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1. Get Wade going early...but more importantly late

The Spurs helped Dwyane Wade find his rhythm early in Game 4 by starting Tiago Splitter on the Heat's shooting guard. Later in the second half, the Spurs threw Boris Diaw Wade's way. Gregg Popovich is stubborn, but certainly he's not foolish enough to try that again. The Spurs will make their adjustment in Game 5 and it will be up to Wade to adapt. The Heat has won 42 of 46 games this season when Wade scores over 20 points, as first noted by Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal.

Wade had 18 points in the second half of Game 5 after scoring just eight points the third and fourth quarters of Games 1, 2 and 3 combined. In the Spurs' final home game of the series, the Heat will need another strong effort from Wade in the second half to take a 3-2 lead in the series.

2. Force turnovers

This is a pretty simple. The more turnovers the Heat forces, the better chance it has to win the game. Miami forced 19 turnovers for 23 points in Game 4. As Popovich explained in his conference call on Saturday, turnovers for the Heat are a four-point swing (at minimum) each possession.

3. Chris Bosh

He'll be playing center almost exclusively for the remainder of the series. If he outplays Duncan again, the Spurs have almost no chance of winning with Tony Parker limited by a strained hamstring and Manu missing in action the entire series.

4. Three-point shooting

Mike Miller went 0 of 1 from three-point range in Game 4 after shooting 5 of 5 in Game 3. He's 9 of 11 from the field in The Finals, so it might be a good idea to find him some shots.


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