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Dwyane Wade and his pregame capris pants

Second star to the right and straight on till morning ...


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Oh man. Gabby must be wearing hiz.

Even worse? He has a bag attendant.

wade my man, what happend?? I know you love fashion and at times you dress nicely but this looked horrible. A distinguished professional basketball player should wear fine tailored suits or hand made pants and shirts with custom made shoes etc... but this is too over the top. it looks like you took your kids pants, put them on and went to work. You are a class guy but this cheapens your look. rewind..

Are those the pants that Durant wears in his commercial?

Hideous look from a classy guy, but I guess they go with the 'Erkel' dork look that Westbrook and others play.

Now CB's suit in his post game interview was on point!

Will he be fined by the league?

I gotta say, I wouldn't try this look, but D-Wade pulls off what ever he wants...

Closeout baby....

Sometimes wealth can blind a man's ability to make the right choice.

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