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Heat faces most difficult test since losing to Mavericks

Here's all the pregame chatter you need for Game 6:

"We're going to see if we're a better team than we were our first year together," LeBron James said on Sunday during his post-game news conference.

In 2011, the Heat collapsed in Game 5 before losing The Finals in six games. And here we are again. There was no collapse in Game 5 this time. The Spurs simply shot the lights out, making 60 percent of its shots from the field. The Heat had three scorers over 20 points and forced 19 but still lost by 10 points.

James, Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen combined to score 87 points. The Spurs answered with 107 points from its starters. The Heat's bench outscored the Spurs' reserves 31-7.

"I have to come up big, for sure in Game 6," James said. "But I believe we all have to play at a high level in order to keep the series going. So me being one of the leaders of this team, I do put a lot of pressure on myself to force a Game 7, and I look forward to the challenge."


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The Heat are just like The Dolphins were with Dan Marino...they are a one man team, we all know how many Superbowls Miami won back then.

It pains me to say this but the Heat do not deserve to win, again for the 2nd series in a row they are not the BEST TEAM. They need to lose to be humbled, they're not hungry enough.


Richard Cranium: Watch them play, listen to their interviews, imagine the preparation that goes into each game, and then tell be they aren't humbled and hungry.

Get our rotations on the perimeter down, and maybe let the Birdman loose a little in Game 6. We'll be OK. Those drives to the rim with no calls by LBJ and Wade will be fouls in Miami.

Like to see more on both ends of the court from RIO and Cole. Batt found his stroke a little yesterday. Where was Miller? JJ came into the game and quickly made a 3pt.

They'll win game 6 but lose game 7.

Well...Pop sure gave them some small ball & out-Miami-ed the Heat. Talk about tight D, crisp ball movement, hitting shots...playing as a team.

WHERE THE HECK IS BIRDMAN ? Spo certainly screwed that up big-time. Does he actually think UD can guard Duncan ? THAT is delusional.

Nobody can guard Parker, Duncan, Green...and now Manu. Not looking too good for the home team. Heat offense looks so damn random anymore...dudes just taking turns going on their own.

Should go 7 ... unless Heat give up.

Another thing...this small ball probably has a shelf life of another game. Next season...look for Bosh, UD, and Battier to face guys in the East like Hibbard, Bynum, Lopez, Vucevic, Drummond, Noah, Chandler, maybe Dwight if he goes to ATL. Who's gonna win those battles in the paint ? Small ball = DEAD.

Birdman's DNP's mean he's outta here too. Spo's made quite mess here. Looks like Batter is back in the rotation since Miller is useless as a starter. Why Spo keeps thinking Bosh & UD can even come close to checking Duncan blows my mind. Timmy scores anytime he does Parker. Where is the HEAT D ? SHOCKING !

Well...certainly Parker's hammy was a farce but we can always hope Green starts missing his 3-balls.

RP, prior to yesterday's game Duncan's shooting percentage was the lowest of ANY SERIES in his illustrious career. Somebody's been playing some damn defense. Hope you've got something else to prop up that theory than small ball is dead.

Miller's shot has been golden in the last two finals, I was wanting to see more of him. Battier was out of the rotation for a few games (doesn't mean we trade him, it means we have depth), but found some time last night. Our record since signing Birdman is still INCREDIBLE. I'm not going to knee jerk and say he doesn't fit our team's style of play, or he hasn't been a huge asset, he certainly was last series, right?

And I know the Heat organization has more resolve than some of you bloggers, thank GOD for that!

Birdman should be playing. I'm stratching my head on that decision. It must be some internal problems there or something. Haslem has been putting some great D on Duncan so I understand why he's in there. 10 or 15 minutes of energy from the Bird hasn't hurt all season. I didn't like that early timeout by Spo with the Heat down 4. They had great offensive rhythm at the time. Sure they wasn't stopping nothing bit early on, but just weather the storm. They came from out of the TO flat on offense and they still wasn't stopping nothing. They got into a double digit deficit and was fighting uphill all night. They did what they had to. Took 1 game on the road. Now, do what you got to do at home.

Patience is a virtue and that is what going to see us through all this adversity. It was not going to be easy but faith will guide us through...The HEAT will prevail...

eyeballtwo you are delusional. They can talk and practice all they want but when they can't defend, hit a basket, or get motivated until 4th quarter when they're down then it seems to me they think the game should be handed to them. The Spurs are beating Miami at their own game.

They are both playing the same game - basketball. There are two deep veteran teams with two of the best basketball minds in the game, making chess-like moves. Spo's moves helped us win game 4, Manu's shots falling helped them win game 5. If Ginobli's shots don't fall and the Heat win game 5 is Pop a wack coach? I'll help you out, NO.

The Heat made at least two very nice comebacks during last night's game, and neither was in the fourth quarter. Question there desire all you want -- I see it as you being spoiled by all the success they had since all-star break, and you think they can just 'turn on that switch' and win every game. That's really doing a disservice to them and the work it takes to overcome deficits to some very good teams (Indy & Spurs).

Maybe it is time for the Heat to lose a series, this bandwagon has to many fair-weathered fans on it anyhow. Heard the Knicks are looking for fans, check them out.

You're bandwagon if you praise. Now you bandwagon when you criticize. This team is not beyond critism. I' m gonna give my bandwagon opponion and say coach might wanna take a page from Pop's playbook. Start Ray Allen. The guy is pissed his record was broke. He is shooting 11-17 from 3 in these Finals. I bet he goes 16 for 20 in two straight wins. I know his man won't leave him but that hasn't stop him from shooting 65% in the Finals. Beside, he opens up the lane for D Wade and LeBron. This team seems to respond to criticism. It might be smart to pile it on.

