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Wade on the future of the Big 3 beyond 2013-14 season

Next season will be about winning three in a row, but it will also be about the future of LeBron James and the Heat's Big 3. All three players can opt out of their contracts next season. The decision to either keep the Heat's run going or break it up is one of the NBA's major storylines despite it being a year away.

On Monday after the championship celebration, I asked Dwyane Wade about the future of the Big 3 beyond next season. Wade wants it to keep going but said it's not something he, LeBron James and Chris Bosh have discussed in detail, “just like we never even envisioned we would play together until free agency came about, and it became a reality.

“Now, we’re in the middle of this great, historic team and run and we’re enjoying it and you don’t want it to come to an end. But you can’t think about the future. When that time comes after next season, when we have to sit down and talk about the futures and what direction they’re going in, hopefully they’re all going in the same direction. We’ll do what we did in 2010 — sit down as men and talk about it.”

James said on Monday during an interview with Rachel Nichols on CNN that he hasn't "really even thought about it, so when that moment comes up, I will approach it, like a professional, and we’ll see what happens.”

Of course, the real question here isn't whether or not the Big 3 wants to keep the team together. The reality of next season is that the Heat has to figure out a way to keep its luxury-tax penalty under control or possibly watch the Big 3 dissolve. 


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Whoodda thunk? Keeping the Big 3, much less 15 Strong, together just got a little more complicated (possibly) for reasons unrelated to the players themselves

Carnival's board will replace Micky Arison as CEO next month, partly in response to earlier cruise ship mishaps. Bloomberg says it was Arison's idea to split his duties as CEO and COB. This does *not* affect Arison's ownership stake in Carnival. But it does imply Arison might have more time to assess the Heat's cap situation and, as a result, make colder, bolder decisions to reduce Miami's LT exposure.

Taheati - I hope our owner can trust the 'basketball' minds to do the heavy lifting in reference to payroll/cap/etc....We don't want another Jerry Jones style owner who has lotsa $$, but little football IQ. Mickey's been great for this organization, (understatement), but let's hope he knows his role (financier, not GM)


Nah. Letting basketball guys make basketball decisions is one of Micky's strengths & a major factor in Miami's success. Didn't mean to suggest he could become another JJ. Plus, Nick (his son) is already Heat CEO.

I do think, however, less time at Carnival probably means more time to consider Miami's bottom lineS, i.e., winning *and* cap/fiscal responsibility.

The Heat are a mid-market team. They don't play in large market metros like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York where revenue from ultra-lucrative TV deals can offset significant LT. In that sense, Micky & the Heat are more hamstrung by the new CBA than large market teams attempting to reprise the Big 3.

So, I guess we'll just have to cross fingers & hope for the best.

Meanwhile ...

Since the current consensus (not necessarily mine) seems to involve Miami's 'need' for another startable big to complement Bosh, my UFA rundown of available bigs (this offseason) according to the list compiled by ESPN [ ]

(Alphabetical order)

Blatche(6-11/26): chose Nets over Heat following Wiz amnesty b/c he wanted more minutes. Found new life & had best season last year in sub minutes but hard to trust a guy who blew off 1st x 7 seasons on poor/half-assed/indifferent conditioning. Still, buyout from WAS, breakout season, big man tools means Blatche will have his pick of teams. Again. Does he want a ring?

Bynum(7-0/25): Wall Street wizard "earned" $17m for working zero minutes last season; is BFF w/Donald Trump, who calls/texts him 24/7.

Brand(6-8/33): not big, but still skilled and can score; has learned to play off/without ball; nice fallback if Bosh goes down tho (lack of)length will limit playoff production. Will Riley finally get his guy?

Clark(6-10/25): hungry dleaguer had some nice moments for the Lakers; moments don't make a season; not an upgrade over Andersen.

Dalembert(6-11/32): what, he's not signed yet?; longer, better rebounding version of Joel Anthony; among top-10 ORBers over last 3 x seasons, top-8 DRBer over same; wants to be a Heat.

Hickson(6-9/24): big numbers for POR as starter in contract year; POR says thanks for stopping by; JJ believes "defends" is something you buy for incontinence.

Jamison(6-9/37): scrubbed deck on Laker ship of fools; older, lesser version of Rashard.

Jefferson(6-10/28): show him the money.

Kaman(7-0/31): just say no; boxscore filler who lacks motor/desire to compete (career WS/48=.057); will lure some team to overpay because of length/draft pedigree; can only assume (or hope) Riley lost the luv.

Kirilenko(6-10/32): money over rings, likes MIN.

McRoberts(6-10/26): serviceable big who can board, stretch/make Js, has passing skillz but slow-footed interior defender. Made $3m/per last 2 x seasons coming off the bench.

Mohammed(6-10/35): will turn 36 in Sep; career bench teaser; at this stage, 1 good game for every 20 MIAs.

Odom(6-10/33): been there, done that, just plain done.

Okafor(6-10/30): getting paid.

O'Neal(6-11/34): drowned; police say tried to cross burnt bridge; also locker room cancer.

