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LeBron high-fived Paul George after third quarter; No, this is not OK

LeBron James slapped a high-five with Paul George after the third quarter of Game 2. No, this is not acceptable. Cute, but unacceptable.

LeBron had a nice 30-foot three-pointer at the end of the third quarter and George had that ridiculous dunk over Birdman. Great. Fine. No need to pat each other on the back. This is the playoffs, remember? Seriously, would Reggie Miller have been slapping hands with Michael Jordan during a playoff game? Heeeeeeck no!

I'm glad that LeBron respects Paul George's game and the sportsmanship is commendable and it's great and yada, yada, yada. No! Stop it! This is not OK.

I'm I completely off on this or does anybody out there agree with me here?


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This is an overreaction. It's two good players showing mutual respect here. I bet if the heat won this game you would have no problem with it.

The "low-five" backhand dap was LeBron's recognition that Paul George had entered a competitive zone where only the elites perform, and he was welcoming him to the club ~ but only after LeBron had showed him a little something-something himself by draining a 29 footer.

It was both classy and classic, and had nothing to do with capitulating to one's opponents. It was one god letting an aspiring one know that he'd made it, if he continues to elevate his game as he had emphatically with that thunderdunk and "LeBronesque" two-way playing.

Joe, As usual your wrong. Who cares? Lebron said it himself, he loves competition. Move on.

Sportsmanship! With the crap he received years ago when he didn't shake hands after they lost series to Orlando, this gesture shows growth & maturity. Those were a great 2 possessions. No doubt, he'll still destroy them in the upcoming games but give him credit for being a good example in showing sportsmanship.. With you media guys, damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. And where's Reggie's ring? Oh yeah... Doesn't have one.

Oh...and one more thing beyond adjusting to some type of game-planning focus to run Hibbert into the ground...start the negotiations now to sign Greg Oden for next year.

Its good. Good sportsmanship.

Seems like nobody agrees with you. And with reason... Not only you seemingly can't write in proper english, but this shows the respect and competitivity that comes with being a professional athlete, and that's completely and totally OK.

Anyone with a love for the game of basketball has to appreciate that gesture by the game's best player, even if you don't like him that much (which is my case).

What I REALLY want to know Pat Riley feels about this. Riley is the same guy who used to scold Mourning about having dinner with Pat Ewing BEFORE games. I bet Riley is not too happy about this and I would be shocked if he didn't mention something to him today.

Your grammar is wrong.

Not outraged, but agree Bron shining George was sorta myopic & diva-ish in the sense of:

a) sportsmanship is one thing, but what EXACTLY did George DO or WIN to earn this ACT OF SURRENDER from when HIS/YOUR team struggled from BEHIND all night? Did he leap tall buildings in a single bound? Perform 360s in midair on his way to jam? Or was this King James simply CONCEDING Prince Paul is/was/and will continue to do more for HIS team BEYOND the boxscore?

b) its DISRESPECTS your team & teammates when the team MVP goes out of his way to palm an opponent just because he's balling. Like, WHO GIVES A F___K if you respect this guy or not? Everyone gets the the wisdom of not p_ssing off opponents. But GENUFLECTING to someone who has yet to WIN anything is just REEDICK. And it's not like YOUR teammates AREN'T balling as hard as they can. Show THEM some respect for by NOT acting like a clown comparing your junk in who's-got-bigger.

c) this (mild blowback, tempest in a a thimble) could give Bron the perfect excuse to pout, crawl into a shell, take his ball somewhere else just as the rumor mill suggests. And IF he did that, he'd confirm every critic's assumption since The Decision (which doesn't bear repeating).

Ultimately, less said the better. Bron won't admit wrongdoing because he didn't really do anything wrong. Quite the contrary. He did the RIGHT thing. Just did it at the WRONG time.

"... ACT OF SURRENDER [when] HIS/YOUR team struggled..."

"[it] DISRESPECTS your team ..."

"Show THEM some respect [by] NOT acting like a clown..."

Meanwhile, the REAL problem. Hibbert. How to? How can?

Playing on your heels (contain) hasn't helped much, so try the other. Attack. Hibbert's WORST games this season came against Horford, Chandler, Duncan, Hickson & Garnett. The Heat don't have 7-footers to matchup length-for-length, but they do have a bunch of 6-10ers who "could" play Hibbert the same way that Horford/Hickson managed w/some success. Attack Hibbert. Put HIM on his heels. Muscle Hibbert & watch the Pacers wilt. Break glass -- mins. for Rashard, who can create offense on the dribble and/or granpa Juwan since Howard still has more post skills than UD, Andersen or Anthony -- if need be. Heat gotta win at least 1 at Indy.

Maybe Spo needs to design some plays specifically to target Hibbert on defense. So far...Spo is the one who needs to evolve...not Vogel.

Let's see who has any balls.

We'll see...

We didn't lose our 4th game out of 50 (gasp!) because of SPO (or entire coaching staff that has input into our game strategy - not just SPO). Those two unforced turnovers by LBJ sealed our defeat. I still will trust the game to him with his decision making over ANYONE in the NBA.

I thought we looked pretty aggresive defensively at the end of the game. Our rotations looked crisp, on ball defense was tight, and we contested shots.

Would love to see Miller's role expand, IF, Allen and Batt's outside jumpers aren't falling.

Agree with everyone that we need to uptempo more when Hibbard is in the game, but that isn't just telling everyone in the huddle - hey, we have to run. Rebound MISSED shots first, tough to run off of makes.

George having a helluva series so far. OK, he's a player, there are many in this league. If LBJ showed some kind of weakness or deference to the Pacers OTHER THAN a handshake in the middle of the game, I'ld be offended. Acknowledging another player is not offensive. Helping up a guy that you just pummeled is not weakness. Let's stop thinking these guys have to have a bitter-beer face the whole game. F that Kevin Garnett fake tough guys persona. Anyone on here think that LBJ didn't give his ALL on Friday to help his team win, speak up.

We'll make the right adjustments for Game 3. We'll get cornholed by the officials in Game 3. The Pacers will be even freer to play bully ball with us in Game 3. We only need one win in Indy to get home court back. Remember last year, without CB, and we were down 2-1?????

All that Thur/Fri talk about how Fogel (not his whole staff) screwed the Pacers because he didn't have Hibbard on the court at the end of Game 1.......first offensive set for the Heat in Game 2.....LBJ beats George on the perimeter - drives to the rack - meets, none other than Roy Hibbard - lifts a floater right over top of him, for nothing but net....sort of makes those two days of media-driven talking point look like poop.

Dumb comment about a spur of the moment gesture after James did something spectacular. It would have been different if James had went out of his way to congratulate,George after he dunked on Birdman. The fake hate for the purpose of entertaining the media is hogwash. If these guys don't genuinely dislike each other faking it for the fans won't change the outcome of the game.

Heat got balls ! - SWEET !

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