able to find the open man)/familiar with our system/brand/identity.

Pelicans already have 3 centers on their roster...albeit token marginal guys but why Oden would consider anyone else but the defending 2X champ with certainly a mind-boggler. Good point Clark...just look how much better Birdman looked playing after quite a long layoff. (plus everyone else on the Heat roster!)

As before...everyone else getting better - we need a real big !

I agree with the thought of targeting a big man... Just don't think Oden would be the one to target....

Trade for Gortat....
Sign Gooden....

Sign Mo Williams
Sign Maggette

Yes, I also agree that the east has gotten better... But so has the west....

We were (cliché alert) head and shoulders above everybody in the league last year. Even if some of the marginal teams got better, that will NOT affect us. The good teams that got better, that can now beat us in a seven game series are ___________________? Even with some teams improving, we are still probably heads above the league. And let's not forget that you can get better individually in the offseason, as we have seen LBJ do, working on aspects of your game - no trades needed.

Spurs make any moves other than signing Splitter to a long term deal?

Pacers added Scola to an already crowded front court, but you can only play 5 at a time.

Bulls get back a healthy Rose.

Clips changed a lot of talent with talent, upgrade their coaching chair, so for the 2 games a year we play them, there is some interesting concern as to the matchups. Did they do enough to pass the Spurs, I don't know, we'll see.

Does playing together for another year - familiarity with each other - count as improving? Having Birdman in preseason camp count as improving (what was our record last year with him - incredible). And did we trade for him, or sign him in the offseason? Nope, the organization picked him up in midstream and we were off and running. Don't sleep on our organization's ability to find the right pieces, if any are needed.


Not sure if you noticed that the league is and will be tougher than ever next season... And head and shoulders above everyone sounds a little extra... Have to give 29 other teams a lot more credit... And when the offseason comes around, you as every other team are trying to improve... No one is sleeping on anyone... This is just the way things work.... Sometimes when you wait to long, you miss out on getting players that could help your team the next season.... Calm down though... It's just part of the offseason... Hopefully, Mr. Riley gets what he feel will help the team... But as fans, we just like to talk, what if's... Nothing wrong with that... RELAX....

Thanks for the personality advice - hell, I didn't even know I was being uptight...just, you know, talking as fans do.....just sayin'

Of course, there is life Beyond the Land of Oden no matter what his agents and/or the doobs at Basketballtalk, SBNation etc insist.

Al Harrington, for example, currently in limbo at Orlando, who still has something left.

Think the Heat know that? Bet ur a$$.

And closer, much closer to home the Heat still have Rashard Lewis, who hardly burned any tread last year.

Said it before, will say it again: It'd be just like Riley to acquire Lewis a year before he was needed.

Because the Heat knew it might be forced to amnesty Miller as soon as the league ratified the new CBA. It's the same reason (unprorated LT burden on midmarket teams) why Micky was 1 of 5 owners to vote against ratification.

So, when talking heads point at JJ as Miller's de facto replacement, ipso facto remember Lewis, who is longer (6-10) + closer to Miller in end-to-end skills, logged more playoff minutes than Jones, and acquitted himself well in cameo minutes played.


Great points!

I don't know about this Oden signing.... I'm just saying.... Pat, you always get your guy, but this one, I don't know.... We'll see... TBC....

MANNNN!!!! Greg Oden is a great pick up!!! AND ONLY AT A VET MIN!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLLLLENT!

With guys like Lopez, Hibbert, Noah, Drummond, Monroe, chandler all in the east! we needed a big body!

You now have the option to move Bosh back to the 4 spot as well (which I 100% agree with).. Just imagine a lineup with Bron (at point), Wade, Battier, Bosh, Oden.. And our rebounding problems will get better as well especially if you play UD with Oden!?!?!?!?! I see nothing but upside with this team! unless Oden gets injured.. then I'd be pissed

Leave it to that dumb ass Black with another ridiculous comment. He signed for the minimum. A 7 footer, he gets hurt again then Cut him, it's like signing any other guy for the minimum. We didn't sign him for like 5 million or something. I've been following this blog for a while, and this Black guy is a complete idiot.