Pachulia(6-11/29): hardnosed, savvy banger coming off achilles tendon surgery; has inside/outside game but not athletic & turnover prone; above avg ORBer; gave Hibbert all he could handle in Hawks win last Nov; could be nice complement to Bosh.

Radmanovic(6-10/32): can make 3s, snag ez boards.

Speights(6-10/25): has player opt w/Cavs; earned $4m last year backing up Tristan Thompson; not a banger, up & down motor.

Splitter(6-11/28): you saw the preview; like, no like? Fit well in SA's system (fit matters, ibid. Marion-Heat); showed limitations, proved dispensable in small ball; paid $4m this season.

Wright, Brandan(6-9/25): Mullin's last mistake (as Warrior GM); found salvation in Mavs rotation; Mavs want him back.

Great list. Don't forget about Greg Oden. The would be willing to give him a chance for the veteran's minimum. Of course, he's probably worth more.

What does LT stand for?

Sorry for being thick brained, but I can't figure that one out.

LT = luxury tax

Yeah, I omitted Oden b/c yall probably know about the reported mutual interest btw Oden & the Heat.

Damn Taheati doing some homework, nice!!

Loved the blurb about J. O'Neal.

Taheati nice list....

Okafor is intriguing....

Hickson would fit...

Speights would fit...

Blatche would fit....

Dalembert would fit....

D-Wright would fit...

D. Harris would fit....

Mo Williams would fit...

Redick would fit...

Korver would fit...



1.Convince Allen to stay.

2.Accept Mario Chalmers team option

3.Use Bird Rights for the Bird man to re-sign him with out using our MLE.

4.Bring in GREG ODEN on a NON GUARANTEED contract.

5. Convince Jermaine O'neal to do the same on a NON GUARANTEED CONTRACT veterans minimum.

6. Make a strong push for ANDRAY BLATCHE using our MLE.

7. AND LAST BUT NO LEAST Trade Mike Miller, Jarvis Varnado, & Future Picks for the rights of

Our roster should look like this

PG:Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole

SG:Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen, Tim Hardaway Jr

SF:LeBron James, Shane Battier, James Jones,Reswhard Lewis

PF:Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Chris Anderson

C: Andray Blatche, Jermaine O'neal, Greg Oden

This is not a VIDEO GAME roster, i have facts and reasons behind all the moves i just mentioned and i believe in them 100%! There's is no doubt in my mind these moves are not only possible, but they Improve the HEAT in so many ways both DEFENSIVELY, OFFENSIVELY, and in bulking up our BIGS for matchups Vs. elite teams.

Its been a while people!!!! but I knew I would come on here and read BLACKS trade ideas lol.. I dont agree with those guys.. at all.. except mo williams and blatche.. but since miami just brought chalmers back, and I fully hope they continue to play Cole Mo Williams would be out of the picture (although I think he's better than Chalmers)

I like your idea Arel.. I would love to see Hardaway Jr in a heat uniform! everything about that scenario just fits. With his father on staff, and he can learn from the best 2 guard in the game with Wade.. However, I pray I NEVER see Jermaine O'Neal on the heat bench EVER.. but everything else I agree with..

I have really been looking at the Bosh trade scenarios as well. I hope it doesnt happen, but if it does, the sign-n-trade with D. Howard would be the best option, as well as Bosh to phoenix for Gortat, Jared dudley and the 5th overall pick in 2013. Now I know not alot of good picks are coming out of this draft after the 10th pick, so idk I think it'd be a decent trade. and pray that the 76ers make the playoffs next year and we get a pick that year also..

If there is a way to get an early pick in this draft, Larkin, Carter-Williams, or Hardaway jr...

Cousins and Evans would be good additions. Okafor and his contract is one that can help by extending him at a lower cap number.

What about a5 three team deal?

Mavs get Battier, Lewis, cash

Hawks get Marion, 13th pick

Heat get Al Horford.

Y'all know I like trade talk. I'm just saying.

Here's another one?

Wizards get Miller, Joel, and Jones

Heat get Okafor

extend him and get him out of that number he sits at now... RINGS....

Not getting rid of Miller, too much of a prime time player.

Hawks are NOT giving up Al Horford, their best player, for old-a$$ Marion and a draft pick. Besides, Horford and Bosh play the same position. Furthermore, Battier is too valuable to this team to let him go, especially to duplicate a position we already are pretty comfortable with.

Never, no way, EVER do we want Cousins on this team!! EVER!!

Blatche did have one good year with the Nets, but, his inconsistent past makes me want to see a couple of good seasons in a row, before we sign him.

Again, we keep winning Championships, and playing for Championships, without any wet-behind-the-ears, flavor-of-the-month, junior varsity studs - Cole the exception. Our team is built on professionals that will sacrifice their own minutes and shot attempts, to be part of something bigger than self shine. Miller/Jones/Lewis/Battier/Anthony/Allen/Birdman - ALL UNDERSTAND THIS. They prepare for each game mentally and physically, and sometimes never get any burn, but when their number is called....damn right, they are ready to produce. Not many college kids have that mentality, and not a lot of pros do either. Heat/Spurs roster is full of them - listen to Gary Neal talk sometime - and that's who rose to the top of the league this year.

