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Udonis Haslem backs up words with points

Everyone loves a good pregame locker room speech. Udonis Haslem delivered an emotional one before Sunday's game and then backed up his words with one his best games offensively since injuring his foot back in 2011.

“Obviously, we've got so many guys who have won and have been successful throughout their careers at this level, so on different nights different guys speak up,” Haslem told ESPN after the game. “This time, it was me. Just coming into this game, I wanted to make sure that we came in here with a certain attitude. Something had to change.” 

Haslem's 17 points (the most since the injury) was a definite change. Before Game 3, he had three points in the entire series. His baseline jumper was wide open throughout the out game and he connected on eight field goals, which was a career postseason high for field goals made in a game. Afterwards, Pacers center Roy Hibbert acknowledged that he basically had no choice but leave Haslem wide open.

"Just him hitting those shots really made us have to think on defense. Who do we guard?" Hibbert said. "Do we guard the paint or do we have to go out to the shooters on in the corner?"


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Good game UD... Way to bring it...

Spo did a great coaching job

Completely agree, Rick, but sometimes the shots just fall. Haslem made his first attempt of the game and was on a role from there.

Great job, Captain Haslem. You shifted the team into the next gear. You were, are and always I'll be the heart of this team!

When someone other than the big 3 steps up and has a big game the team plays better! Shane Battier also had a good game we need his 3 pointers to start falling though GO HEAT!!!

Go heat

UD IS BACK!!! No but seriously; it was his contribution that pulled Hibbert out of the paint and spaced out the Pacers. He allowed for Lebron's post game and was a huge reason for this win. Awesome job UD!

If only we could get something out of battier who is still missing wide open shots and some consistency from ray Allen. Then the heat would be a total offensive threat.

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