Yes ! There is a basketball God ! If's a can of whoop-ass for you Hibbert ! No more line of verticality when Hibbert leaves his man on every drive ... cause G.O. will have a party on Hibbert's rim ! Oh & yeah Roy...waddle up the court alittle faster now !

Low. LOW expectations peeps. It's the best way for GO to exceed expectations.

Call it The Pittman Line.

If GO doesn't play more than 20 mins TOTAL thru the regular season but is still upright, under 265, practicing in a uni by the playoffs -- Heat win.

Anything else -- gravy.

And as for dissing Black, I got news for u guyz. The Heat feel the same way. This is essentially a NO RISK lifeline from Miami to Oden. Riley & co. are JUST as skeptical. They didn't budge from the vet min and weren't about to.

Else if Oden *was* already the Hibbert killer some seen to imagine, would Riley insult Oden with the lowest of lowballs & hold the line? R U out of ur freakin minds? Even Oden acknowledges the BIG unknown re this, his 3rd/4th "recovery."

Yes, the Heat are giving up a roster spot for Oden. No, that spot is (hopefully, probably) not guaranteed. Which, I'm guessing, is just as Oden likes it (Oden is no fool, wants no blame if the Heat fail to 3peat).

hey BLACK, you still think ray allen missed shots on purpose for us?!?!?! like that game 6 one right!?!?!?!

Hey taheati...we all know the risks of signing G.O. We've also heard the ranting of Hibbert's tweets about wanting to know what Oden & the Heat were going to do this offseason. And ...also we've seen the League screw up with this so-called line of verticality rule on defense enabling some uncorordinated, clumsy, waddling hippo named Hibbert stay relevant in the game when he obviously would spend 80% of the game on the bench in foul trouble - mouth off about the HEAT constanty with inane comments. even he knows that G.O. just may be that answer for the Heat to SHUT HIS MOUTH !

Odeno knees are busted. He will give this team absolutely nothing. Since that's what you get our of a 15th man anyway, great p/u at the minimum. I rather have a G O on the bench with a 5% chance of being great than 1 of the young guys with 0 chance of being great. Anything more than the minimum would have been flat out stupidity though. Pat Riley strikes again......SMH!

Posted by: RP | Saturday, August 03, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Lol. And true.

Because this guy has had a battle with injury issues over his career, I think being patient and understanding that it will take some time to get him back in full basketball shape, especially Heat basketball shape.... Making another move to add to this team in other area's should be a focus... If he pans out, good... If not, oh well...

But to Oden, this should be a focus for you, get into supreme shape... BE READY... GET READY... RESPECT THE OPPORTUNITY GIVEN.... THIS IS THE WORLD CHAMPION HEAT.... LET'S GO...

It's obvious that Mo Williams would be the best guy out there to pick up. He obviously has an opportunity to play if Mario or Norris struggle. Or for that matter, an injury. If we sign a Danthay Jones type who will never play, that doesn't make much sense. We need insurance in case of injury at the point.

Oden could help us eventually ... but @cheddahcheese7 could help us NOW #makeithappen

Heat looking to go after Sebastian Telfair ... mehhh.. it was ok when he was playing in phoenix... didn't watch him too much when he played for the raptors.. but I do think the heat need another PG on the roster.. but really ?? with the NBA SUPER DEEP in PG's there isn't any better ones available? I wish billups woulda came here before going back to Detroit.

Billups would have been a great pickup. But Cole is nothing to sneeze at as a backup point guard. Super quick feet and hands, stays in front of his man, pushes the ball up the court, jumper is getting better year by year...I say we hold onto him as long as possible. Maybe Andre Miller, Nuggs, will fall into our hands as an insurance policy.

Liked the Oden pickup, but cautious optimism at best. Getting minutes in front of Birdman won't be easy, and we aren't about to change our team's style to a post-driven anchor in the middle offense, so it'll be Oden that has to adjust his game. And, Hibbert is still shooting over top of every one on our roster, so we didn't just find the Hibbert-killer many were hoping for. The real question about Roy is, why doesn't he average 27/15 for the season?


