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Mario Chalmers saved something of LeBron's on Sunday; We found some pictures of it on the Internet









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Joe, What the heck is this blog post??? WTF

Weird for sure. Something about that bacon.

Unusual 33-5 run. We saw the kaleidoscope of Lebron's game both beautiful & eye wrenching almost at the same time. Also noteworthy... both Wade & Bosh were not needed during the decisive, game-winning run. Something about that NBA...and how the desperate team usually wins.

Game 3 is again...must see. Go Heat!

mmmm bacon.

Wonder if the media will pick up on this:

Game 1 - I believe, had a NBA Championship game low of 14 fouls called between the two teams. That should let everyone know who was trying to muck up the Heat v Bulls and Heat v Pacers series, and it wasn't the team from Miami. They know how to play without fouling, and most of the extra activity was 'retribution' contact. Bury this story on the back page beside the feds snooping on everybody.

The Dolphins still stink but I do have goo news. HEAT WIN! HEAT WIN!

Joe, What the heck is this blog post??? WTF

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LOL. This post is bacon.


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