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Attorney releases statement regarding Dwyane Wade's ex-wife

In light of the recent troubling displays by the ex-wife of Dwyane Wade, the lawyers for the Heat's shooting guard released a statment explaining in some detail that Siohvaughn Funches is in fact not homeless.

The email I just received from Wade's attorney, Jim Pritikin:

"Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches have reached a financial settlement. The agreement was submitted in court last Tuesday, July 16 prior to Ms. Funches' recent unfounded and erratic public display outside the courthouse this past Friday.Dwyane Wade has made several requests over the years to settle this matter, despite Ms. Funches having 16 different attorneys and 2 arrests throughout this process.  Mr. Wade has provided a very generous settlement to Ms. Funches to continue to live a wonderful lifestyle for the rest of her life. 

Despite false allegations by Ms. Funches claiming to be “homeless” and “destitute,” Dwyane Wade has maintained over the years financial support to his ex-wife by providing her with income over $25,000 on a monthly basis, timely paid for her home mortgage, maintenance and security at the house, 4 cars, insurance, taxes and all of her attorney fees throughout this process. Ms. Funches has made a mockery of homelessness which is a serious and personal issue for Mr. Wade as his mother was homeless for a period of time when he was a child.

Dwyane Wade was awarded sole custody of their sons by the court in 2011. The safety and wellbeing of his children are his main priority. Due to Ms. Funches' current unstable mental state, her visitation will be determined by the court. Mr. Wade continues to hope that one day he will have a civil relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of their sons."

Funches recently sat in the sidewalk outside a courthouse in Chicago with a sign declaring that she was down and out.


In all seriousness, it appears Wade can finally put his divorce behind him. A post-divorce settlement between Wade and Funches will pay Funches $5 million, Wade's house in Chicago and four cars.


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Here am I feeling bad for this crazy witch. I knew wade wasnt da type of dude. thanks for sharing the truth.

Good: Joe's back. Bad: It's about Wade's ex. And, 3 paid her *now*. I dunno. Would've put in escrow, disburse based on sked + ex's conformance to agreement (cease & desist).

Meanwhile, looking forward to any word on training camp invites.

Good: Joe's back. Bad: It's about Wade's ex. Except, hope 3 & his atty realize pay now, pay again. Should've put payout in escrow, disburse over time *only* if ex adheres to cease & desist agreement.

Meanwhile, looking forward to coming word on T/C invitees.

Welcome back Joe,

Welp, I'll make my final claim for heat movement.. hopefully

pick up - IAN CLARK, GREG ODEN, J. ENNIS, Marcus Camby (I guess)

Trade / Waive - Joel Anothony, James Jones (no hard feelings for JJ but come one he wont play)

Unfortunately, I'm not expecting Ian Clark to camp with the Heat. After such an impressive summer in both Orlando and Vegas, he's going to have options beyond Miami. Heat would love to have him, but don't have the room.

ugh that sucks!

Here's a list of available FA's on the market:

Mo Williams
Drew Gooden
Gary Neal
Ian Clark

Could use a solid rebounding big... Good back court player who can shoot would be nice too...

Greg Oden, Black... come on to the dark side.. you keep excluding him in your FA list.. I like James ennis, but man, IAN CLARK really impressed me from day 2 forward... TO be honest if I had to pick anyone from the SL it would be Ian Clark.. Varnado was good also, but they should only sign him if Joel gets traded...

I think Ennis is one of the players who will be on the roster... He did show signs of good potential...

Clark showed signs as well...

I personally, would let Oden show he could play for another team before trying him on this team.... Not sure those legs would be able to run this style of play for a full season....

I also think keeping Joel at this point would be a good decision... Need his defense....

But, I would take a look at Williams, Neal, Martin and Gooden....

2 wild cards are Jones and Varnado...


ESPN "sources" didn't add much" to the story re Oden's workout. But what they *did* add didn't do Oden any favors.

ESPN (Marc Stein/Jeff Goodman): "Oden, sources said, is down to 275 pounds after being as heavy as 315 at one point while out of the game."

I guess it "sounds" good that Oden is 10 lbs *lighter* than his last playing weight (285) w/the Blazers (2009, 21 games, 500 mins) [1].

Except, during Oden's rookie season (2008), the one where he managed 1300+ minutes over 61 games, Oden weighed ... 250 [2].



Oden has awaken from his sleep again to do absolutely nothing........AGAIN!

I just had this vision...

Great shooting..
Aggressive Defense...

Breaking Records....

Vision? Throw in a great coaching staff and that describes the 2013 Heat team!