Open your Eyeballs dude. Explain your theories about the HEAT playoff record this year - PERIOD. They've struggled...what aren't you seeing with your two Eyeballs ? Small ball is flawed...that's OBVIOUS ! Does it work sometimes - YES...always - NO.

Yeah...come back with your tired reponses about things that have no current merit - WEAK. They're down 3-2 for a reason...apparently reasons you cannot grasp. Can they come back & win - sure they can...but right now - they're getting their own small-ball shoved up their azzes !

RP, I'm still waiting to hear how you make these two ends meet:

1-Bosh and UD can't come close to checking Duncan, and

2-For the first four games of this series, Duncan's shooting percentage for a series was the lowest of any series he has played in his career.

Are you just hatin' on the HEAT, buying the media's slanted metric for Miami's success? Did you see UD guard Dirk two years ago?

Small-ball is a term like 'big three' that I'ld like to shove in someone's dark cave. Many teams have trouble keeping up with the Heat because of the matchup problems we present. Our defense can guard and overcome larger opponents - as been proven in this year's playoffs - and we can play big or small, because we play position-less basketball. SPO tried to get you guys on board with that term since last summer, but you would rather listen to Jalen Rose and the talking heads on ESPN/ABC/TNT than to the coach with the most recent ring.

Sometimes players make shots, sometimes players get hot, sometimes you get it - sometimes you get got. The Monday morning analysis is what is really getting old.

Speak up now - tell us who should start and in what order the Heat should rotate their players. Who should get the most shots off, and who should guard who tomorrow. Let us know how damn smart you are, instead of second guessing after the fact.

Geez, low information voters striking again.

Scoreboard...we're down 2-3 Cyclops ! What game are you watching ? Stats are like your toilet paper about Duncan. He scores anytime he wants on the box is what I'm seeing. UD & Bosh are puppets on a must be blind...look at the scoreboard ! UD is 6-7 and Bosh plays like he's 6-5...yeah that's a HUGE mismatch as is Parker, Green, and now Manu.

Your generalizations & name-dropping are once again - WEAK. You know... there are many Heat fans who do have basketball knowledge and therefore have differing opinions. You may need to try to open your mind for once. Or...aimlessly follow the drivel you seem to believe on this blog.

BTW...I mute the before/halftime chatter unlike apparently you...because I know what I see.

The most important question I think is, where is BLACK?

OK Cyclops.

Let's try more screens off the ball involving getting LBJ & Wade open to their spots to score...not just to get the ball to hold it.

Try a high/low with either Bosh or Birdman picking down on LeBron's man getting the ball to LBJ in the middle at the foul lane...then perhaps dumping it off low putting pressure on the 37 year old Duncan or whoever is playing the middle.

Setting up Lebron more down on the block. Make the move...then if doubled you know Allen, Miller, Chalmers or Battier will be open.

Tell EVERYBODY to take it to the rim whenever possible...then crash the boards on BOTH ends.

Nobody paces themselves on either end. Go full blast and have Spo throw his damn play minute chart in the toilet. Feel the game and use your bench.

Want more ideas Cyclops...?

RP has officially lost it.

Lost what you never had...

Groundbreaking news:

-Crash the boards at both ends

-take it to the rim

-if doubled, move the ball to your shooters

really? Let's get this info to SPO, asap! Hope Pop doesn't know these secrets.

Most of those screening scenarios are going to be difficult if the Spurs are switching on defense or playing a zone.

To the point that you haven't addressed yet:

1-"Bosh and UD can't come close to checking Duncan", and

2-For the first four games of this series, Duncan's shooting percentage for a series was the lowest of any series he has played in his career.

That's not me listening to any pregame or half time hype, that is factual info, and your comment looks very inaccurate when placed next to the truth.

Tony Parker can't check RIO, so????

Leonard can't check LBJ.

Green can't check Ray.

The series is like a chess match, and we still have our King/Queen/Rooks/and Bishops in play. So we've lost a couple of ponds, we are playing against a competent opponent.

I'm a Heat fan today, tomorrow, and beyond. This team has delivered every year they've been together - 3 straight championship series'. Doubters, haters, and basketball 'intellectuals' will fade away in the glow of the Heat's accomplishments.

check yourself lbj. you not going to the rim enough, this little cats can not stop you . only thing they could do is grab you, brah wake up son. 22 pts come on men you could have 50 . all you had to do is go the fricking rim brah. let's go heat

.....and POP is so stupid, he couldn't figure out how to stop one man from putting his head down and driving to the basket????

" all you had to do is go the fricking rim brah." - well, why couldn't Kome just do that? Why couldn't anybody on the Warriors or Griz just do that?

That whole argument is started by media individuals who want LBJ to fail, so they put that expectation out there that - it's easy Lebron, just go to the rim. What were LBJ and Wade last game on shot attempts at the rim? 8 for 24? Not exactly stellar percentages.


No, that won't work (for the media and the sheeple). It has proven to be effective for the Heat though, and it won't fail us tonight. Heat can win WITHOUT big numbers (of course, the only one that counts is points scored, not assist, rebounds, steals, blocks, etc...) from Lebron, proved it already in this series, but DAMN the facts, we've got our own agenda.

BKY, be loud all night in the arena, support our team!

Wow...two morons ! Answer this idiot...2-3 ?

2-3 is not a question.

We worked all year to get home court advantage. Time to put the home crowd to use. BKY - your turn to shine.

I'm a moron, but POP can't figure out how to stop LBJ, or any attacker, from getting to the rim. How did he ever win 4 rings?

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