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NBA official Joey Crawford called in for Game 3

Veteran NBA referee Joey Crawford will be the lead official for Friday night's Game 3 between the Heat and Bulls.

Known for his no-nonsense style, Crawford arrives in Chicago two days after Game 2 of the series featured nine technical fouls. In his last game, Crawford issued seven technical fouls in Game 6 of the first-round series between the Clippers and Grizzlies. Chris Paul and Zach Randolph were ejected from the game.

Udonis Haslem's reaction to learning Crawford was calling Friday's game was telling.

"Oh, really," Haslem said. "Wow."

Haslem then went on to say, "We're not focused on that. We're going to come out and play our game and be aggressive on both ends of the floor. We're going to do our jobs and, obviously, the officials are going to have to do their job."

Crawford will officiate the game with officials David Guthrie Derrick Stafford.

-The Bulls will be without forward Loul Deng and guards Kirk Hinrich and Derrick Rose for Game 3 against the Heat, Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau announced after Friday's morning's shootaround.



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Oh goodness…

My God, who cares? Whomever is officiating the game should be the absolute last thing we hear about. It's about the players and coaches who are competing. Not some washed up wanna be tough guy official who thinks he's a bad ass.

Good news for both teams. The game should be about basketball not who can get more shots on the other team without getting called for it.

@Whartinez I wholeheartedly agree to that statement...

That Guy makes the worse fn calls! Good going NBA for ruining a good series

OMG! Why this ref? The ref's will call what they see.Let the men play ball. These so-called hard fouls nothing compared to what Jordan endured from the Knicks, or Pistons or earlier playing days. This new NBA is getting soft like NFL.

They act like when you were a little kid and you acted up and then your mom says. ... HERE COMES YOUR FATHER...... who cares!!!!!!!

@KT if you dont think.officials matter you clearly never played sports..refs can kill.momentum with calls and bball is all about else do teams go cold and cant score for 6/7 minute stretches? or a player get " hot" -..momentum!

Wow, Joey crawford? Really? Anyway on another note this is why I will always say Jordan is 10x better than Lebron. Jordan had the Knicks, Pistons, Heat and Pacers to beat up on him and he still got 6 rings. Lebron crys when a skinny ball boy (Hinrich) hugs him. Seriously?

Crawford is a Heat hater, but Heat can't afford to play soft. Balls out tonite.

The reason why you care that Joey Crawford is the referee is because he seriously believes the fans are there to see him, and he holds grudges. Don't you all remember when he challenged Tim Duncan to a fight? I guarantee you all that Mario Chalmers will be in foul trouble tonight. Joey is not a Chalmers fans AT ALL.

So tired of Bron/Jordan bs but fanz/media can't get enuff. The ONLY way to EVER credibly, objectively compare the two would require a time machine. Bron would teleport back to Jordan's era to compete against the SAME players on the SAME teams at the SAME age that Jordan did under the SAME rules --- or -- Jordan, at Bron's current age, would teleport forward to do the same against CURRENT players on their CURRENT teams under CURRENT rules. Yeah, let's see Jordan defend w/out grabbing, launch fallaways w/out kicking. Yeah. LETZ.

lets see Lebron face the pistons without his mommy there to make sure that every foul is a "basketball play" and he didn't take too hard of a hit

Let me just say this, when the Bulls push, foul, hard foul the Heat it's all good. As soon as the same game is played against them they cry. Check out last year's game against the Pacers. Explain how Labron gets his shorts pulled and no foul. I'm just saying ...

This isn't good. Crawford is the ultimate "loot-at-me" ref. He becomes part of the game. It shouldn't affect the result of the game but he will definitely be the focal point. Norris will definitely need to spell Chalmers who is almost guaranteed to be in foul trouble. I see problems for Birdman and Udonis also.

As long as things don't get out of hand... I don't like the way they play, but we have to want it... We have to be the aggressor... They want to make it a physical game because they can't hold us... That's the only way they can stay in a game... Focus.... They can not stop this train, full speed ahead... But hold your ground, they are dirty... Beast mode... Let's get it.... 007...

Joey Crawford is a really good veteran Official... Plz, keep the game under control... Thnx... 007...

The reason Mr. Crawford's services are scheduled now is because the L wants a basketball game, and this is the best guy to prevent four quarters of basketBRAWL being allowed. Players who insist on superior thug skills being used to compete against superior hoops skills will be kicked out of the gym & into the parking lot (as any good ref would).

Joey Crawford is a moron ! Nobody likes him...he's god-awful. That said...he'll suck for both teams.

So I'm taking it that the ppl having a problem with Crawford officiating this game, are heat fans. My OPINION, he is one official who is well respected and likely to not take money to call a gixed game like the officials (foster, etc.) clearly must of done in game 2. Maybe now this game will be won by skill and the team that's on that nite and not by a bunch of horrible calls like game 2. Truth is, heat was thrown off by bulls coming to their house and stealing a win, so finding out that they couldn't do it by their self, they call in a favor (bs). I just don't see the leagues BEST defense losing a game by 37 after u just SHAMED them on the same floor 2 days ago. IF the heat win FAIRLY game 3, so be it. But NO RESPECT to the heat if you have to cheat. In for the record, crawfords not a Gibson/Noah fan I hope for a grind it out game, BULLS win! -KB

Labron is soft.

ChicagoNative, please spell the name of the king correctly, It's LEBRON

If CB4 checks Noah the rest of the series like he did Fri nite, Heat close out Bulls. Period. Noah is their fire. Bosh, always forgotten and overlooked, burns just as hot with TWICE the game. Letz GO HEAT.

