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NBA suspends Birdman for Game 6; Spoelstra forced to adjust

Another Game 6 against Indiana; another Heat big suspended for mistaking Tyler Hansbrough for a sparing partner.

Chris "Birdman" Andersen is suspended for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals on Saturday at Indianapolis' Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Andersen and Hansbrough were both assessed flagrant fouls during Game for their scuffle but, after a review of the incident, the NBA upgraded Andersen's penalty to a flagrant foul-2 and rescinded Hansbrough's flagrant foul-1.

From the NBA's press release: 

"Andersen knocked Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough to the floor, escalated the altercation by shoving Hansbrough, and resisted efforts to bring the altercation to an end. The incident occurred with 9:02 remaining in the second quarter of Miami's 90-79 win over the Pacers at AmericanAirlines Arena."

If you recall, Udonis Haslem was suspended for Game 6 of the Heat's 2012 Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Pacers for clubbing Hansbrough in Game 5. Andersen's suspension was all but a certainty after David Stern told NBC Sports Radio on Friday afternoon that he thought Andersen should have been ejected from Game 5. The NBA made it official later in the day.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra will now have to get creative with his lineup to replace Andersen, who was 15 of 15 from the field through the first five games of the series and provided defensive energy off the bench. Joel Anthony could be an option or Spoelstra could go small, using Shane Battier in Andersen's role and shifting Mike Miller in the Heat's second rotation.


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WE LOVE OUR HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the shove from the Pacers that knocked down Anderson in the first place? Isn't that provoking evidence? Or are some people beyond justice?

Shouldn't that first shove also get a flagrant foul or a penalty? Surely it must be presented.

File a protest.

Heat win game six and Pacers and those that hate Miami bitch and moan. JMO LOL!

Finally Spoelstra is forced to do what he should have done five games ago: play Mike Miller. Duh. The Heat have not been hitting threes, so what does Spoelstra do with the very guy who won the final game last year with threes? He doesn't play him. This is a blessing, then, in disguise.

And by the way, sparring has two r's.

This decision is HORRIBLE by the league. Did Nazi get a game. With the physical play that team plays with the timing of this is Crazy.

We move forward. Win game 6. 007.

That's a fair suspension, Anderson went after the wrong guy anyways.

We'll need to get creative tongiht.

Play Mike Miller, he rebounds well and everyone knows what he brings as far as shooting is concerned.

Mickey Arison, please buy the hapless Dullfins!

Come to play.... Stay aggressive... Defense first.... 48 minutes.... 2nite... 2nite... Advance to the NBA Finals... Watching all things Heat... Title run 2013... 007....

Shocked at how bad Wade and Bosh are playing. Wow

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