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Those crazy shoes LeBron wore in the first half of Game 1


LeBron accepted his MVP Trophy wearing these special-edition MVP sneakers. Cool kicks. James changed his shoes at halftime after scoring just two points in the first 24 minutes of the game. It was the lowest first-half scoring total in a postseason game of James' career (120 games).



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I am still in shock that we lost last night. When everyone is throwing up bricks like last night, Lebron needs to just take over like he did in Game 6 against Boston. Enough of this crap of letting teams stick around. Knock them out early. Lebron and Wade need to absolutley attack the basket and force the refs whistles. Get Noah and Butler in foul trouble and then you're in business. Also, Cole needs to be in the game late defending Nate. I like the trap, but it seems that they went away frome it.

Not shocked at all.

Bulls are a tough team.. So I knew we wouldnt sweep them in the series. But what a come back statement made by the Heat! 37 point win against a depleted bulls team.. I gurantee we will see a derrick rose sighting next game.. and a luol deng sighting as well.. but the problem comes is what do they do with Nate Robinson? He is the only reason the Bulls are still sticking around honestly. Rose of course is an all-star, and kirk is a good defender, whichi guard will be the odd man out if Rose does return???

Well, really good bounce back win... The kind of game we needed... The level of play has gotten higher from round 1.. We must turn up our level of play from here on... We move forward...

Game 3... Let's go... tbc.. 007...

Great bounce back win... We move forward..

Game 3...

Oh wee! Now there's a smack down that Dwayne Johnson could be proud of.

Steve Kerr not doing a good job hiding his bias in this series.

Love to see DWade hitting the offensive boards and/or attacking from the baseline. He's pretty damn effective when he's got that energy working for him.

Birdman Birdman - stay in the game, big fella. Play with your edge, but don't cross that line.

Deng coming back is more of a concern to me than DRose suiting up.

Need to get at least one in Chi-town, let's make it the first one.

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