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Dwyane Wade surprises Miami Archbishop Carroll senior at prom

Remember that girl who asked Dwyane Wade to the senior prom at Miami Archbishop Carroll? CLICK ME!

Well, the girl's wish came true tonight. Wade surprised Nicole Muxo on her big night. CBS4 Miami has the story. CLICK ME!

Good thing for Muxo the Heat defeated the Bulls in five games and now are waiting patiently for the Eastern Conference finals to begin. Wade arrived in one of his casual tuxedos and danced with Muxo and then later met her family.


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This was hot... Just watched this and the young lady was very happy... Thats whats up... Nice...

No #capris this time. But no #socks either (it's FLO-RI-DA). #casualcool Wade surprises teen at senior prom&flvUri=&partnerclipid=

Go Pacers!!....Ray Allen sucks!

Yeah Chuck, your career numbers overshadow ALL of Ray's accomplishments.

Hey, isn't that a buffet over there with your name on it?

D. Wade has an awesome heart!

Just a comment or two prior to starting the third ECF's in a row for the HEAT:

1- I laughed when I read Jason Whitlock's article "Heat can be beat, and Lebron knows it". First, ANYBODY can be beat, it's called an upset when the favored doesn't win (re: Georgetown v Villanova 1985 or Douglas v Tyson). But for the media to try and come up with reasons why the Heat shouldn't feel confident rolling into the ECF is ridiculous!


Just let that sink in for a moment. Is this the best 48 game run in the history of the league? You guys that are good at finding stats, confirm that for us. Did the Bulls from their 70-12 season have a run this good?

We are definitely spoiled rooting for this team. There used to be constant banner on here about this team and the direction it was going. Have we lost sight of how awesome this run is? The Heat have lost 3 games since early February......this is mid-May?!?!? Too good to be true, right?

We can never expect this type of run again - EVER. I hope it culminates in the Larry O'Brien trophy being handed to Mickey in a few weeks.

Broke into my winnings yesterday - variety case of Sam Adams. A foolish friend of mine bet me on the Spurs v Warrior series after Game 1 of that series. Apparently he believed the hype, and now I'm enjoying his gullibility. Just like the sexy choice in the WCF is the Griz. Who knew Z-BO would fold in front of Tims? I did. Hope to see the Spurs in the Finals, because I want to beat the best the west has to offer, and that's easily the Spurs.


That's a 45-3 (not 4-3)

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