Sorta fascinated by continuing Heat interest in Telfair -- which began last summer. "Sorta" in the way one might be fascinated by 11 toes, an extra ear or a feather growing from a baby's cheek (true story).

Otherwise, you'd *think* a Marbury cuz (actual blood cousins) with career #s of 39%/32%, 10.8 PER, 112 DRtg, .018/WS-48 (.100 = avg) whose closest facsimile (in WS-48) is "Royal Ivey" would be less fascinating to a connoisseur like Riley.

Then again, maybe it's because he IS Marbury's cuz and WAS Marbury's heir aka darling of NYC hoops that some Heat scouts/personnel-types remain enthralled w/names-without-a-game.

Which does *not* mean doubting the "need" to scout guards a year in advance of Chalmers, the impending free agent. Scouting potential replacements for potential F/A losses is pure Riley at his very best.

But why, exactly, Telfair?

Yes, he's still cat quick. But so were sabre-toothed tigers.

Yes, his handle dazzles. As if that alone could ever get TNT or Firefly (Globetrotters) to the Show.

Plus, adding Telfair + Oden w/out moving Varnado/Anthony would put the Heat at 15 -- with no (immediate) room for Ennis or any other player/FA-vet who might be instantly more productive + versatile in this once-in-a-franchise-LIFETIME opportunity to #3peat.

O grate [sic].

Scott Nichols told Chris Tomasson (Fox Sports Florida) Heat plan to ship Ennis overseas. Why overseas? Now that the Skyforce is operated by the Heat, why not sign him there? Wouldn't count against 15. Dleague = MUCH better seasoning. Varnado spent 1st x 3 season overseas. Really helped huh?

Swear to god, more proof Riley is surrounded by incompetence (scouting, personnel eval). Heat/Riley manage to succeed *despite* them and mostly, at that, on Riley's cred alone (ability to swing trades).


* Nichols = Ennis' agent. Tomasson's story

P.S. Luv Tim Bug. Always will. Bug was part of the reason I became a Heat fan way back when (Riley was the other).

But Tim Hardaway, Heat scout, has been less than reassuring (in public appraisals of Heat sleaguers or Ennis). Ditto Kammerer Sr, Adam Simon, Embry & all the rest & THEIR underwhelming draft record. Sheesh.

Never mind.

Heat must sign Ennis (which count among 15 max) before they assign him to Skyforce. Whereas, Heat retain Ennis' rights *without* signing him if he plays overseas.

Still, when I think of Varnado/Anthony on the roster or Jones/Battier's limited utility (great role players but lack replacement skillz) should James, Wade or Allen go down ...

"(which [counts] among 15 max)..."


if james ennis would play overseas this season i think :

Pat Riley may take to look for Al Harrington SF/PF

and Deshawn Stevenson SG/SF...

guess they should willing to take minimum contract...
they both show want to play for contender not considering how much the money offer to them...

i see them fit in the heat team culture, they can both defend well can spread the floor can both knock down 3's...

they also bring physical toughness as we face team like bulls / pacers...

Pat should let go "the warden" joel anthony...

pg calmers / cole

sg wade / allen / *stevenson(sf)

sf james / battier / jones

pf lewis / *harrington(SF) /haslem(injured) / varnado

c bosh / birdman / *oden

just sayi'n

My opinion... Sign Mo Williams....

Keep Ennis....

Not sure how Joel could be moved, but he will come in handy... So keep him too....

2 wildcards.... Jones and Varnado....

Just a Thought....

If the Heat assign Ennis and Varnado to the D-league or overseas... Could the Heat sign both Mo Williams and Drew Gooden??? Just have something in mind....

mo Williams is going to portland

The Heat would never sign Stevenson.. at least not while Lebron is on the team. If the Heat don't move Joel I don't think they'll bring back Varnado. Varnado comes only if Joel is moved.

On the Sebastian Telfair thing.. I must admit, Im actually coming around to him.. Ive seen little of him in the past, and I believe his style of play would mold perfectly with Wade and Bron.. and also, if they give him the green light, he CAN BE another scorer off the bench. He kinda reminds me of Rafer Alston when he was with the Heat, played well, but his personality didn't match up with management.. but I think Telfair will be more willing to listen to take criticism.. and when we play teams with smaller 2-guards, we might see a cole-telfair back court that'd be pretty cool..