Eyeball2 yes all the coaches and ownership.

I forgot you were reading.


Could run down all the accomplishments of the last three years, the ECF Champs, NBA Champs, Win streaks, etc...but we all know that. I do fully anticipate that no matter how many accomplishments this team compiles, the coaching staff will still be doubted. We'll have a stretch next year where the Heat will lose 3 straight, or 4 out of 6, and the fire Spo crowd will get vocal. What kind of standard do we set for this guy? You know how many GREAT coaches never won 2 straight or been to 3 straight title rounds? Plenty.

Just like to add that the coaching 'STAFF' is a very important piece of this team's identity, and we would NOT have accomplished what we did with a lesser (think Avery Johnson here, among others) coaching staff.

...and, uh, I follow the blog consistently, cause I'm a HEAT FAN!!

Posted by: eyeballtwo | Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 03:11 PM




Ok, get your point... All I was saying though, a style of play that has been great and winning... Not trying to discredit anyone... But with you sometimes, things have to be defined more clearly so everyone gets their due credit... Thats ok though.... Everything has been great.... As Heat fans, we should be extremely happy with all the success this team has had....

And yes, eyeball2, the coaching staff has been great as well.... I'm just tryna see where you took my comment the wrong way...


Does anyone see Gary Neal as a fit?

What about Drew Gooden?

Or both?

I agreed 100% with your vision. No beef intended.

I'ld go with Gary Neal over Mo Williams 7 days a week, and he WOULD fit into our program.

No diss or sides taken here Black. Just a +1 to baller for proppin Spo/staff/Heat.



IW says no Miller, no problem cuz we got plenty of 3s sitting on the bench and, you know, Dahntay Jones still looking for a job.

Say what?

Say IW don't ball, don't d, has dimed a 2-yr old much less stuff a 7-fter like Duncan.

"Say IW don't ball, don't d, has [NEVER] dimed a 2-yr old much less stuff a 7-fter like Duncan."

Personal pref re filling out the roster: eschew garbage/treadless vets, take a chance on Ennis + sleaguers who get T/C invites (Kennedy, Nunnally, Dunigan, Griffin etc) to fill out roster, stash same on Skyforce for 10-day callups (under game conditions) as season progresses, keep the best 2 after 2nd callup (regardless of position) for playoffs.

p.s. Not calling guys like Rip or Gooden garbage, but doubt they'd settle for min (got paid $5-$6m last season) + both took big hits in efficiency last season (tread check).

Is it correct that we have two spots left on the roster, or are there more? (Seats vacated: Miller, Howard)

According to Spotrac, 12 right now, 13 if u include Varnado, 14 if they sign/keep Ennis w/the varsity.


Scary. Haven't followed the Miami-based Biogenesis (PED) story but whistleblower (Porter Fischer) claims (via ESPN OTL) there are docs implicating NBA player involvement. *No* Heat player is mentioned, yet someone @ ESPN 'stealth' tagged the article w/the Heat else it wouldn't have ended up in my Heat-based RSS feed. #espnclowns

Tim Reynolds (AP) just posted a blurb noting James Jones as an obvious, possible replacement for Miller. Same height, both career 40% from 3, both high ball iq, half-year younger, only 1/3 the mileage ... why not?

Well, for one thing, Jones has been a Heat since 2008, Miller 2010. Miller immediately replaced Jones as Miami's preferred swing F/G off the bench. Why?

Among other reasons, Jones' DRtgs over the only 2 x postseasons where he averaged +10mpg were 111/107 respectively. Miller's DRtgs over 3 straight playoffs? 102/103/103, with his latest 103 (tied w/Wade) 4th best among all Heat who saw 200+ mins (2 pts behind Bron's 101, 2+ pts better than Cole, Chalmers, Allen & Battier).

Reynolds reports Jones is working on strength/stamina. Good. Because Jones has never lacked for effort. It's just that defending (lateral-reverse sliding & backpedaling) stresses different muscles, muscles which, if underdeveloped, no amount of effort can overcome. I hope JJ succeeds.

But the Heat would reap better, longer, more cost-effective returns by developing cheaper younger talent w/the requisite skillz.

Take Jermaine O'Neal off that wish list of big bodies that the Heat need. I'll bet David Lee eats his lunch every day in practice.

Let it fly - nice addition to the Griz squad. I wish him well.

Always appreciated JJ's demeanor and swag. ALWAYS was ready to go when called. Give him :42 seconds at the end of a game and he is going to get a three up (and in). Agree that Miller was a much better defender/rebounder. Hopefully JJ does all the right things to get into the rotation - and I believe he will.

