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President Obama excited about The Finals

The First Fan can't wait for The Finals to begin. President Obama went to the Twitter water cooler yesterday and a few people responded. The President is a fan of the Bulls, of course, so it's only natural that he's pulling for the Heat. You always pull for the team that knocked your team out of the palyoffs, right?

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Heat owner Micky Arison responded to President Obama tweet.

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Obama's a criminal and belongs in jail after he's impeached.

Oh, I better not say that or he might send the IRS to audit me, and send every American who doesn't like him to answer to his secret police.

i feel that a guy in the middle of 3 (or MORE?) scandals that make Nixon and Clinton seem like choir boys... should probably be focusing his attention on 'other' things... problem is that the libbytard machine is so masterful at convincing the average American idiot (or your standard dumbocrap)... that they have done absolutely nothing wrong...

The President loves champions. How cant you pick the HEAT

Of course our leader is excited for ANYTHING to be in the news, EXCEPT the facts about his administration's messes. Heck, he'ld take another tornado in the fly-over country (the part of the country that feeds most of the world). Then it will be his time to shine - speech-a-fying and diverting America's (not his own) funds to the needy.

And why is it that the press cares what he thinks about the NBA finals? Did they ask Dubya about the World Series, after all, he was an owner a major league team at one point. That's a lot closer to sports than what our current POTUS ever got. Is it because he is, say it......say it.....molado? And let's look at that shooting form. No wonder the cat puts up those 2 for 24 (kome) type numbers. Maybe he's a 'volume' scorer.

Can't wait to see Obama's relationship with the war veterans after his time in office is done. Think he'll be hosting 100K bicycle runs? Yeah, hold your breath for that. First of all, he isn't in the kind of shape that Dubya keeps himself, and second, I don't see a lot of veterans happy with him. That's why one side always makes it difficult for the military votes to be counted. Ridiculous, I know. They are the ones fighting for our country, and we don't want to acknowledge their voice. But the low information voter is voting EARLY and OFTEN and we don't need to show ID to vote????? Scary place we live in.

I'll be waiting to hear from Joe as to who Allen West (you know, being from Florida, and all) is rooting for. Got that info coming Joe?

All you idiots need to shut up! the President can cheer and tweet about basketall all he wants!

Crawl back under your rocks

Don't you love the way that all the Obama lovers can't defend the President with facts so they spew things like "shut up!...Leave the President alone" and spew insults at whoever calls him out because they can't defend him with facts, and on the issues.

The only ones living under rocks are you Obama supporters. Your so blind and brainwashed that Obama could be in bed with your wife and you would still defend him as selling his stimulus!

Well, I happen to support our President...

And I think We're getting ready for the NBA Finals, game 1 right now...

So, plz take your hatred for our President, back to San Antonio...


Game 1....

We have to set the tone early....

This is the Finals... We come to play...

hey BLACK... did you know that black unemployment has DOUBLED and black wealth collectively has decreased by 50% since obummer took office the first time? Blacks have not seen this much wealth loss since slavery was introduced to America. support that!

I remember before he came into Office... I remember before Bush came into Office too....

Maybe if they let him put his plans into action, instead of trying to make up all these controversies, maybe things could get better...

But, he's definitely a great American President...

Hands Down....

OK, back to the Finals.... Whom ever wants to talk anything else... Plz, there are plenty of other blogs for everything...


Black, you think when Joe posted this story it was going to stay on the basketball subject?

And "make up controversies"??? Please. The only thing made up was the story about an innocent demonstration turning into a deadly attack, killing 4 Americans, because of a barely seen you tube video, right?

C'mon, you don't owe allegiance to him because of his skin tone, do you? Isn't that the antithesis of what Dr. King wanted us to do? The huge deficits (more than all the other Presidents combined), the lead-from-behind foreign policies, the wobbling economy, the staggering unemployment rate (or the ratio of working Americans to the amount of eligible workers), the LEAST transparent administration in history, the refusal to enforce the laws on the books, like immigration and the DOMA, etc........

If the IRS was targeting groups by ethnicity instead of political leanings would you be OK with that?

I sure don't get behind everyone that is of my race, simply because of their skin tone, because I would look like an ass!



He's supporting him because of his skin tone, all Obama supporters do that, no matter how bad he is, they put emotion over intellectual thought. I thought Romney was terrible and I said that even though I'm white and he was white. Obama's supporters can't do that because its all about skin tone for them and making a statement based on color. I feel bad for great African-American politicians who will come along in the future and be worthy Presidents who would do a lot of good for the country, because they will not be able to get elected because everybody will think of Obama, and how bad he is and not vote for them. Obama's supporters have no depth to them it's all superficial and they are destroying everything that Doctor Martin Luther King worked for, but are too dumb to realize that. Heck, even Doctor King's own daughter has spoken out against Obama. Is she racist or a hater? When they can't defend him they spew racism or hatred as a way to get out of the hole they are in, and Obama encourages IT. He's going to jail, mark my words, as now it came out that his administration has the phone records of millions of Americans through a deal with Verizon. He's a criminal President.


I don't agree with everything you laid out there, most of it, but talk to a black or Hispanic conservative and see if their views are accepted by the hyperventilating liberal media. Nope, they are called ALL kinds of degrading names. Try getting off that liberal (democratic) plantation and they want to hang you.

Keep voting my man, because eventually America will see that spoon-feeding us socialism will turn us into Communists in no time...and there isn't a communist country in the world that you and I would want to live in.

Obama won 2 elections while losing 2/3 of the white vote. I can't wait to see what the next white democratic candidate does in a election. He/she can be a bum off the street and would have my vote. Screw the Republicans!

The next democratic candidate will have to run on principles. No, wait, that'll be HRC. Sorry, I take that first statement back.

Principles and the Democratic party? The Dems never heard of it, as they lie about everything. HRC has blood on her hands. The mother of one of the dead Americans in Libya said "Obama lies all the time. Everybody around him lies. My blood pressure goes up. I don't have a son because of Hillary Clinton. She can enjoy her daughter, I can't, because he's dead because of what she didn't do."

I agree with everything you said eyeballtwo, nice talking to you. Have a good weekend!



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