Damn, oh well.... Mo Williams chose the Blazers... OK, who's next on the list????

Because Bron can man the point, what about adding more size up front and maybe another wing???

Drew Gooden....
Cory Maggette...



Still remember Marbury's "homecoming" to the Nix. Hype. Noise. Title. Parades.

I remember Selena Roberts, New York Times cheerleader, anointing Marbury's coronation, strewing rose petals before his feet.

I remember Isiah Thomas, Nix GM, grinning like a Cheshire cat, hailed for the miracle that returned New York's Prodigal Son. They called him "genius," for snagging Penny Hardaway too.


Telfair. Marbury cuz.

It's like that.

Only worse.

Must admit this: I was wrong about Oden.


Because signing Oden isn't quite the "NO RISK" investment it appears.

There's always risk in "missed opportunity." Missed opportunity if the Heat hadn't signed Oden and Oden recovered, redeemed and remade himself into the 1st-pick everyone imagined somewhere else. Missed opportunity in replacement-not-role players Miami might've signed had they *not* maxed their 15 on Oden and Varnado and Anthony and, gulp, someone like Telfair.


Most media types "analyzing" the Heat don't differentiate *role* players from *replacement* players, e.g., if you're not James, Wade or Bosh you're a role player becasue the Heat aren't winning anything should James, Wade or Bosh go down.

Me not media. Me also disagree.

1. James took the Cavs to the Finals without Wade or Bosh.
2. Wade WON a Finals without James or Bosh.
3. Bosh could take the Heat to a Finals with James *or* Wade.
4. Allen WON a Finals without James, Wade or Bosh.
5. Like Bosh, Lewis still has the skillz to reach a Finals with Allen + 2/3 of Miami's Big 3.

Caveat: there's *no* such thing as exact replacement value for James, Wade, Bosh; or, in their primes, Allen (who proved he was much more than a 3pt hit man in the playoffs) and Lewis (who could prove the same given similar minutes). So in this discussion, "replacement" ~ near or approximate replacement value.

Haslem: role. Even at full strength, role player. UD played hurt -- and it showed. It showed how vulnerable Miami was when opponents treated Haslem like Jo-el (immediately leaving Haslem to double/trap others). UD's declining utility wouldn't be so glaring if the Heat weren't already carrying the ultra-limited likes of Anthony & Varnado.

Chalmers: role. Point guards aren't essential in Miami's attack but they aren't discardable either. Chalmers contributes much more than dagger-3s and irrepressible swag, and Rio *has* improved/expanded his game over the years, but does he have enuff "replacement value" to keep a championship run alive if Bron or Wade went down? In other words, does Chalmers have the kind of game/skillz where Spo could tailor Miami's attack to his strengths and not miss a beat? That the Heat might looo at someone like Telfair as Chalmer's replacement next season tells me Rio is still a role player, e.g. someone you don't perceive as a reliable, consistent go-to option.

Allen: replacement. The 4th Musketeer and eventual HOFer showed he had plenty left last season. Allen could replace Wade if Wade went down for brief absences. Miami's attack would change, but Allen can break down defenses in more ways than 1. But who replaces Allen in Miami's rotation? No one, that's who.

Cole: role. Memorable moments in 20mpg postseason, but playoff WS-48(.103) and negative AST/TO *rate* 16%/17% (not ratio) says NoNo is still a work-in-progress.

Battier: role. Battier started more games than Miller (actual & percentage), but those starts were role-starts, where Battier was never perceived as go-to material because of a go-to game. He's the small-forward version of Haslem. Useful, versatile, limited.

Andersen: role. That Andersen could seamlessly step in for Haslem and leave the Heat no worse for wear (or even, possibly better off thx to Birdman's length + hops) only confirms Haslem/Andersen's utility as essential, though hardly irreplaceable, role players.

