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LeBron vows to be better

Danny Green's honesty has motivated LeBron James.

After Game 3, Green said that LeBron James played poorly but not just because of something the Spurs' defense was doing.

“We know what kind of player LeBron is and we know he’s not at the top of his game right now,” said Green, the Spurs’ sharpshooting guard. “It’s not just us stopping LeBron. He’s stopping himself. You guys have seen him at his best all year ... and he’s not doing that right now.”

Those comments were relayed to James on Wednesday during the Heat's media session and James responded with a tone of vengeful confidence.

"I'll be better," James said with a menacing smile. "I'm be much better tomorrow night."

James had 15 points in Game 3, going 7 of 21 from the field and 1 of 5 from three-point range. He didn't attempt a free throw. On Wednesday, he described his performance in frank terms: "I played like [expletive]."


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So it takes a guy dropped from NBA roster three times to motivate the MVP?

Quite frankly, the Heat have only played well in a handful of games this postseason. For the most part, they have lacked urgency and in some cases interest. There have been games during this posteason run that I actually questioned whether they even cared about winning.

If they lose tomorrow night, it's over. The Spurs will not lose 3 straight. We need to hope for at least one of the next two in SA (preferably tomorrow) and hope that the home crowd will lift them to 2 victories at home.

While we need Lebron to wake the heck up, Bosh needs to give us something. Regardless, he needs to go in the offseason. he realy brings nothing to this team. Maybe we call Portland and offer him straight up for Lamarcus Aldridge? LoL. I can dream right.

Like that dream Poo Poo.

How bout Bosh to Cavs for Verajeo...and Wade to Bulls for Noah ?


You are a moron if you think Bosh brings nothing to the table. Bosh and James play better together when Wade is not on the floor because they don't overlap in terms of skill sets. Wade on the other hand tries to do rtoo much and occupies the same space that James would. Bosh, when given the opportunity shoots at a very high percentage, but Spoelstra won't give him many set plays so it looks to the casual fan like he isn't doing enough. There should be times when Spoelstra give Bosh the ball and lets him do his thing. Bosh is being turned into an outside shooter by Spoesltra when he should be going inside a little more and hitting more mid-range shots which he does very well. Don't blame the knife if the chef has no knife skills.

OBVIOUSLY...neither Wade or Bosh are max money players. (Bosh never was) Win or lose...this needs o happen in the off-season...Wade goes home to Bulls for Noah & Bosh goes to Cavs for Verajeo and maybe throw in Haslem's replacement in the local kid Alonzo Gee. Get something now...small ball is only relevant for short bursts not 24/7. Also...sign Oden just for Roy Hibbard's sake.

People blaming Lebron are nuts ! He's getting triple-teamed ! It started as the Big 3...then quickly turned into 2 1/ folks it's just Lebron.

Yeah...the Spurs could put Curley Neal out there and Wade would lose track of him too. Bosh simply is beyond pathetic.

I just left FL two days ago and had a discussion with some heat fan at Chilli's in wellington....just as I stated to these two gentlemen..that Lebrick lacks LEADERSHIP...he could be the greatest BB player in the world but Jordan and Kobe..has..that's sense of urgency and yell at their teammates if they are slacking...and keep moving forward....HEAT are thru..Lebrick is going to LA...King Cobra retires next year...2014....

I have no idea why the Heat are not taking it to the Spurs. Lebron is phyiscally MORE STRONGER than any player on that court. The Heat as a team are physically more stronger. Lebron should be making Duncan pay when he challenges him at the rim, go at him hard and put some body in to him when driving to the hole and bruise that 37yr old body. The Heat are not using their physical strengths. They need to show more athleticism and be more physical like Oklahoma did San Antonio last year. SA was cleary better than OKC, but OKC was just too athletic and physical for the SPURS. Take a page out Erik Spoelstra from that series.

Lebron is paper mahce

Screw all this get my teamates going crap. LeBron James needs to get going. How bout Wade and CB focusing on that instead of the other way around. He is the only Heat player that gets everyone going when he is going. Unless he is in that making 3s while fading in the 3rd row zone. Even then, it doesn't matter because it's over for the other team. Post him up. Give him multiple screens to come off of on a iso. Put the ball in his hand and get the bell out of the way. Anything to get him going. I' m a go crazy if I see him setting another screen. Foul.....Foul....Foul!

Everyone is blaming the players, while Spoelstra is getting a free ride. Any coach in the league would love to have the talent Spoelstra has on the court and he should have won 3 rings with it. Spoelstra has absolutely no charisma or communication skills like Pop does. It is time for reporters to put the pressure on Spoelstra to be a mailman and deliver. When the title is on the line, Spoelstra failed in Dallas and now he is embarrassing The Heat in San Antonio.

Wade is nothing near his old self.

When LBJ ball screens for say, RIO, the Spurs switch and then you have a small guard on LBJ, which seems smart to me.

I don't believe Wade, Bosh, or LBJ took maximum salaries to play with the Heat, they all made concessions.

If you don't think the Heat care about winning, you obviously don't watch the games. We were so spoiled by their dominance in the second half of the season, that the casual fan thinks they can dominate at will. Pacers and Spurs ain't no joke. They want to win just as much as the Heat and have been focusing on that conditioning/watching film/in the gym since the Heat won the 'ship last year vs OKC. So to think that Pop and the Spurs are going to roll over is ridiculous.

Starting here, I'm questioning some of the fandom on this blog. Varajo??? Really??? Some of you guys must have some extra estrogen running in your bodies this week, as emotional as you got over a game. We go down 3-1, then let's start biting our nails, until then, if we win tonight and it's 2-2, I like our chances of winning the trophy for the second straight year.

Those of you who believe the biased Heat-hating media, who will laugh and ridicule the Heat every year they don't win everything, are buying into a false narrative. They have played for the championship every year this team has been together - THAT IS SUCCESSFUL!!!

Really Varejo?? Noah?? You think Bosh's offense disappears at times and you want these two point challenged bigs???

I'm out. I'll watch the game tonight and regardless of the outcome, I will rout for these guys because of how they approach the game, their unselfishness (starting with LBJ) and want to see them all back next year. If they finish second best to the Spurs this year, the Heat will still be my pick to win it all next year.

Sure glad Riles is GM and not some of us.

Eyeball, finally a good post. Guys, we have been to 3 str finals. THREE> 4 in 7 years . some teams, more than half have never gone to the finals. NEVER. let alone won a title

#2...Wade is hurt, we know it. N bosh was stuggling coming into the finals. So they said, Let someone else, anyone else, besides LeBron beat us. We figure it out today

I wsh Riles was the Dolphin GM.

lots of fly by night fans. already abandoning the ship. pathetic. Popovich has a good game plan and miami has not answered or made proper adjustments. they need to hit those jump shots period. if the spurs are daring them, then hit. a professional basketball player should not have any problems with 12 to 15 foot jumpers. none. dont be afraid and dont lose momentum. the heat have the best talent. the best bench. the best shooters. we need miller, allen, cole, chalmers all to hit there shots. no heros. if you are open, let it fly. that is what those scrubs for san antonio did and they got in a rhythm. go heat.

Let's go... Game 4.... Come to play.... 48 minutes.... Stay aggressive.... Defense first.... We want calls tooo...

All things Heat..... 007......

I 6e1iev3!!!

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