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Heat needs more out of its bench in Game 7

Remember when the Heat was unstoppable because of its bench? 

This straight from the Heat's Game 7 media notes: 

BENCH PRODUCTION: Miami’s bench totaled 175 points during the Eastern Conference Semifinals against Chicago, the most for a single-series in HEAT postseason history, including a 55-point game by the reserves on 5/8, the highest total off the bench in HEAT postseason history. The HEAT bench previously scored 149 points in the four-game series against Milwaukee, which is now the second-most for a single-series in HEAT postseason history. Additionally, Ray Allen averaged 16.5 points off the HEAT bench during the first round series against Milwaukee, the highest average by a reserve in a single series, surpassing the previous record of 13.8 points held by Bimbo Coles during the 1994 First Round series against Atlanta. Below are the most points scored by the HEAT bench during a single-game and during a single-series in postseason team history. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 1.34.38 PM

Ah, those were the days...

Against the Pacers, the Heat's bench has gone cold. Miami's reserves are averaging 21 points per game, and while that's far greater than the output of the Pacers' bench (11.0 ppg), it hasn't been enough to offset the poor shooting of starters Chris Bosh (11.3 ppg) and Dwyane Wade (14.5 ppg). The Pacers' starters are outscoring the Heat's starters 498-440 entering Game 7.

In Game 6, the Heat's starters managed just 54 points.

But the most telling numbers of Heat's struggles might not be the averages of Bosh and Wade. Ray Allen is averaging 6.6 points per game entering Game 7 of the Eastern Conference and shooting 13 of 46 (28.3 percent) from the field. Shane Battier, who was benched for most of Games 5 and 6, is averaging 2.3 ppg in the series (2-of-14 shooting).

So, guess who leads the Heat's bench in scoring in the Eastern Conference finals? Answer: Birdman, who is averaging 7.2 points per game while not even scoring in Game 4.


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Average,shmaverage. If I were being paid $17.8m for ANYthing, you better be sure that I had would be expected to produce. Someone get Wade some Cymbalta or Viagra--whatever will help the dude get it up! If he had a spat with LeBron, the need to fist-bump and make-up. I'm not even a Heat fan and I find D-Wade's performance embarrassing.

—Erik Spoelstra on Game 7: "This is why this team was put together —moments like this."

—Spoelstra said after Game 6 and on Sunday that he went back to the drawing boards to find ways to get Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade more involved. Did he make any adjustments?

"We'll see," Spoelstra said. "What I like more than my game plan is their character and track record."


No This Team Was Built For A Dynasty. To Win Titles By Blowing The Other Team Out. Game 7? GTFOH!! This Team Was Built To Sweep Other Teams.

And How Dumb Is Spo?

Even He Admits His Gameplan Is Garbage.

Looks Like A Long Night Today.

If The Heat Lose! Spo Has To Go!

The Heat Have The Most Talented Team In The NBA! The Best Player!!

Indiana Just Has A Better Coach!!

Why don't they try to drive the lane early and pressure the pacers front line? Get some guys in foul trouble. Don't look for the dish when in the lane D Wade. Get some contact. Obviously we can't win with our free throw skills, but putting those guys in foul trouble may send them to the bench and disrupt their flow a bit.

Good luck tonight Heat

I have faith in this team. They will get it done tonight. The Heat.....2012-13 Champions! Kill all the noise.

what y'all got to say now...

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