Lewis: replacement. 2 x All-Star hasn't forgotten how to play. Career WS/48 of .131 compares favorably to Miller's .137 last season and in his prime (2 x .160s in separate 70+ game seasons), favorably to Bosh (career .162).

Jones: role. Jones can stroke 3s, snag loose boards, defend slower 2s & 3s. Jones can't create his own shot, create offense for others, draw doubles or break down defenses on/off the dribble.

Anthony: role.

Varnado: role.

Oden: hope.

Telfair: hope not.

So, yes, the Heat have role players. Boy, do they have ROLE players. But (near) replacement players with (near) replacement skills should James, Wade or Bosh go down?

Two. 2 of 15. Allen & Lewis. 2 is NOT enuff for any #3peat or "serious" championship defense where the Heat might need *replacement* skills, not just *role* players, to survive a series.

"Two. 2 of [12]. Allen & Lewis. 2 is NOT enuff ..."

And, if you point to last year? Point away.

Last year was perfect. (Almost) perfect health.

Just like the year before.

And the year before that.

Ask Riley, and he'd be first to admit the Heat have been LUCKY.

Only suckers bet on luck.

Yes, last yr was perfect.


3 x near replacements if/when 3 key starters went down (Allen -> Wade, Miller -> Bron, Lewis -> Bosh).

This year?

That's why Miller's loss makes so much difference, why Oden may not matter even if he recovers, why Telfair (priority-wise) remains a head-scratcher.


Good stuff man, but 3 in the morning?

Agree with almost everything you presented, but I think Chalmer's role on this team is a bit underestimated by many. Looking back to the last three playoff runs, he's had some huge scoring games when one or two of our top three scorers (hate the Big 3 term) were having sub-par nights. Think he shined in the OKC series last year, against a pretty good backcourt of Westbrook, Harden, and Durant.

He consistently hits shots at key moments of the game, when the opportunity presents itself.

He balances getting us into offensive sets with aggressively taking the ball to the hole quite well. Telfair (and Portland's No Williams - thank goodness we can be off that thought), I'm not sure they can strike that balance.

You are right, he isn't a 'go to' guy, but look at his team - Bron, Wade, Bosh, Allen....most players are going to finish at least fourth in that lineup, including Telfair.

Maybe the Heat management is thinking RIO will bolt after his current contract is up, and they are planning for that.

I think a lot of teams would be OK with RIO and Cole as there primary PGs, unless your PG is a primary scorer (Bulls, Wiz, OKC, Clips, etc...)
UD - I'm one of the biggest Haslem fans there are, and knowing that he was playing on a broken knee for much of the playoffs, only strengthens that view. I wouldn't quite equate his offense with the Warden's though. When JA goes 8-for-8 in a playoff game, we'll talk about it.

Can you add a third category? Along with replacement and role players, can we consider UD a "glue" guy, and keep him around for that? Unless we get Kenneth Farried for UD, let's let him ride it out with this team. Hell, we did that for Juwan Howard, and he hasn't brought near what UD has to this organization.

Good stuff man.....time to sleep?

Lol. Hawaiian time here.

Don't get me wrong. Not saying we should move UD or Chalmers. Am hoping Riley sees the same need for 1 more replacement-value body to keep our #3peat chances alive if 1 of the Big 3 goes down. Even the best role players are only essential when Miami's Trident is intact. So I see the choice as Varnado/Oden/Anthony/Kennedy/Telfair (if they sign him) vs Replacement-X (e.g. Harrington) or developing equivs (e.g. Ennis, Kennedy)

"So I see the choice as Varnado/Oden/Anthony/Telfair (if they sign him) vs Replacement-X (e.g. Harrington) or developing equivs (e.g. Ennis, Kennedy)"


p.s. Like --> "glue guys"

I'm hearing a lot of " The Heat won't
be hungry enough to 3peat" from the haters.
You can't spell 3peat without EAT and the abreviation for pissing on the haters a 3rd time. When..will they learn!


Bad: Chris Tomassons (Fox Sports Florida) just reportee Ennis will start his pro career overseas.

