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Heat needs more out of Bosh and bench in Game 5

Win two at home and the Heat is in The Finals. It kinda makes Thursday's game at AmericanAirlines Arena pretty important.

Game 4 in a nutshell: Roy Hibbert outplayed Chris Bosh, the Heat's bench scored just 11 points and the Pacers outrebounded the Heat by 19. In the simplest of terms, those three reasons are why the Heat is preparing for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals tied with the Pacers 2-2 instead of leading the series 3-1.

Roy Hibbert scored 23 points in Game 4 and pulled down six offensive rebounds. There's your game. In the fourth quarter on Tuesday, the Pacers outrebounded the Heat 16-4. That's what good teams do at home. The Heat, a great team, is now back at home.

From today's paper:

Dan LeBatard puts to words the importance of Game 5 for the Heat. CLICK ME!

Barry Jackson breaks down the rebounding discrepancy in Game 4. CLICK ME!

I take a look at the emergence of Lance Stephenson and how his constant pestering of LeBron James made a big impact late in Game 4. CLICK ME!

David J. Neal crystallizes the importance of home-court advantage in what is now a three-game series. CLICK ME!


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christina bosh to skinny need another big on the court with him aka ud bird or joel enough of battier hes not doing anything but pissing indiana off with his dirty play and getting 1 rebound a game

We've been outrebounded before and won. We have a deep bench, and their contributions can NOT be measured with a quick points scored stat. We were in position, up 3, to win at the end of Game 4, even with Bosh's/bench's/rebounder's performance. We make a couple of plays at the end, and we win, just gotta close the game.

We'll be alright, we bounce back pretty good after an infrequent lose.

Officiating has been horrible this postseason. "Referees swallow their whistle at the end of the game", "Superstars always get the benefit of the doubt", "he's the MVP, they won't foul him out".....all the BS we used to here from fans/commentators/sports writers to justify why Kobe didn't foul out, or mj was allowed to hack someone at the end of a game, or Shaq didn't get that charge call on him. Well, we see now that the league picks and chooses who they want to protect. I'll say it again, mj was the most protected player to ever play the game. I've seen mj get his 6th foul and the officials go back to the scorers table and give one of his fouls to Scott Burrell just to keep mj in the game. Even this year, the league has gone back and adjusted calls against kome (who's team incidentally is 1-12 in the last three playoff close out series'...and we deem kome a closer???? That's 1-8 under coaching genius Phil Jerkson and 0-4 under D'Antonio)

Let it fly with Miller tonight, he won't disappoint.

Keep Hibbard away from the basket, he is useless from beyond 10 feet...I know, easier said than done.

D Wade - time to put on your cape, need you to play big.

Batt/Ray - hit your open shots

Chalmers, don't need to tell you anything, you shine when the lights are brightest

CB - work closer to the basket on offense. I don't care how many rebounds you get, as long as you keep ONE of their bigs off the board on each shot.

Game 5!! Boy, today is going to creep by. C'mon 8:30!

Will Wade ever have any more "THIS IS MY HOUSE" moments again ?

Sheesh ! What is he waiting for ? Letting himself get punked by trailer-trash Lance ... trotting around nonchalantly looking disinterested...weird to say the least. Then Bosh shows up once out of 3-4 games thinking he's a HOF'er ! More weird !

One more thing...both Wade & Bosh should be apologizing to LeBron and the rest of the team for playing so wimpy for so long. Wade always seems to have an excuse. Well...from all the available medical reports - it's a bone bruise...not an ACL or torn meniscus. It's just so obvious that neither are no longer max money players.

Say what you want about Bosh but when the coach doesn't run any plays for you then your offense is going to be completely opportunistic. Spoelstra has to stop his over reliance on James and start spreading the ball around to his 3 all-stars. The situation we find ourselves in right now is purely a coaching issue, I bet a guy like Thibodeau would have any problems taking this team to a championship every year. The importance of quality coaching cannot be overstated, we are winning right now based on the ridiculous amount of talent we have on this team but in a seven game series you have to have good coaching. If we lose I hope Spoelstra apologizes to the whole of South Florida and then Pat Riley needs to apologize to us for putting a clearly under experienced Spoelstra in this position in the first place.

Dave - take two and pass

Spo has beaten Thibs in the playoffs, two of the last three years.

Spo's 'ridiculous amount of talent' isn't exactly overwhelming the opposition right now.

What about the adjustment in Game 3 to iso LBJ in the post, who's idea was that?

So from your first statement, I'm assuming you know what plays are being called each time down the court? Hey, send me that app, I want to be an insider like you.

Spo's team has lost 5 games in the last 51? Yep, start the apologizing Eric.

they better win tonight

Spo is the best HC in the league by far. He'll get em pumped!!

Hey, I wish Spo were coaching the Dolfins too!

I agree about Wade & Bosh. I love Wade, but they are no longer Max players. Man, Ray is slumping @ the wrong time. If they can't contribute here, what will they do in the finals? Heat gonna need those 3 pointers against Pop and Parker. Hibert is better than Duncan at this stage, so if Heat can beat Pacers, then contain Parker and out coach Pop, you may have B-T-B.

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