So from now, until the trade deadline in Feb. we'll see these scenarios where somebody at this position averages more rebounds or points than the Heat player at the same position, and we think it's a slam dunk that the addition of said player will make us better.

Character counts as much or more than PPG. Don't take my word for it, ask Riles or his counterpart in the Spurs organization (Buford?)

Black, lmao you crack me up.

James Ennis (interview) (workout) (interview) (game tape v UNC; 2hrs)

no dunk/jam/highlight clips, which u can find on youtube

If Dwight leaves L.A. I'm scared Lebron will bolt. Not good

LBJ won't bolt - we'll bring D. Howard to Miami. I guarantee you he won't HATE playing with this group as he did with the egomaniac Kome. Paint defender supreme - and can get his touches on offense. Wouldn't that piss off the Fakers and the rest of the league?

C'mon Rockstar, figure out the salary components to this deal, and post it for Riles to see. You all know Pat is a voracious reader of these blogs.

And from the 'you can't make this stuff up' category, the Kings want Shaq to help Cousins do 'something'. I'm not sure what they are expecting Shaq to do, or what offensive skills, work ethic, off-court demeanor, rap/acting skills, they want Cousins to emulate, but they MIGHT be barking up the wrong tree. Glad we got ZO in our corner!!!!!!!!!

Who's this Ennis kid?

What about Kenny Kadji?

At least a summer league invite.

Bigger question, how can we add players and shed some cap?

Unless cap isn't an issue and look to improve.

The reason I say this, every team will improve. We have to improve as well.

Black, I believe younger players minimum salary is less than the veterans minimum, so adding young players and subtracting veterans gets you some cap room. That's my interpretation of the rules, but I'm not positive, feel free to correct that if needed.

Cap shouldn't be a problem with this group. Most left some $$ on the table to be with the Heat, so that isn't what is driving most of these guys. On the other hand, why bicker over $15mil a year or $20mil a year, if you are making $150-$200mil in endorsements? That's the question I'll never have to answer.

True, but, there are really good pieces that would help this team this season in free agency. How can we add these players?

Would anyone do a sign and trade for Andre Igudolla?

Miller, Joel for Igudolla?

I'm just saying.

What if the Bulls amnesty Boozer and signs D12? Could we sign Boozer?

Rather have UD EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK than Boozer.

Why not just go after Howard?

Rather have Miller EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK than Korver. And Igudolla is going to be happy with the minutes Miller had last year? I don't see Denver making this trade. Miller isn't as good individually as Igudolla, no doubt, so you throw the Warden to a team that already has J. Magee? Don't see the Nuggs biting here, or the Heat for that matter.

Howard is getting 88 million over 4 years with Houston or Dallas. We can't afford him, I'm sure you were just joking eyeball. And Black, why would Denver resign Iggy for 75 million and them trade him for our scrap? That trade makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Look guys, Denver has a player similar to Iggy in Chandler... They need shooting and depth up front in Joel.... So, could we pick Iggy up at a lower cap number? Maybe at 9mil a year? And having Boozer on the roster wouldn't hurt... Nothing against anyone we currently have, but, he could help...

This year's run was very tough, and with some of our opponents getting better, we should try to get better as well... A three peat would be great... But it will not be easy.... We have to try to get better....

I don't see Boozer being an upgrade over anyone on our roster - UD, Birdman, Joel, Batt, Miller, Jones, Bosh, etc....

I was joking about Howard, sort of. I mean, would you want to see an enthusiastic Howard playing with Bosh, LBJ, Wade, and Rio?? I would. Spelling them with Birdman, UD, Batt, Allen, and Cole. Heck, that second team could win 40 games in this league. That still leaves sharpshooter Miller, and Jones to get minutes somewhere, plus the Warden. OK, stop the fantasy, it ain't happening. I hope he ends up in Houston, with those young bucks.

Black, let me get this straight. Iggy opts out at 16.2 million, and you think we can somehow get him for 9 million? The guy will resign for like 5 years 75 million. I'm not seeing your numbers adding up?

Taheati - sweet list !

This Ennis kid may be a warrior. Google him and read his West Coast buzz. Several areas jump out as freakish. Can't wait to see him play this summer.

The increase in the Heat value as a franchise far outstrips the luxury tax, get rid of players and watch the value of the team drop way more than the total of the luxury tax. With a team that is not winning, Miami fairweather fans will stop coming out for games, ticket prices will drop, merchandise sales drop etc, he's better off just paying the luxury tax.

Happy to hear that Ray Allen is coming back....

Welcome back Ray....

Would these guys fit under the cap?

M. Speights
A. Blatche
D. Harris
S. Dalembert...

maybe not under the cap, but, you know...

We gotta get Bird back too....

could we do a sign and trade for these guys?

Joel for either Wright, Speights, Dalembert?

Miller for either Harris, Redick, Marion?

I'm just saying...