Good: Ennis will play for the Perth Wildcats, the same team that groomed Heat sleaguer Michael Dunigan whom, I thought & still think, played well. Well enuff to replace Varnado as Miami's future developmental big (IMO).

"Chris [Tomasson] (Fox Sports Florida) just reporte[d] Ennis will start his pro career overseas."

n.b. Heat will retain Ennis' rights and, as such, could sign/call him up at any time. Agent says was told no later than 2014 season.

Fellas...there will still be plenty of players breaking loose between now & the trading deadline in February. Guys getting cut in training camp...then guys getting bought out later. (like maybe Butler)

Other league-wide 2 cents:

The $80 mill contract to Wall is a joke for someone totally unproven.

Think I like this new Grizzly coach - Joerger. He actually referred to a style of ball he sometimes observes...and calls it "vomit ball ". Classic.

Think the Detroit signing of Josh Smith was a mistake...should've stuck with going young with next year's draft.

Finally, Mark Cuban is still trying to explain why he gutted his championship team with feeble explanations about salary cap and the draft. Obviously...he thought wrong.

What do y'all think about Hilton Armstrong and Drew Gooden???

feel good for the news today....

greg oden will join now for heat work-out.... no more rehab...

zo will guide him all along...

stay healthy bro!!!!

to all the heat-haters.... hate now!!!!

ennis will be on australia team...

what if we look to:



think this could be the pieces we need for 3peat...

hopefully, PAT could move JOEL ANTHONY...

just sayin!!!

I think they are career journeyman. And they are unsigned for a reason. We are looking at amnesty cuts at this point. Our Billionaire owner couldn't afford to foot the bill for a man who could barely walk after last years finals, after hitting 6 bombs to put away OKC. But just my opinion. What do I know, I'm a big fan of loyalty. Mike turned down 8 million more in free agency 3 years ago and gets let go, i could care less about the tax ramifications. oh well, it is what it is.

I still think there is one or two players out there that could help this upcoming season....

Drew Gooden.....
Corey Maggette...
Hilton Armstrong....
Henry Sims.....
PF/C Jennings... played at Louisville.. was on the Knicks summer league team....

They are trying to load up with bigs.... We could use some size.... Just listen.... We could use more help down low..... Just saying.....007....

Someone like Maggette,Jackson or Peitrus could fill a role...

Someone like Gooden, Armstrong, or Jennings could fill a role....

Athletic players who fit right in....

Both Jennings and Armstrong could fill that lob/receiver position in the post.... Both rebound well.... Both run the floor well... Both would be at minimal deals.... I think they would fit right in....

Slashing and aggressive style players like Maggette, Peitrus, and Jackson could fit a role off the bench especially throughout a long season.... Depth will come in handy....

If they do pan out come training camp, could Joel be moved for a draft pick???

See a bigger role for Birdman this season...

Just looking at the schedule.... Could 64-18, be doable.... just sayin....

Let's look at the roster:

1. LeBron James
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Chris Bosh
4. Ray Allen
5. Mario Charlmers
6. Udonus Haslem
7. Norris Cole
8. Shane Battier
9. Rashard Lewis
10. Chris Andersen
11. James Jones
12. Joel Anthony
13. Greg Oden

Who or which positions need more help????

Would adding more size help or hurt this roster???

Would adding another wings add some versatility to this roster??

Could a trade help the flexibility of adding players to this roster?

This season will be tougher than last season.... Let's get ready.... Every game will feel like game 7.... They want what we have.... Gotta get ready.... 007....

Wow. Barry Jackson reports Oden is down to 271 (according to his agent). Don't know Heat targets, but thought 265 was "safer" than the 275 media types gushed over in the days/weeks before his decision (cf. the 315 Oden allegedly carried at one time during his downtime). 260 would be even better (only 10 lbs over his rookie weight) if Heat trainers determine he could reach that target without too much (or any) loss in muscle mass.

Who cares? We should. Because for bigs with glass feet compounded by Oden's compressed injury history, weight could determine how long & well Oden plays for the Heat, if & when he's ready to play.

If Oden could get down to 255, and stay at that weight, good.... Hopefully, he pans out... But, there's more players out there that could help.... He's one roster spot....

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