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Positive signs for the 2013-14 season at the Heat's championship celebration

Early signs are pointing to the Heat holding on to Chris Andersen and Ray Allen for the 2013-14 season.

Ray Allen can opt out of his contract in the next two weeks and Chris Andersen is now a free agent, but there were significant hints on Monday at the Heat's championship rally at AmericanAirlines Arena that both players wanted to stay in Miami for another run. Andersen said he wanted to help "get a three-peat next year," and Chris Bosh said he expects Allen to remain in Miami.

How exactly those things happen are unclear, however, and it's going to take some work by the Heat's front office to make it happen. Andersen can either sign with another team, sign with the Heat for the mini mid-level exception or sign with the Heat for another veteran's minimum contract, that would come with a slight raise in pay. Meanwhile, Allen has the option to either opt in for another year at the mini mid-level rate, opt out and re-sign with a 20-percent raise or opt out and go elsewhere for more money.

“I think we have all the influence,” Bosh said of the Heat's Big 3 appeal. “Guys want to come back. I don’t think it’s any situation in the world better than what we have right now and I think that’s speaks for itself, really.

“We have guys that are going to have to make decisions and we know that, it’s a part of the business, but guys want to come back.”

Haslem went to work on Allen immediately after Game 7 while the two players were washing away the championship champagne in the team's facility.

“I told him, ‘I’m not going to put pressure on you, I’m not going to ask you what you going to do, but just know I’m thinking about what you going to do,” Haslem joked after Monday’s championship parade. “That’s all I told him…and I just left it at that.

“He didn’t say nothing. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.”

Bosh doesn’t think it’s good or bad. He thinks it’s a pointless discussion. In Bosh’s opinion, Allen has no choice but to return.

“We can make quotes all day, but he’s coming back,” Bosh said. “I mean, there’s really nothing to say. We respect each other’s space, but there’s one decision to make. So, it’s easy.”

As for Andersen, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra indicated that Birdman wanted to return.

“He loves it here,” Spoelstra said. “He’s been embraced by the team, by the fans, by the organization. We wanted Chris for several years and he knows that. We tried for the last four or five years.

“The most important part is both sides want each other. The other aspect will be on Andy Elisburg’s desk of being creative and making things happen.” Elisburg, the Heat’s assistant general manager and senior vice president of business operations, is the team’s numbers cruncher and it’s his lofty task of making it all work for next season. Meanwhile, Haslem will be busy working on the Heat’s retention rate.

“I’m going to be in [Andersen’s] ear but at the end of the day, ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s going to be up to him,” Haslem said. “And whatever he has to consider, I’ll fully support that decision, but I want him back, we want him back. He was a tremendous boost for us and we’re probably not sitting here without the addition of Birdman.”


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Keep the party going!!


Now that the party is over it's time to look ahead. Ray will opt out to get his 20% raise to come back. Bird will resign for the vet minimum. James Jones and Rashard will pick up their player options. Mario will get his 4 million dollar team option picked up. And finally, what do we do with the taxpayer 3.2 mini mid-level exception? My guess? Take a HUGE gamble on Greg Oden, if he gets injured again, meh. And of course, I'm assuming we amnesty Mike.

If we amnesty Mike, and Oden isn't in the radar. I would use the 3.2 million on Kyle Korver. Another 3 point specialist to replace Miller with. Now if we somehow don't pick up Rio's option, my personal favorite would be Chauncey Billups. He would be a perfect to this team.

*perfect fit

Miller is NOT getting amnestied. Book it! He still is a valuable piece, is not just a shooter, he can rebound, dribble-drive and pass, hustles, and oh yeah, is a consistent lights out 3 point shooter. by the way, he is one of LeBron James favorite players. The Warden gets amnestied if anyone. I think Birdman gets the mini-mid and Oden gets the veteran's minimum. Everyone has taken less to come here and we're not going to ask a guy who in 5 years, has played 1 seasons worth, EXACTLY, of games in his career? Really? If he wants a ring, prove he is healthy and improve his value to us and others, he takes the minimum and proves himself. Varnado must create some scoring ability to stick long term on this team.

Let it fly stays. Like Chalmers, big lights turn him on!

We keep the Warden before we take a flyer on Oden. I like Oden, but as D-rod stated, everybody's taken less to be with the Heat, and Oden has got to believe his injury-prone past is highlighted on everybody's chart. Prove it, then get paid.

Luv Billups, but not willing to give up on Chalmers and Cole's youth, they still have a lot of ball left in them. Chauncey is on his last contract probably, and if Cole or Chalmers were to go down for any extended time, I'ld be speed calling Billups.

Party ain't over!! We still got plenty of people to piss off wearing our Heat Championship gear!! Now get out there, and let everyone know, who's your daddy, Battier!!

Joe, thanks for giving us this forum. Hope you are enjoying this ride, I'm sure you are, and I'm sure I'm jealous of your inside track to all things Heat. Be safe on those slopes, dude.

Posted by: D-Rod | Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 10:15 AM


Ditto. Riley basically said the same (about Miller's value) today. Apparently, only an LT "mandate" from above would force Riley to consider the possibility.

what abut the Birdman? staying or going? He needs to stay with Miami Heat!!!!1

The HEAT needs the BIRDMAN he was a great asset to the team. Whatever Pa Riley does and wherever he gets the money from please keep the Birdman. Miami will love to keep him in any fashion. Let's make it happen even if we have to chip in and help pay his salary. Go Birdman our prays are with you. God will continue to bless you richly. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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