Your happy Ray is back black? Just fell out of my chair. Never thought u would say that. Considering he supposedly tried to purposely miss shots for us.

I've been reading about this Kabongo guy, I cant wait to see him in the summer league. I have been an advocate for getting a 3rd string PG for a while, although we have ample ball handlers; but if Rio or Cole go down, that would put even more added pressure and wasted energy on Bron, Wade, Allen, or Miller who will have to bring the ball up the court and guard speedy PG's.

Tim Reynolds (AP), others report UD played with torn meniscus in his right knee. Would explain unusual ineffectiveness (Pacer flashes aside) throughout the postseason.


buy-out: james jones
amnesty on: joel anthony


let the BIRDMAN return...




pg chalmers / cole
sg wade / allen / mike miller
sf james / battier /*james ennis
pf bosh / lewis / varnado
c *chris kaman / andersen / *oden / *mullens



^^^ uh no. On to real talk...Guys, if Dwight Howard signs with the Rockets we are in serious trouble. I hate to be the the Debbie downer here but, only Nash's contract is the only one on the books in 2015. Even Kobe's is expired. I'm shocked nobody talks about this, but LA has Lebron's name written all over it.

BKY - I'm not buying your theory. Why does LA have LBJ's name all over it? You don't think he's enjoying his stay in MIA? After another run at the 'ship in 2014 you think LBJ will want go through the pains of re-developing a championship team? Is this just media talk to deflect from the Heat's accomplishments the last 3 years? Do you think ANYONE would rather play with Kome's attitude over D-Wade's? What are you seeing LA's roster looking like that would make LBJ think about leaving the Heat?

First I hope to God he doesn't leave. I just have a weird feeling. If we win again next year. Then he is staying obviously. But, keep in mind he has a new agent. The allure of playing in LA, Kobe would resign on the cheap. I can go on and on...

...which brings me to the question that I've already asked: Do you think ANYONE would rather play with Kome's attitude over D-Wade's? ESPECIALLY, if LBJ and Wade are tight friends, this makes no sense. That's just the media being pushed by the league wanting all the talent to be in LA / NYC / and Chi-town.

....and your phrase 'Kobe would resign on the cheap' is TOTALLY laughable. Kome, who in his mind is mjII, would never (like his mentor) take less money than he and his greedy agent can get. Gotta gets mines, cause me and my brah Letrell's got feed our family.

Just my opinion. Calm down eye.

Totally agree James won't even think about opting out unless Wade's wheels complete fall off next season and/or Micky is forced to slash payroll due to the LT.

Otherwise, a healthy Wade is twice the player Kobe was even in the latter's prime. In 17 x seasons, Bryant only (& barely) reached the .200 plateau (for WS/48) 6 x times (career .183). Wade topped .200 in 6 of 10 seasons (career .195). Bron? 9 of 10 (career .241). In playoff WS/48, Bron's average is .238, Wade .171. Kobe? .157

Sports, to a degree, is a culture built on myths. Example: the myth of Jordan's unaided perfection layered by the myth of Kobe's epic near-Airness.

Kobe, to this day, still worships at the altar of Jordan, conveniently overlooking how the Bulls NEVER topped 40 wins WITH Jordan in the 3 x seasons BEFORE they drafted Pippen.

Yet James, Wade, Durant are ALL closer to Jordan (career .250, playoffs .255) than Kobe will EVER be. Why? Because they've outgrown the myth as they've embraced reality. Shorter: they DON'T try to "be like Mike." They DO try to win like Magic (.225/.208), Robinson (.250/.199), Duncan (.213/.195), Bird, Hakeem et al.

So, trusting James' smarts and hoping for Wade's good health is probably the safest NBA bet there is. A trillion times safer than trusting Greg Oden or Dwight Howard to deliver commensurate to hype or price.

bky - sorry, that reply did have a bit more emotion in it than was needed.

Damn taheati, that's some spot on analysis.

Anthony Perez from Hialeah, Florida thinks that the Miami Heat are 2006, 2012 and 2013 NBA champions with the 4 best players, Lebron ''King '' James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller, Chris Anderson, coach Eric Spoelstra, president, Pat Riley, CEO/owner, Micky Arison, assistant coaches, Ron Rothstein, David Fizdale and Keith Askins, trainer, Octavio de la Grana, team dr. Harlem Selesnick who works at doctors hospital in Coral Gables community, Juwan Howard, Josh Harrelson, James Jones and also. congratulations. winners. Lets go Heat over San Antonio Spurs 95-88 in game 7 of the 2013 NBA finals in June to win series 4-3

Anybody think David Lee would fit on this team?

I think David lee is an awesome player.. however.. I dont think the dollars are where D. Lee would want to be

Im thinking this.. Waive/amnesty Joel Anthony,let Juwan Howard join the coaching staff only (not as a player-coach,) pick up Oden (if he agrees to Vet Min.), Ennis, And Myck Kabogno.. perfect!

Does anyone else find Miami's reported interest in Telfair intriguing?

