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Roy Hibbert calls out Shane Battier

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Here's something to keep an eye on tonight. Roy Hibbert posted this on his Twitter account on Thursday, basically calling Shane Battier a dirty player.
Shane Battier's Flying (Knee) Circus put Hibbert on the ground during the first half. There were other instances of Battier's questionable play. He elbowed Tyler Hansbrough in the second half while going for a rebound. Hansbrough was called for the foul.
In the first half, Battier grabbed Hansbrough's arm under the basket and the two had to be separated. Chris Andersen received a technical foul for defending Battier.
Is Battier a dirty player or just a savvy veteran?


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Savvy veteran! These Pacers want to act tough. They will get humbled tonight again!

Hibbert is significantly taller than Battier. The knee was there, but its done as a defense mech when leaping headlong into a giant. Btw, Hibbert wacked him on the play before he was hit.

Battier of course knows what he is doing.He s letting the Pacers know the Heat play tough also.The knee thrust was too obvious but it was a tactical message basically.The Heat got banged pretty good and they are aware of the physical battle they re in.Hopefully in Game 2 tonight....the Heat get hot with their 3 point shooting and that will open up ther entire game.Allen and Battier and Haslem and Cole need to step up.If not....put in Mike Miller to try to find a new player to create coring tht the Heat haven t been able to find just yet.

good point pepe billete

Stupid spin on Heat getting lucky with Game 1 win. Pacers were lucky to go OT with George's desperation 3ball, Ray Allen missing a foul shot, and Wade's phantom foul on George's 3ball shot. What is media looking at ? Heat by 12 tonight.

Fire Spo!

I like Battier. We're not scoring enough points.

Spo needs to ditch short rotation and run 24/7 using more players because of Hibbert. How else do you find a way to negate his game ? Find a playing style to adjust to Hibbert's weaknesses. This half court small ball is obviously not working.

Anyone else observe Spo's demeanor - looks full of panic whereas Vogel appears a lot calmer.

Spo talks about evolving with each series...but almost to the minute you know when the same subs are coming in. It may be too late stamina-wise for the back end of the bench to contribute (note the pained Miller face when he shot his 3 before half) but Indiana has no bench in comparison. AGAIN - run Hibbert into the ground...THEN his vertical space defense crap will turn into foul trouble.

Guess we'll see who has any balls.

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