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LeBron gives a shout out to Akron in first tweet since April 20

LeBron broke his social-media blackout on Friday. For the record, he went roughly 73 days without Tweeting. Never mind the two championships, the willpower alone to do that is heroic. Here's LeBron's first tweet since April 20.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 11.47.35 PM


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And -- sorry-not-sorry ESPN, Yahoo, CBS et al -- Bron #LUVSDOINGITINSOUTHBEACH.

Meanwhile, celebrate, chill out, rest up but STAY HUNGRY. Never too early to start thinking about the VERY doable possibility of THREEPEATs featuring the same (more or less) 15 STRONG -- especially & including Allen, Miller and, yeah, Birdman.

Miller will be amnestied. He's gone.

Real simple...gotta get bigger. Been saying it like just about everybody else. Dunno how...but they need to add those types of parts.

Unbelievable game & Finals for the ages. Huge hats off to Spurs. THANK YOU HEAT !!!

Hope Birdman stays...

Birdman only stays at the vet minimum of 1 million. If he wants more, bye.

yes we did it again!!! congratz to all HEAT NATION!!!

time for D.WADE to take rest and be healthy next season!!!

think we go find big man to upgrade the CENTER position to load up and go for 3PEAT... hell yah...

what i'm thinking is GREG ODEN... is he ready to play next season i'm just heard that he is in shape and working out he's body and looking a comeback to play...

or what would RILEY will gonna do next??? will joel anhony, be buy-out candidate??? jones & juwan howard maybe gone, will mike miller retire?

next season:

chalmers / cole
wade / allen / ?
james / battier / ?
haslem / lewis / varnado
bosh / andersen / *oden / >justin hamilton

just thinki'n what would happen next season....


Posted by: bky | Saturday, June 22, 2013 at 12:43 AM: Miller will be amnestied. He's gone.


That's the assumption. But UD ($4.34m) is the same age on the last yr of his current deal; Anthony ($3.8m) has 1 more yr but isn't necessarily a lock if the Heat can get a better/bigger/cheaper body this offseason.

I'd be curious to know where Haslem is wrt to his head/body/motivation. He's taken years of pounding as an undersized 4. He'll retire as a Heat. But when?

Yep...UD won't leave - heck he took less to stay for his most recent contract.

Just maybe it's a dream ... but all we may need is Oden...if healthy.

Billups wants to come here I'm sure...he'd be a nice back-up if healthy & would likely come cheap.

Dalembert may be available...on the cheap.

I think Pat Riley will tweak it...just like last year with Ray. Wonder if Rashard is still in the plans. His size always creates a favorably mismatch...if he can sustain any type of defensive effort. Whatever'll be creative I would hope.

"Wonder if Rashard is still in the plans."


Good point. Lewis didn't get much floortime this season but it's possible Riley might've acquired Rashard with *next* season in mind.

Miller proved his utility was indispensable to Miami's championship run. Miller delivered effective, impactful defense (I've giffed his blocks on Duncan) at 3 positions, which made him much MORE indispensable (and irreplaceable) than Haslem.

Lewis, I thought, was pretty effective on both ends despite limited mins. He's longer than Haslem and Anthony, can play inside or out on offense, logged 91 x games of double-digit (10+) boards over his career, was a decent banger before coaches/teams began slotting him as a jumpshooter, can play off the ball, has vet savvy to defend bigger bigs.

UD will always be a Heat and favorite warrior. But age is exponentially unkind to the effectiveness of undersized overachievers like Haslem. This postseason magnified the problem. I hope he seriously considers retirement. Anthony, meanwhile, is even more problematic on the cap-strapped Heat. Already limited by his offensive game, Miami ruefully discovered just how little JA's shot-blocking mattered against Indy and San Antonio.

That's why, hoping against hope, Miami might have an "out" to keep Miller if Haslem retired while Anthony is amnestied. Lewis could step in for Anthony/Haslem, provide more length, much more O and almost-as-effective D.

BLACK!!!! where are you at?!?!?! all year long you've been saying ray allen misses on purpose for us!!!!

I told u he would hit a big shot!!!

NBA Champs! Riley gonna ride out 1 more year with what he has. He'll add another big body if he can. I hope the Birdman comes back. How about the problems Boston are having. Rondo added to c means RunDoc. This guy is a walking time bomb that no1 wants 2 be around.

No 1 but Dr. Frankenstein...........K G

Greg Oden is such a big risk.He just seems so injury prone/frail......healthwise.His body of work historically does not give anyone much confidence that he can be a player a team can count on.If he wasn t injured for so many YEARS.....I d feel better about him.Hope Birdman stays...that s a toss-up at best.Still don t really know if Spo is taking Varnado seriously as a player.No offense but even defensively he s just been average.He hasn t shown alot to date.Miller seems gone/one way or the other.Lewis not sure about and I d agree Anthony will be gone if a bigger/better cheaper body is out there to replace him.HOPE a BIG finds his way to Miami who is hungry and helpful.ENJOY THE PARADE.

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