(Though *not* just because Riley disclaimed interest in a 3rd point)

Telfair, in a confession to Sports Illustrated last March, claims he saw the light [ ]. The light that could lead -- or, if you believe Telfair and Dwayne Casey (his coach @ TOR), has already led -- Telfair from the dark forest of me-first erratic balling into the sunshine of selfless winning basketball. Saved Sebastian is now a humbled baller & vigorous defender who's happy coming off the bench because he just wants to "play for the gold."

Meanwhile, the Nix are reportedly interested in Telfair too. If Heat interest is legit, we'll soon know whether the new new is the same old b/c the Nix will NEVER win a trophy with Melo behind the wheel.

So, let's say, hypothetically, Miami's interest in a 3rd point (not necessarily confined to Telfair) is on the the table.

Why? Why, after picking up Chalmer's option ($4m) and Coles' productive postseason would the Heat feel compelled to add another point?

Well, maybe, for one, they're not "compelled." Maybe they're just exploring. Maybe they feel Cole is ready to start. Maybe they move Chalmers in a sign-and-trade. Maybe they hope Larry Drew2 can show enuff this summer to make the roster. Maybe it's just due diligence. Maybe it's all Kabuki and simply the Heat front office doing its job in a typical offseason of rumor & innuendo.

Mike miller is our 4th highest paid player , I love the add-ons but you have to let go of a lot. And please no one is trading for rasherd lewis . If we would have wanted hard way the move would have been made on draft day. They are not going to touch this team until they lose. The big three take a pay cut and you get rid of mike miller , and resign bird. You have enough for another stud.

Otherwise, maybees aside, one thing's for sure, Riley's loyalty to the Kammerers has *not* paid off, in this opinion.

Excluding the Big 3, part of Miami's capstrung dilemma lies at the doorstep of too many zero-return draft picks. It's one thing to trade picks for chips. But the picks Miami did keep have NOT stocked Miami rosters with low-initial-cost young talent that would lessen Miami's dependence on more expensive vet free agents.

Miami dishonor roll of draft "keepers": Jerome Beasley, Dorell Wright, Albert Miralles (acquired for Pape Sow), Matt Freije, Wayne Simien, Daequan Cook (acquired for Jason Smith), Michael Beasley, Robert Dozier, Dexter Pittman, Jarvis Varnado(I), Da'Sean Butler, Justin Hamilton(I).

Unfair to include Wright and Beasley? Sure, Wright is still playing and the Heat don't acquire Bron & Bosh without the cap freed up by Beasley's trade.

Except, NO ONE picks a #2 with the intent of writing him off 2 yrs later while Dorell jobhunts for his 4th team in 5 yrs in a league still fascinated by prodigies-who-aren't.

That said, will cross fingers for James Ennis. What else can you do?



Bring back BIRD....


Joel for Speights...

Miller for Harris...

Miller for Redick...

David Lee would be a monster for us on the boards. Unless GS is shedding payroll. And if Mickey wants to add to the luxury tax, would be a great pickup.

david lee would be great to play along with bosh down low... but how could we get him? do our team has a chance by having david lee & greg oden...?

assuming that birdman is on board...

Miller isn't going anywhere, but back to the finals to do some incredible shooting. He defends decent, rebounds well, and if it weren't for the Warriors having the best shooting backcourt of all time (shut up Marc Jackson - one good game and you're the best ever?) and stokes the ball with great accuracy when it counts the most. He's OK with limited minutes or a lot of minutes - most youngsters (guys who just got drafted) aren't.

I just threw Lee out there because I like his game, he's a double-double machine when healthy. I know the salary numbers would be hard to balance, but so was getting LBJ/Wade/and CB together.

With regards to Telfair, Riles might just be acting interested to drive up the Nix offer. I think we (I mean, the Heat) are comfortable with Chalmers and Cole at the point, especially when you have LBJ, Wade, Allen, and sometimes Miller capable of spelling that position for a few minutes at a time. With a slew of ball handlers, Chalmers role is a bit different than most starting PGs, and doesn't dominate the ball like Parker/Nash/CP3. That's part of this team's unselfish attitude, that's their (for you SPO) DNA, if you will.

Looks like the front office is very cautious about upsetting that balance, and I don't blame them. Look at the success we've had the last three years, the formula DEFINITELY WORKS!!

Reddick to the Clips?? Nice Doc.

Rondo to the Mavs??

Oden is a shot in the dark. Low risk if he signs on the cheap, but let's don't give him Kareem status just yet. Heck, I'ld rather pry Greg Monroe from the Pistons or Lee from GState before relying on Oden. Now who's dreaming? (I ball too)

I think Zimmerman just got caught in his lye....

We find, they can get mad, it's ok....

I'm mad he killed Martin...

Whatever happens...Bosh can't guard the other team's center unless he's a 4 too. Priority 1 should be getting a big legit body. Come all saw the playoff style. If Riley doesn't move his roster in that'll be painful to watch. Mass moves mass...I just looked it up.

