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LeBron, West and Stephenson each fined for flopping in Game 4

Heat forward LeBron James, Pacers forward David West and Pacers guard Lance Stephenson each have been fined $5,000 for flopping in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals, the NBA announced on Thursday.

James and West were hit with fines for their comical "double flop." Here's the NBA's link to that video. CLICK ME!

Stephenson was fined $5,000 for his pretending to be elbowed by Ray Allen. And here's that link. CLICK ME!


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OK Black...let's talk about your fix. Follow the $$$ one step further...won't the Heat & everyone else involved make more $$$ with the series going 7 games ? Maybe that's why Wade & Bosh are always in coast mode. Those two only play hard when getting continually called out. Well...two things will eventually happen to those 2 guys. They'll find the well empty one time soon...and they can both kiss their max money contracts goodbye.

Why is it that Bosh...and now Wade have to shamed repeatedly by everyone before they make an effort to at the very least - play hard? What is this - high school ? Never thought I would see the day when Wade would essentially go down without a fight. Zo would never do that - EVER !

I saw somebody respond to one of my posts today defending Bosh by blaming Spo & LBJ. No way... Lebron is the only Big 3 left with a motor running to win the race without the constant tinkering & oh let's make up another excuse for Wade & Bosh.

Yeah...Heat better win tonight...but apparently still we'll never know about who's gonna show up & play hard the next game in Indy. Max players in their dreams.

Hey, the Dullfins have been a flop for years! haha

Will Birdman be suspended for Game 6?

Great game... Great win... We move forward...

Game 6... Close out... Let's go....

RP - I gotta believe Wade is giving us all he can physically. If he isn't grimacing on his face with every step, that doesn't mean he isn't in pain. I will agree with you though, he does have too much of a non-chalant. As far as Bosh goes, I would not expect him to put up big numbers in THIS series (remember he did have a 20+ point/19 rebound game against Noah last series - actual stats may be off a little). This is not a series where we are going to post him 10-15 times a game. Scared when he takes those 3's, but happy when he makes them. We can't expect him to turn into ZO defensively overnight. That was never his game. If we use him to pull West/Hibbard away from the basket, that helps our team win - regardless of his anemic stats.

UD - and to think we robbed him of minutes to play a backup forward on a pathetic Suns team.

Hansboro got his T for stepping towards Birdman. F the commentators. Didn't LBJ get a T for the same small step he took towards The Jett to see if he was breathing after he got posterized in Boston earlier this year?

I'ld like to ban the word 'flopping' for the rest of the playoffs.

Do you guys listen to the Heat's hometown commentators during the playoffs, or the TNT announcers? Wish I had a choice.

I know's just really hard to see Wade in his current condition and Bosh playing so feeble. But doesn't everyone have a switch to turn on for EFFORT ?

Am hoping Birdman can still fly for Game 6...but if not...who will take his minutes? I'd rather see Juwan Howard in there getting tossed around than seeing the highest paid player on the team (Bosh) getting continually punked. Why don't we just sign Earl Barron back to equal Bosh's numbers. Where the hell is his pride ? Tired of hearing about the Pacer matchup problem for both Wade & Bosh - PATHETIC.

I hear the spurs are trying to help the pacers... wow. ?.

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