I haven't seen a lot of the summer league games, but what I have, and from what you guys (that have seen the games) are saying Ennis should find a spot on this team as well.

We have time to figure it out.

How does the Lakers get to play us again on Christmas day? (I can say Christmas without offending anybody, right?). You'ld think maybe the Pacers or the Bulls or the Knicks or Nets, but the Fakers? Will they even be .500 at that time?

Kinda glad James will see LAL as-is under D'Antoni. Son of Buss has turned Purple Reign into purple pain.

The biggest threat, I think, after googling Rich Paul -- James' longtime, arguably most-trusted friend and now agent since Sep/12 -- is Cleveland. If the Cavs show any sign of playoff life behind their 3 Lottery Musketeers (Irving, Thompson, Waiters) AND the Heat somehow 3peat, I could see James' thinking long and hard about his opt-out. Irving already refers to James as "big bro" while Paul is hardwired to the Cavs + owner Dan Snyder as a Cleveland native. It was Paul who advised James *against* the spectacle of "The Decision" and it was Paul who notified Snyder about James' move to Miami.

But why would James boogie after a 3peat? Because 3 rings may be enuff to satisfy his South Beach commitment *IF* he comes to believe the Cavs are 1-King short of competing for their own, first O'Brien. Can you imagine THAT story? Plus, James is absolutely a hometown loyallist, even if the homies ditched & dissed him after The Decision. Paul could also factor in other matters that might compel James to leave South Beach, matters which I'd rather not discuss.

More recently, you can even see Paul's influence on the Heat in the presence of Myck Kabongo, another Paul client. It would surprise no one if Kabongo gets a T/C invite despite an underwhelming stint at Orlando.

Bottom line: when you tune out the noise parroting this or that about James & 2014, the one clear channel on all things James was & remains: Rich Paul.

Of course, if the Heat *don't* 3-peat while the Cavs surprise (make the playoffs, respectable run) this season, the next decision could become even ezier ...

Not buying that Son of Buss is the only, or leading factor, in the Lakers tanking. Your coaches and players have a lot to do with that. Of course, the media will blame NOTHING on Kome's attitude and anyone who doesn't apparently kneel at the mention of anything Phil Jackson represents is at fault. How many teams have rejected Phil's services in the last few months? 4? So it's not just the Lakers and Buss that don't want his terms. Also, what free agent is talking about 'can't wait to play with Kome'? None! They had their MVPs and All-Stars aligned last year and stank it up! Bad coaching - maybe, injuries - certainly, selfish mentallity - bank on it. Look at the exodus of players from that team after this season. If it was only D Howard to blame, they could have all stayed after he bolted, no, the black mamba is not easy to play with, egotistical and will blame his teammates/coaching staff/organization PUBLICALLY in a heartbeat. Who needs that?

This season looks more and more challenging by each day this summer.... The Nets, Pacers, Bulls, and Knicks all have gotten better... I still say, we have the team in place to compete at a high level, but, this season will be one to watch...

Any word on Mo Williams and Drew Gooden?

Wade's ex really must be some kind of frickin' nut destined for the psyche ward. Why the media would even give her a second of attention after knowing her true poorness is a joke...boggles the mind.

Well...guess we'll see about Oden soon. Pros & cons on both sides and with every interested team. He'd certainly be an exciting addition here.

Lot's of teams making changes & additions. D-Rose is really silly saying he's the best - hey dude - you're NOT !

Hope Bosh gets his "blunt advice" soon.

Lol. I'd say the dauphin who ignored Bryant, Howard, Jeannie & Johnny (all wanted Jackson to replace Brown) only to relaunch the Phoenix (Nash + D'Antoni) that won absolutely nothing, bears most if not all the responsibility for the 2012 Lakers and every edition therefrom. Even Magic concedes the one & only mistake the Doctor made -- appointing Jim, not Jeanie to run the team -- may be the one that keeps the Lakers below water for awhile. And that's fine by me. Just means Bryant is one ringless year closer to retirement while James has one less destination to consider.

I'll buy what you and Magic are selling, that Jeanie might be a better GM than her brother, but I don't think one season can cement that theory as fact. That being said, she might be a little too close to Phil to be open minded about some of those hard business decisions she would have to make - resigning Kome, keeping D Howard, letting Artest go, etc...

And I thought Kome was ALL on board with the D'Antonio hiring, being buds from their days in Italy? Now Kome has buyers remorse, and we are to feel sorry for him? Good luck with that mamba.

D-Wade got problems. Too bad...


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