I understand the point you are trying to make RP, but it isn't like Bosh has to guard the opposing centers by himself. We routinely send players into the post to double the ball, making the post player pass out of the double team. Bosh is as fast or faster than every center in the league, so guarding those bigs that face the basket is not a problem for us. Now, how many back-to-the-basket dominate centers are left in the league? You're right, not too damn many. So why do we have to find a 'big' stiff body to bang with the other center (as if this is a tug-of-war contest and the biggest player wins) mix him in our rotation, and feed him occasional shot attempts on offense, when what we've been doing the last three years has worked great? Other teams have to change to our style - NOT visa versa!

Easy Black, let's don't upset the White/Hispanic population. This trial has produced that new sect of race that we can now cow-tow to or oppress - the 'white'/Hispanic. Hope that term goes the way of 'rule of verticality' which we didn't hear about after Hibbard got bounced from the playoffs. Lotsa of murders happening everyday, young lives being snuffed out for no good reason, but this case is noteworthy why?? Let's hope common sense and the rule of law prevail, not the race-baiters.

eteballtwo - its kinda hard not to play the race (or at least the prejudice card) on this particular case. Case in point, a women (who is black) was getting beat by her husband all she did was grab a gun, and fire a warning shot in the air (didnt kill or hurt anyone) and she got 20 years. A Man (who was black) was getting attacked at a basketball court, he shot the attacker (did not kill him) used the stand your ground law, and he was arrested and charged. All Im saying is if Zimmerman was actually in fear of his life and shot Treyvon in self defense and not for some other hidden agenda, the law shouldn't fluctuate. If he was able to get off that same night, the others should too..

get rid of Bosh, he is stealing from the Heat at 20 million per year, can't rebound for a big man.Hibbert and Duncan ate his lunch and supper.I don't think any team would pay Bosh 20 million in free agency his shortcomings as a center really showed in playoffs.Bron 3 rd highest player on the team is true sacrifice, he would get double what Bosh is paid in free agency.Stauts quo is a mistake Granger back for Indy,Rose back for bulls, Heat needs a big rebounder Pat didn't you see the stats against Indy and Spurs on rebounds????

It's obvious the race card was played the night this young kid was shot. No arrest and no explanation of why there was no arrest. One thing this trial has proved is that Zimmer should have been arrested on the night of the shooting. The guy should've been explaining to the cops instead of Fox news why this young kid is dead.


I want to start by saying, no disrespect to any of the fans or to any race in regards to this Zimmerman case....

A lot of media outlets and people from the Zimmerman camp would like to turn this case into a racial situation.. But it's not... This is and will always be a MURDER CASE....

I didn't know the whole story at first... After watching this case over the last 2 weeks, I've really got the chance to hear and see the case for what it really is....

This want to be cop, neighborhood watchmen, chased down a young male and killed him.... Knowing the law and having law enforcement friends to help him or give him a release prematurely was criminal....

The fact that he was released that night makes no sense....

Now his attorney's are just doing their jobs, so, they really don't have anything to do with what happen...

Hell neither do I....

But this case caught my interest....

As a State or Country, this case is HUGE....

Zimmerman killed Martin for walking down the street... This can not be allowed and justice has to be served....

Again, I have too much respect for all people, and all races... Especially Heat Nation....

Justice for Travon Martin....

mmm welp with the NETS all souped up, and houston getting d. howard.. Miami really needs to grab a big body.. Either Tim. Mozgov, (Hopefully a HEALTHY GREG ODEN), sam dalembert (only at vet min.).. Bosh really needs to slide back to the 4 position, and continue to play his finese' game. He has changed soo much from one of the best 4's in the league to one of the worst 5's.. he can still shoot lights out when he wants to.. but when people hear BIG they dont equate that with Bosh. Get a 7'0, a rebounder .. then Miami will be a three peat! now if they have to trade Bosh to do so, then so be it.. but they really need to get a big body who can rebound quickly.. AND REMOVE JOEL ANTHONY from the roster.. that is all

I can't start beating on anybody and everybody that is following me, that's not how a evolved society is supposed to work.

The fact that the police may have errored in their original assesment of what happened that night does not make Zimmerman guilty of murder.

If that was your relative that was getting beat MMA style on the sidewalk, suffering a broken nose and black eyes and lacerated skull, I would bet you would allow them to defend themselves, I know I want mine to be able to.

Now, let's go to Chicago, where there are tough gun laws, and with a fine-tooth comb go through the many murders of young black men and see if we come up with a trend. Is this more newsworthy because Zimmerman is Hispanic and the 'victim' is black? Do we just sweep under the rug the black on black crime? Was there a reason Zimmerman was cautious about the young boy lurking in the shadows, did it fit the profile of possible criminals in that area?

If Zimmerman is to be called 'white/Hispanic', is it wrong to demand the POTUS be called 'caucasian/negro', or malado? Why do we pick and choose the race when the person is mixed? Is it possible the media has a stake in this? All we all too race-conscious? Does the federal gov't lead the world in dividing and keeping people separated by race?

