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Chris Bosh says Danny Green 'won't be open tonight'

Spurs guard Danny Green, who averaged less than 11 points per game during the regular season, has emerged as a favorite to win the NBA Finals MVP if the Spurs take the series. He has scorched the Heat, averaging five three-pointers in The Finals and 18.0 points per game. Today at shootaround for Game 6, Heat center Chris Bosh indicated Green's run of dominance has come to an end.

When asked about Green's ability to find holes in the Heat's offense, Bosh said Green "won't be open tonight."

Bosh's confident declaration comes two days after Spurs guard Tony Parker joked during his Game 5 post-game news conference that he couldn't believe the Heat has left Green open throughout the series. Green had six three-pointers in the Spurs victory on Sunday in San Antonio.

Defending Green will fall to the Heat's perimeter defenders, who had their hands full with Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili in Game 5. The aggressive attacking energy of Parker and Ginobili created room for Green from the outside and, with his hot hand in the series, it's not like he needed much room to begin with. Of course, everything went right for the Spurs in Game 5. They shot 60 percent from the field and defeated the Heat by 10 points despite committing 19 turnovers.


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I honestly think we should try putting the Birdman on him.

What's killing the Heat can be summed up in two words: Mario Chalmers. His poor shooting is one thing; his bonehead play several times per game is another. But the main reason Chalmers is a black hole, sucking down the talent and any good play around him, is that he is a PG who had ZERO assists until he finally got ONE during Q4 garbage time on Sunday while playing with Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, How does that even happen?! This while hitting only 2 of 10 shots and 50% from the free throw line, plus gathering 5 fouls.

The blame carries up the chain, though; Spo, for stubbornly starting Chalmers and playing him 30 minutes after it was obvious that he wasn't going to come out of his slump. Riley for eschewing signing a veteran/third PG before the deadline, choosing instead to sign a sentimental favorite for the end of the bench who won't see more than 6 minutes total in these finals.

Bosh should worry about Duncan and impacting his game. OH no...I'm sure Cyclops will attack any and all comments on this board other than his own waste material.

Hope Birdman gets some PT...come'on HEAT !



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