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My brief interview with Sarah Palin about the NBA and other stuff

Sarah Palin was at tonight's game ... So, of course, I had to try and interivew her at halftime, because, well, when else would you get to ask Palin about the NBA? Before you ask, no I didn't bring up any former Heat players. She was seated in the front row with her husband, Todd Palin, so anyway ...

ME: “Since you’re here sitting in the front row, I figured I would be remiss if I didn’t try to interview you.”

PALIN: “You can try. It’s your job.”


ME: “So, I guess what do you think of the game so far?”

PALIN: “We love the NBA. We love Indiana. We go back to being big Hoosier fans. So, anything that has to do with Indiana, we’re going to support, so coming here and rooting for the Pacers is kind of parlaying our love of Indiana.”


ME: “Were you here for the race?”

PALIN: “For the race and we were lucky enough to get to come to this game then, too.”


ME: “So, you did the Indianapolis double today.”

PALIN: “Yeah, this a dream come true for sports nuts like Todd and me. It’s really, it’s surreal.”


ME: “What did you do at the race? I covered the Daytona 500 one year when you were there.”

PALIN: “What we got to do is hang with Parnelli Jones and do a lap with Parnelli yesterday and it’s the 50th anniversary of his win in Indy, so that was cool to get to be with him. And then just to experience the race, something so iconic and all-Americana, something we grew up watching on TV all these years to be there today was spectacular.”


ME: “So, growing up in Alaska, who were some of your favorite NBA stars?”

TODD PALIN, interjecting: “Well, back in the day, Dr. J., Larry Bird, Magic…

PALIN: “Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, I mean the crew in the 80s, growing up in the 80s, you know. But all these guys today, these athletes are amazing athletes. And Miami is so doggone stacked, but the Pacers have this tenacious, scrappy, underdog persona that everybody’s going to root for.”


ME: “But you’ve got to be pulling for Miami, too, right? Because they’ve got an Alaskan on the team.”

PALIN: “We love Chalmers. Any of the Alaskan kids who make it so big, like Trajan Langdon and Carlos Boozer, all those guys we’re always going to root for, but when it comes to team, though, I’m always going to root for the underdog. Go Pacers!”

TODD PALIN: “I always like seven games in a series, though.”

PALIN: “That’s the thing. I just texted my girlfriend that hopefully it goes seven.”


ME: “So, where do you see your political future going?”

PALIN: “That’s up to the American people. And if they want to see positive change in this country, or if they want to just kind of keep embracing the status quo of going down the wrong road. It’s up to the American people and where someone’s political future is going to go.”


ME: “You got anything planned in the near future?”

PALIN: “Near future is helping change the senate in the 2014 races, get some good common sense conservatives elected.”


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At least she can see her political future is in the hands of the American people and they already told her to get lost. And continue to tell her we don't want her running anything. So smug though to think that if we don't choose her we must be going down the wrong road. What an arrogant idiot.

Great bounce back win... We move forward...

Game 4...

Never mind her politics, Ronnie. I could care less about all that hot air. It still just shocks me that Palin was almost the vice president of the United States.

(nice name drop, by the way)

You dolts don't know anything about Palin as a executive, she aces anyone in the house or senate in performance as a servant for the people.

Your comments are what is wrong with this country, you complain that all politicians are corrupt and nothing good comes out of DC, then turn around and accuse a self-made mother of five, a Governor that put 14 billion is surplus for her state and 2 credit-rate upgrades as somehow unelectable.

This is what Palin meant, as long as you dolts take your political info from partisan media and live like ignorant ants running around blind in a bowl of cereal, nothing will change for the better.

ps: enjoy your Obamacare, its coming in 2014, see how much you'll like it when everything gets more expensive, and I mean everything.


^^^^^^Palin used to sneak her family into Canada to receive free medical care before she found a temp job as Governor. Nothing will change for the better no matter who it is.

Some of you people need to stop being sheep to the hollywood and pop culture elites. I would vote for Palin for President in a heartbeat, because I've researched and know what she did as Governor in Alaska. This is a woman who took on oil companies and her own party. For you loons that act so relieved that she is not VP, I have two words for you "Joe Biden." By the way for you brilliant people that think that you are smart and Palin is sooooo dumb, she never said that she could see Russia from her house, that was Tina Fey.

The Liberal drones still don't get what Sarah Palin is about. She is a self-made politician, a smart woman elected in the male bastion of Alaska politics because she was a true reformer.
The Obama thugs drove her out of office in AK, but she has been leading the tea party revolution and helping elect fiscally conservative pols. Her PAC runs stronger than Romney's right now.
I find Liberals to be the most sexist and racist people on the planet, and they are totally insincere of their motives and beliefs.