You all look at your lives, I would bet it is just like mine - friends and acquaitances of EVERY race, and when you get together, you don't separate the whites/blacks/hispanics/asians/etc... into different areas of the room/party. You all get along, right? Why do we let the media and the government tell us we are too different to get along? Don't let them! Screw that! Don't buy into their theories that it is 'us' against 'them'. Used to be 'us' meant 'American', but know some are convinced that they have to be a different kind of hyphinated American. By definition, we are one (thanks for that lyric Maze). Business owners on your block don't care who patronizes their business, they only want to be respected and successful. But the race baiters want to keep that fire of separation alive. Thanks Sharpton, MSNBC, Jesse, and President Obama. They don't want progression, they want to keep the hatred of separation going, because that's all they know. Zimmerman shouldn't have to pay for THEIR stupidity!


I agree, getting some bigs would be a smart move...

All would be good additions...

Does anyone see any of these guys in a Heat uni?
G. Neal
D. Harris
C. Maggette
A. Marrow

And plz bring back BIRD....

Only I don't agree with trading CB...

And he's not even close to being the worst 5...

Don't sleep on Chris...

Can we buy out contracts?


Very good players while with the Heat..

But that's about 11mil...

Summer league watchlist:

Ennis (of course) 6-7 G/F: fluid-looking player w/nice skillset; game seems to come ez to him; better competition should reveal more;

Larry Drew II 6-2 G: has all the tools; struggled under Roy Williams, thrived w/ (guard friendly) Ben Howland;

Dewayne Dedmon 7-0 C: Don't be fooled by the name; reports say raw project but limited clips suggest mobile, athletic, smartish big w/skillz (midrange J, quicks on offensive glass, active offball) w/good court vision/awareness; sounds hungry; reminds me of Bosh; Heat/Spurs only teams w/strong interest.

Michael Dunigan 6-10 C: 24, logged 2-3 yrs as Euro after leaving Oregon early; turned heads for Perth Wildcats recently as replacement player; energy guy with hops; possible fallback if Heat can't/don't re-sign Birdman

Cedric Jackson 6-3 G: only included here because current Dleaguer formerly coached up by Cleveland St asst Jermaine Kimbrough; Kimbrough also worked w/Larry Drew II and (obviously) Norris Cole, among others; Is he(Kimbrough) being groomed as a future Heat assistant?)

D.J. Kennedy 6-6 G/F: Dleaguer w/nice size, skills for tweener; lacks burst, consistency, go-to reliability; logged triple-double for Rio Grande.

Skimmed clips of Kabongo, DJ Stephens. Meh.

Also had Ian Clark on list. 6-2 sharpshooter w/quick but longish (and low?) release point. Could carve out niche career viz. Eddie House.

Let's talk about Ricky Sanchez, brought to the Heard from OR. We need him to make the team, seven talk....gerry

Hey Bird, happy birthday.



Who or which team in the east possesses the biggest threat the the Heat next season???

Brutal. But nothing unexpected for 16 guys who've only played together for a week. Still, somebody had to win & the Heat almost stole one despite predictable floundering on offense. Fiz isn't coaching this summer while his successors follow the script: install defense first, stress defense first, stop opponents first. Heat sleaguers got plenty of stops. Only problem: they were also plenty effective stopping themselves.

First impressions.

Ennish: didn't disappoint. He knew where he was (most of the time), didn't force much (if anything), let the game come to him, rotated okay, attacked occasionally.

Kabongo: still meh. Quickster look good picking up the ball though elite gs will (initially) have him for lunch. Am assuming Heat didn't install much offense, so hard to fault Kabongo for offensive stagnation or inability to control flow. First games always look like streetball on offense. Today was no different.

Hopson: seen a million Hopsons before ... on playgrounds, though Hopson is obviously a superior athlete. Could say the same for Carmichael et al. Lots of *churning* but very little butter. Like Carmichael's energy though. Hopson too.

Varnado: Talking heads will say Varnado was impressive. Nay. Yes, he looked more comfortable on the floor than 1st-timers -- as he should. No, he's still Jarvis, a Gumby who swats blocks into the stands with NO thought of maintaining possession, is late setting screens, half-assed setting picks, a brainless pogo stick loved by opponents because he always bites on fakes, leaves his feet, creates clear paths for bunnies & putbacks. He's the next Joel Anthony w/slightly better boarding and/or a cheaper, lesser version of DeSagana Diop.

Council: Have seen his game many times before. Just a different name.


Drew II: DNP.

Dedmon: okay, his build is less Bosh, more Mohammed. Still like his smarts, court awareness, physicality for a big. Dedmon delivered my *play of the game*: stepped up to take a perfectly time charge on a Jazz player who appeared completely bewildered by a 7-footer burning wood. Heat started their comeback (down by as many as 14-15 pts) around that time.

Dunigan: DNP.

Kennedy: Ever had 1 of those daze? Kennedy just had a season's worth in 1 game -- on offense, but more specifically, finishing, because Kennedy showed well on both ends of the floor when he wasn't blowing dunks, bunnies, jumpers that he probably hasn't missed in years. Interesting contrast to Varnado: Kennedy made/is making the most of his Dleague time; Varnado is still playing middle school JV.

