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'Get those mother[bleeping] ropes out of here'

Seven words that will be immortalized forever if the Heat wins tonight: "Get those mother[bleeping] ropes out of here!"

Moments after Ray Allen hit his game-tying three-pointer in Game 6, that's what he screamed at nobody and everybody about the yellow ropes arena personnel had moved into position around the periphery of the court in preparation for the post-game trophy ceremony.


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Miami fans are terrible. The heat played hard all year get home court advantage in the finals. The Miami fans spend a lot of money to go to the finals, but once their there show little support. THAT'S STUPID! I watch tuesday night in detroit, mi. I saw and heard very little six man support from the fans for a win or last game scenerio. I'm from Indiana ball state, Bird fan. Boston fans knew how six man roar for their team in the 80's.


That reflects the attitude of the team in the last few moments being present in the moment and just not giving up

I was one of the fans that left early and it had nothing to do with wanting to beat traffic. The fact is that I care so much about my teams that I didn't want to deal with watching the spurs celebrate on my home court. If I'm guilty of anything it's that I can't keep my emotions in check. At home all you have to do it turn off the TV, but being at the arena and seeing that other team hoist the trophy is another thing.

Yeah sure as if that never happens in any other stadium ...stop hating Miami..always when other teams can not measure up to a team like Miami , their fans start looking for all kinds of things to pull Miami down to their level. Just accept thet fact that there is a superior team and deal with it an learn from not hate and do not envy!.... Period

Is not about you watching the other team celebrate. It is about you been there for your team and say thank you for a great season. You are not a fan... you just like the heat...

My god!!! This is such a STUPID discussion!!!! Who cares! Game 7 tonight!!!!!

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