Run Sarah Run!! Sarah Palin 2016!

I know you would like to believe that we don't know anything about Sarah and we must be liberals if we don't like her. You are sadly mistaken, like a lot of Palin followers.
We have looked at her record and don't agree with your assessment of it. I also have a serious problem with her PAC spending. It is basically a slush fund for her friends and family. And yes I have gone through it line by line and 95% of it's spending is wasted on consulting, speech writing, travel, Disney land resorts etc. She is a fraud, every single one of her vacations include some sort of political or charity event so that she can justify the use of PAC money for her travel expenses. She spends an hour on an event and 7 days having fun on your dime. What suckers.

Other PACS DO NOT waste that much money on overhead, she is a fraud. It is public record, I'm quite sure you never looked that one up.

Oh also while Sarah is out traveling the country going to races and basketball games without her kids, her father just got home from serious HEART surgery! Where is Sarah, the one who supposedly lives in Alaska? No where to be found. They had to fly in Sally's sisters from out of state to help, because their dear daughter couldn't be bothered.

Sucks to be a Palin parent right now.

I wouldn't vote for her if you paid me. Any other republican has my vote but not that woman....ever!

You know why she threw that little crumb about running if the people want her to?

Her PAC funds are drying up and she needed to give you suckers some hope again so you can pay for mama's bus ride across the country(summer vaca!)

She isn't running for anything, it would require too much actual work. It's much easier to sit on facebook while you dolts throw your hard earned money at her speech writers and buy her plane tickets and hotels.

I love the bad interviewing by Joe. Lmao! He asks her if she went to the race today and she says she did. Then he follows up with so you did the double today? Hahaha well yeah! Obviously Joe! She is at the game. My god. Not good at all.

When she said she was into 80's ballers like Bird and Magic, you should asked, "And of course Glen Rice?"

Cool interview. She's not dumb. She say she loves a team and then can say who the players are. She obviously follows sports. Many politicians try to fake it. She's for real, whether you like her or not.

She did okay in Indy yesterday, but was rooting for the wrong team. It's good that the Heat administered a beat down, if only to show the Indianapolis fans who the big dog in their own house is.

Ronnie Wilson, please STFU. You didn't go through her PAC numbers line by line and you don't know who is handling her father's recovery. You probably came over here from one of the sites that makes Palin hatred a cottage industry and that's probably the Meme of the Day.

Jeez, it was a basketball game.

Yes I did go through it line by line and the news reports are absolutely true. Sorry if facts bother you.

And as for her fathers recovery, his son that is actually present posts about it all the time.

Wow, the Palin, defenders are sure nasty today. Even more than usual.

Hat tip to bky. I like your style.

They get nasty and call names whenever facts upset their balance and mess with their vision of what they want Sarah to be. Their vision is clouded because the let down would be much worse than it is to live in their delusion.

She does rake them over for money, the proof is there, they just don't want to see it. I actually fell kinda bad for them.

Ronnie - 'at this point, what does it matter?'

It doesn't really, but it's kind of a public service to speak out when you see people getting fleeced. Sarah always corrects news stories that are not telling the truth about her. She did not correct the PAC stories because they were 100 percent true. So yeah, I consider it a public service.

Missed my point Ronnie.

There is an unwritten rule in politics regarding statue of limitations about truthfulness or trying to find out truthfulness. See Sarah finds that the time frame is up regarding truthfulness in her PAC stories....and that has to do with fundraising and spending funds, not really life or death matters.

Now, apparently with regards to Americans being killed by Muslims in Libya, if you can stonewall for a couple of months, the statue of limitations will run out and then the TRUTH isn't all that important. Feel me? 'at this point, what does it matter?' - HRC

What truth are you looking for regarding Benghazi?

OK, I'm SURE you know about the killings and the coverup. Let's start with these two questions:

1-Who pushed the lie that the video was the reason for the attack, when they damn well knew hours into the FIRST attack that this was a terrorist attack, not related to a video? But isn't that par for the course with this administration, that we need to keep apologizing for Americans? First reaction, blame the US. Somebody hates the idea of American exceptionalism - which is REALLY offensive to the many of American veterans who have sacrificed SO MUCH to make us an exceptional country.

2-Who gave the stand down order, keeping ANY chance of us helping the victims at zero?

Does it matter now that we've gotten past the November elections? Do the 4 lost lives count? Does our policy of appeasing those who want to do us harm work? Was this a failed attempt to free the Blind Sheik? Are we better with the Muslim Brotherhood running countrys in the Middle East? Do they have ties to Al Queda? Did Obama really mean what he said in his book about siding with the Muslims, or was that just another lie? These last questions are just rhetorical, I know the answers to these, help yourself to answers to the first two questions, those I don't know.