Clark: took awhile to warm up, then brought rain, inside and out. Still, just 1 game. Let's see how he looks by week's end.

"Dedmon delivered my *play of the game*: stepped up to take a perfectly [timed] charge..."

More Dedmon. Did some googling. Found out: has only played organized ball for 5 yrs (since he turned 18). Mother is a devout Jehovah who restricted his participation in sports. Great read here [ ] on his path towards basketball which also confirms a 1st impression that Dedmon picks up things quickly.

Example: Utah bigs exploited his tentativeness + (relative) inexperience in early minutes. By his 3rd or 4th rotation, you could actually see Dedmon shutting down various aspects of their games.

But inexperience aside, Dedmon also (surprisingly) carries some offcourt risk. Turns out, he was suspended mid-March following a brawl in Spokane. Dedmon's role in the brawl remains unclear. Still, when you watch him interview, "brawl" is the last thing I'd connect to his seemingly mild offcourt disposition. Maybe, like many, he has certain triggers that set him off. He plays smart, is a sponge, should be able to figure out the big things in life. Put it this way, the Spurs, like the Heat, don't waste their time on deadbeats. Dedmon could be that elusive diamond-in-the-rough who ROIs much faster & effectively than the Varnados, Currys or Pittmans of the NBA world. His 1st game did not betray such promise.

"Who or which team in the east possesses the biggest threat the the Heat next season??"


This vote: Pacers/Bulls.

The Nix & Nots are still flawed for the same reason: franchise players who *aren't* (Melo/Deron). They also have owners who throw money at every little problem like gamblers who throw money at slots. You *can* win that way, on a wing and a prayer (i.e., praying for Heat injuries). But probability says you get what u pay for: lousy planning, myopic vision, 1st/2nd round exits, huge payroll, humongous LT.

Still interested in seeing who gets the amnesty call next week.

Any thoughts?

Bosh is not one of the best Centers in the league.. When you think about a true CENTER you think rebounds, you think blocked shots, you think defense. Bosh had his moments in the finals.. but I really dont believe hes the 20 million dollar player as a Center... and please dont get me wrong I really like Bosh's game! But I really like it when he's a Forward, not a center. Bosh was most productive when he was teamed up with Haslem (who was actually playing more of a 5 role than Bosh in most cases).. Anywho.. I think the Heat should go for Mozgov if Greg Oden turns out to be a fluke, or doesnt want to sign with the Heat..

As far an amnesty is concerned. I dont see too many players getting the boot this season.. I dont think the Heat are going to Amnesty Miller or Joel (though I wish they would).. I do think someone gets cut and Miami will bring in some younger talent to continue to grow.. two things Miami NEEDS are a big man, and a nice two-guard who can learn from D. wade before he gets too old, or too injured.

I just think that Bosh should ask the Heat to re-work his contract is is highly OVERPAID not worth the money he is getting.


The center position has changed some over recent history. I think the way you use your bigs can vary according to your system.

CB is a top 10 center in the league today. In terms of scoring centers he's top 5.

But let's not discredit one of our best players, he's just fine.

One thing I will agree with you on, we do need some help up front. I'm not sure who's going to be available in free agency or trade, but we could use a big, and I would bring in G Neal.

In terms of the amnesty, just never know what teams are planning to do to free up space.

Just read Speights signed with the G.S. Warriors, dam, kinda wanted him. Oh well, we move forward.

I can almost gurantee, if Bosh moved back to the four spot his rebounding numbers would increase. He is not a top 10 center to me. maybe 11 or 12 but not top 10.
D. Howard, Tyson Chandler, Marc Gasol, Joakim Noah, Nikola Vucevic, (A. Bynum when he returns), Al Jefferson, Brook Lopez, Al Horford, T. Duncan (when he slides to the 5), N. Pekovic, Roy Hibbert - - I might put Bosh right in front of Pekovic, and with Bynum not playing this year then I guess he would be at number 10.
But then again all those guys are defensive guys, Bosh isnt a strong defenseive player against bigger guys.

IDK I was happy when I heard the Heat got Kabongo for the summer league, but man, Ian Clark had been outplaying him on both ends of the court. If he slowed down a lil bit, and not be so crazy with the ball sometimes, he would be an awesome pick to develop, a faster version of Mario Chalmers. Take that with a grain of salt if you wish.. but hey...

Varnado is a shot blocking machine! He really needs to work on not fouling, and finishing, but man he is a one man Swat team. However, idk how good he'll be on the NBA level, he is literally identical to Joel Anthony, with slightly more offense.. and when I say slightly, I mean very slightly.. I dont think the heat should use their one time only amnesty on Joel to pick this guy up, but if someway they could trade Joel, and keep Varnado that would be good. Still I think the heat should either hold out and hope to grab Greg Oden, or amnesty MM (as much as I think he should stay) and get a big like Mozgov or Dalembert, and a PG like Beno Udrih, G. Neal, or C. Billups (or maybe a mo williams reunion with Bron)

Would Odom make sense at the vet min.???

^^ HECKS NO!!!! NO LAMAR ODOM return.. period!

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