ChicagoNative isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I have a hard time believing that Mohammed wasn't instructed to try and get LeBron ejected. That tactic had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Or do you think the guy just lost his cool and went and shoved him to the ground? I'm not buying that.

Frustrating to watch Heat coast to the win. Nole was only guy matching Bull's team desire. Chalmers was can almost always count on him & Bosh playing feeble and not game ready from the jump.

Wanna solve the luxury tax problem going forward ? Easy...give LeBron the raise he deserves by cutting both Wade & Bosh's contract as neither are max contract players. Wade was...but not now with his ongoing absences with his injuries & Bosh never was a max player. Then allocate the rest to re-sign the support players you need.

Well joey Crawford didnt scare anybody. He came he went the Heat kept cool under a barrage of Bulls fouls and won next game should be even more physical and i personally expect more ejections and all this dirty play is comming from Coach Thib. His comments in post game says hes gonna step it up out of desperation. He dosent have the talent on the floor so The Bulls gonna use brute force. The last Bullfight i saw.... the bullfighter won!

Great win... Keep your heads... We move forward....

Game 4...

They tried to get to fall for the dummy move... we must stay focused on winning each game. ?. Game 4 will be some of the same. ?. We must stay keep a level head at all times.. The officials tried to control the game but missed some calls... We can not get distracted. ?. Focus. ?.

Game 4, is a series controling game!!! Come to play...

Tablet makes it come out weird but y'all get the point right. ?. Stay focused. ?. They want to frustrate you and get you to throw a punch, dont fall for the dummy move.. win and move forward. ,!??!

I felt that the pacers would use this tactic. ?. The bulls are trying to use it as well.. at the end of the day, we come to play... just play harder than them and we move forward. ?.

@chicagonative: officials called that game fixed and heat won by 37?!?!? you must be some basement living turkey sandwich eating maggot

@duque: go eat lebron's donguler kiddo

Must win... Get ready for a true battle... Win game 4....

Me thinks that Thibodeau is grasping at straws when he commented that Lebron's fall backwards was a flop and not a result of being pushed by Mohammad and not deserving of an ejection. This man will try anything to win. I wish Spoelstra would play the "Bird" whenever Noah is on the floor. He's the only Heat player capable to contain him and his antics.

To the brain dead Chicago fan. the only way the Bulls can win while depleted is to turn the series into a brawl. So far the league allowed it. Maybe they can get it under control. If the refs were against Noah he'd be out in the first half with 6 fouls. The Surs and Golden State played a great game Sunday w/o the rough stuff.

I thought Jordan and Pippen were playing for the Bulls Sunday by the lopsided officiating. And please, Jordan was THE MOST PROTECTED PLAYER TO EVER PLAY in the league. Shoot that 'Jordan survived the rough stuff' theory in somebody's chute that never watched him play. You couldn't get close to that guy without getting called for a foul. He played in a vacuum.


1-Birdman contests Nate shot at the rim. They both land and unlike many plays where a player will intentionally fall on top of his opponent, Birdman barely touches Nat. No-ah Shoulders comes running in and has to push Birdman away, when he wasn't even touching Nate. Officials first response? Grab Birdman.

2-Mohammed wraps up LBJ in the open field, certainly a non-basketball play. It isn't like LBJ shoots FTs like The Big League Minimum (Shaq) so this wasn't an attempt to play ball, just a thug move by a player WAY past his effectiveness. Crawsford's first move, whistle and Tech on Lebron. That was SO ridiculous. Is Lebron not allowed to protect himself, not allowed to shrug off the contact??

As far as anybody saying that LBJ flopped:

1 - You can't have it both ways. Maybe he thought if he tried to stand his ground and shrug off the contact, he'ld be hit with another T. He sure didn't flop when he took that intentional foul.

2 - Nazr is nearly 7', probably weighs 250+, and he pushed a guy that was standing straight up, not expecting to be shoved. Ray Lewis gets knock back on his butt here as well. Not a flop!

If Birdman's foul in game two was intentional, this has GOT to be called the same thing.

Nate blocks LBJ's layup attempt and Bellanoli (sp?) grabs the rebound, feels Wade attempting a rebound, throws his elbow into Wade knocking him over and, you guessed it, foul on Wade.

Noah - love his motor, hate his personality. Bosh and Chalmers discussing strategy and Noah walks up to them clapping and yelling....what a piece of pooh! Hope nobody in a Heat uniform would act that way. Oh, and Joaquim, the man you were supposed to be guarding last game had 20 and 19. Maybe time to shut the yapper and game up.

.....and if you thought game 3 had bad officiating, you know the league doesn't want to see the Heat go back to MIA up 3-1, which basically ends the series. No, tonight will be worse than Friday as far as officiating.

Spurs should have gotten the ball back for the last shot vs the Warriors in regulation. Bogut was out of bounds with the ball touching him, but for some reason (certainly not because we are all supposed to be in love with Curry, Thompson, and Jackson) they didn't make the right call. Certainly when there is a dispute about possession in the last few minutes that can be reviewed, right? Expect the Heat to get the same love as the Spurs tonight.

NBA, more transparent than some dead Americans cover-up.

eyeball2, you at it again huh....


Come to play... 48 minutes... Stay aggressive... Defense first... Take control of this series... 007...

And this just in..... just confirmed that the league has reviewed the technical called on Lebron and has rescinded it.

No, wait, I was thinking about Kobe. My bad.

All good, eyeball2... Big game 2nite... Let's go Heat...

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