Oh, so you don't want the truth, you want to deflect from the topic. What does Sarah have to do with Benghazi? Nothing, she holds no office, and has nothing to do with it thank God. She is a sideline barker who barks without all the information. There is no comparison in what Sarah does to the grownups who actually have to run very complex situations.

Stay on topic, this one is about Sarah

I'll take Sarah Palin any day over this corrupt Obama regime. How many more scandals need to come out before this Chicago thug politician is removed from office? He knew he was in trouble of losing in 2012, so he sicked the IRS on the Tea Party, sent the DOJ after reporters, and covered up Fast and Furious by invoking executive privilege. There's also that Benghazi scandal, too. This administration is an embarrassment to all those who serve and have served our country.

"Yes I did go through it line by line and the news reports are absolutely true. Sorry if facts bother you."

"It doesn't really, but it's kind of a public service to speak out when you see people getting fleeced. Sarah always corrects news stories that are not telling the truth about her. She did not correct the PAC stories because they were 100 percent true."

My point that the truth is the truth and their is no 'statue of limitations' on it. Maybe Palin is using Clinton's approach of 'oh yeah, that's true....but at this point, what does it matter'. I'm sure you saw the point I was making, but deflected from answering either of my questions, and even now, you won't attempt to answer them. Palin may not be truthful with her fundraising numbers (I don't know, I didn't go through them line by line), but NOBODY died from it, and she was under sworn testimony to answer any questions from you regarding them. See the difference now, and how the two situations are linked?

I never said Palin was not truthful with her fund raising numbers. It is public record, anyone can look at them, so I guess that is kind of like sworn testimony as she is required by law to file them. She has not commented, or explained to her donors the exorbitant amount of money she pays to her friends for consulting, speech writing, hotels( Disney resorts), cars etc. that other PACs do not spend money on, so that is kind of like pleading the fifth. It's not illegal, and neither are the mistakes made regarding bengazi, so I guess I can see how you might link them.

This was never about Palin telling the truth to her supporters, it was about her hiding the truth behind an 'at this point, what does it matter' curtain, just as HRC did in front of the congressional hearing. The truth ALWAYS matters.

You can equate an open accounting of fund raising ledgers with Americans being slaughtered by terrorists, and you probably have the backing of 47% of the low-information voters with you - but most of us see the hypocracy.

Last chance:

1-who originally pushed the lie about the barely seen internet video as the reason we lost American lives?, and

2-who ordered the accessable help to 'stand down' while Americans were under attack?

Can you answer these, or don't they matter to you as much as going through Palin's accounting ledgers?

Those questions absolutely matter, and I've discussed them at length in appropriate forums on topic. You are flying off topic again. This one is not about bengazi, it is about Palin. Two totally separate and unrelated topics. I don't equate them at all. I only mocked you for equating them. Palin is a celebrity, not a politician doing the business of the country. Palin will never have that opportunity. Now if you want to compare her to Paris Hilton protesting animal abuse or something that's comparable. She is not even on the same plane as real politicians

Those of us who support Palin and her SarahPAC do so happily and in the knowledge that she has worked for the election of Conservatives across the country and will continue to do so in 2014 and 2016. I'll give you one example that is driving ALL you lib prog regressives batty: Sen Ted Cruz! He's worth any six GOP and/or Conservative Senators in that otherwise dreadful old boys' club. And Cruz is on a roll! Whenever you want to shot him, think Sarah Palin - the one person who was the most instrumental in getting him elected against an ol' GOP pol and Gov. Perry associate. And there are many other examples, too. Frankly, I'm looking forward to the victories that Palin will help engineer to keep Piglosi on the sidelines and, God willing, retire Dingy Harry.

You'd be better off giving your donations to the candidates Sarah endorses directly. Then you know your money would be used for the purpose you sent it for.

Yep, just like our federal government, who knows where are tax dollars go. I hope my tax dollars go to abortion on demand clinics, the Muslim brotherhood, Biden's election campaign, teacher's unions, gender changing operations, and a bunch of 'clean' energy programs like wind turbines that kill bald eagles.

Whoops, forgot Solyndra, reconstructing beach houses in New Jersey (hey, who knew that storms would come through that area of the coast line), rebuilding a city beneath sea level (New Orleans).....but, I don't want a damn dime to go to military quick response teams in the Northern Africa arena - if we ain't gonna use em, why pay for them!

Palin wastes money? It's pennies compared to the stated 'redistribution of wealth' that has happened the last 6 years.

Certainly can't forget paying for illegal immigrants health, there is a reason for me to bust my ass at work all day.

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