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Game 1 loss to Bulls prepared Heat for Pacers, LeBron says

That surprsing outcome to the Bulls in Game 1 of the second round wasn't a complete waste, according to LeBron James.

James said the Heat’s unexpected loss in the opener of the Eastern Conference semifinals provided an important experience going into Wednesday’s Game 1.

“It set us up the right way,” James said. “We were off for a while and Chicago came in off a seven-game series and they were just on top of their game still and we weren’t. We had eight days off, so I think that gave us a good wake up call and we needed it.”


—One interesting subplot of the conference finals is the rise of the little guy. Indiana, San Antonio and Memphis are considers small-market franchises, while the Heat is generally consider a large-market team. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra noted on Monday that perception regarding the Heat has changed since the Big 3 arrived in Miami.

“You know what’s interesting…and Micky [Arison] has always talked about this, Miami was never considered a big-market team until we put together this team, so it shows you can change perspective by the personnel you have and the type of team you put together,” Spoelstra said. “If you build it, they will come.”

Is the Heat a large-market team? In terms of perception, I'd say, yes, the Heat is large-market team. In terms of cold-hard numbers, Arison would still argue that the Heat is small-market. Of course, Arison doesn't want to share his profits with other owners around the league, so his position on the subject is understandable.


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Good solid playoff win... Way to battle, y'all showed great mental strength, and focus in a game I feel we had to have... They came into our building and got calls like we were in their building...

We move forward.... Game 2...

We must win game 2...

Quick notes... Hibbert is too slow, make him move his feet, make him run the floor... That team shoots well enough at the line to not put them there.. If they don't get to the line, their offense is ok, not even good... Don't bail them out... Their defense has too many holes... Physical play can't hide everything...

Our game was adjusted do to the Officials... Targets, West, George, Hill... Attack them... We must crash the glass... We must get to the line... We must stay aggressive.. We can not turn the ball over like gm 1... We didn't shoot well, but, keep shooting.. We have too many advantages on this team for it to be this close.. Preparation, Focus, Mental strength... Be there... We must win our home games... Set the tone, game 2...

Good win, way to battle.

1-Let's stop the Monday morning coaching critics. Hibbard wasn't in the game at the end, so what. It's so easy to look back and say 'woulda, coulda, shoulda'. Maybe the Heat should have fouled West prior to him handing the ball off to George for that fantastic 3 at the end of regulation. Maybe Cole should have just held the ball after he stole that inbounds pass to Hill in the end of overtime, instead of trying to pass it.

2-Let NOBODY EVER spout that B.S. dribble about officials not calling anything at the ends of the game (swallowing their whistle). That phantom foul on George's 3 by Wade was ridiculous, ESPECIALLY after LBJ got fouled twice by Hill and once by West on his drive at the end of regulation. Does Kobe get that call? Damn sure mj goes to the line there, with Heat-hatin' announcers Kerr and Miller talking about - he's the MVP, he's going to get that call. Winning 4 out of the last 5 MVP's gets LBJ NO REPSECT.

3-Lebron got taken to the court the same way Allen did by Ginobli and there was no Flagrant foul. Why the double standard? Does Allen get fined for flopping, when his head never hit the ground?

4-West had a couple of opportunities to seal his team's win and missed them.

5-Black, your boy Ray had me concerned. He hits both of those FTs at the end of the game, and a lot of this post game chatter goes away. You still on board with him?

What's Chalmers' status? Dinged up, but good to play?

Heat outrebounded and more turnovers than the Pacers and we still win. Maybe it's time to change the media's talking points metrics.

Lebron with 9? postseason triple doubles....still got a way to go to catch the leader....Magic had 30!

There can only be one G.O.A.T (Magic), but LBJ is climbing that mountain and getting closer every year.

Did Lance Stevenson play last night? Can't remember hearing his name much. Lance, you didn't, ah, choke, did you?

Birdman - 7 for 7, love your input. Didn't White Chocolate go 10 for 10 in one game v the Pistons in the playoffs?


The officials and or the league don't want the Heat to sweep this team for some reason???

Last nights game should be under some sort of investigation for how the game was called... Just HORRIBLE....

We move forward...

I wanted to say, we need a better game plan??? But really the out come of the game was fine, the plan was fine... The officiating was horrible... So, the only thing I could come up with is, out work them... Stay out of foul trouble... Crash the glass... Get them in foul trouble... Focus... Use your God given talent to out play a team that is offensively challenged to some degree... We can't just let them stay in games that we should be running circle around them... They will try to make it a physical game... Stand up to the challenge... At the end of the day, we're better in too many area's... Take it to them... Out work them... I just luv Birdman's energy... Keep it up Bird, we really like your play...

Come to play...Run our set's.. Defense first... 48 minutes.. Stay aggressive... Focus.. Mental strength... Be there... Win game 2... 007...

Your right the officiating was horrible and by the way Lebron James traveled twice on the game winning shot....Twice

Each game always has it's own story... Make the story of this series, more about the Heat then whatever their coach has to say... He said we're just another team... He said to his team, we're better then them... He said, we're going to beat them.. Well, can't fault him for any of those comments... I really want to hear what he says after we win, 4 of 7 in this series... I'm just sayin...

Lebron went from the top of the key to the rim in 2.2 seconds, I have to be honest I can't get off my couch in that amount of time.

Biggest game of the year so far. And Goodman is nowhere to be found on the blog. I just don't get it.

Heat Fan 615,

Hey Roy, y'all should have been blown out last night.. The Officials kept y'all in the game...

Let's see if they allow a fair game to be played in game 2, and if the game comes down to a last second play or are the reserves in hitting threes on y'all tired a$$e$...

I think we bounce back from Game 1 just like we did versus Chicago last series.

We will be better prepared, because we have a superb coaching staff, and professional players that will try to implement the game plan and not go rogue. No egos, no hidden agendas, just being the best player and teammate we can be!! Sounds simple, but that isn't the case in most NBA locker rooms.

Will there be a Mike Miller sighting today?

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