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Well, I'm glad the Bulls are gone. They are a tough out. Indy here we come.

Great series... I'm also glad to be moving on... Chicago is really a tough defensive team and they gave it their all... Great win on our part, we really came to play and we beat them on the floor, we move forward...

next up, ECF... get rest, get treatment, the next round will be tougher... lets go Heat...

I was a little concerned early, looked like we came out sort of non-chalant, but we executed so well. UD had a great first quarter!

Norris Cole! Norris Cole!

Rip Hamilton with a flashback game.

Boozer, can you stop saying 'gimme that' every time you rebound. Hey Carlos, here's a fishing rod, you might need it, 'gimme that'. Last two post-season meetings with the Heat you've lost 8 of 10 games. Do you want that smackdown - 'gimme that'. Watch out, here comes Norris down the middle of the lane, who wants this facial dunk - 'gimme that'.

CB, glad you're confident with that long jumper from behind the arc, but EEAASSY Big Fella, use it more sparingly.

Speaking of perimeter shooting, if Batt and Ray struggle with their 3pt shots, Mike Miller is willing and able to provide us some spark, plus another rebounder - might be helpful against the Pacers next round.

Keeps getting tougher - Heat opponents as well as the Heat!!

I came out of my seat when Wade followed up that miss with the two-hand dunk!! "We've got Dwayne Wade!!"

Anybody on this blog at the game last night?

I wasn't, but would have liked to be there...

eyeball2, this year gonna get a lot tougher next round... We look good so far though...

Agree, Black. I'm not near as worried about the Knicks as the Pacers. They will have last year's revenge on their mind, George has gotten better, they are playing a physical style of ball, that I'm sure they will be allowed to do against the Heat. I see a lot of double techs in this next series, because the officials wouldn't do their job when we get hit, but they WILL catch the reaction (protecting themselves) from the Heat players.

Good news is we are better than last year - more depth, healthier Bosh (Wade still hurting though).

What's up witcha boya Ray Ray missing FT's? Are you still on board with him or have you seen signs of him selling us out?

Durant 4-for-21 last night, and has had some abysmal numbers in the Griz series...low 4th quarter outputs, etc. Think he'll get the LBJ treatment of choking/non-closer?? I doubt it too. But truthfully, neither one deserved the reputation.

Looks like Harden was needed, as well as a healthy Westbrook. OKC still made it further than the Rockets though. Wonder if he regrets his move, or is he good with 'I gots mine$'?

Joe - do you actually get paid for your "job" there at the Herald? Good for you if so. You must be able to fly under the radar there with the minimal effort you put forth every day. Amazing.

Pretty sure Joe already listed his responsibilities, with this blog being the last on the list. My take is that the blog is here for the fans to comment and keep rolling. Sure he can comment occasionally, but to sit at his terminal and weigh in on all of our idiot rants, (I used 'our'), would be wasteful.

What did YOU think of the Heat game last night?

Let's get this crack-a-lackin, before the IRS shuts my computer down.

I would like to apologize to D-Wade, I really didn't think that you were healthy enough to play the way you did in game 5, and you showed up huge down the stretch to close out the Bulls.. My bad... I should know better.. Never count Wade out.. Good game...

P.S. next round, we really need a big effort from everyone... come to play.. But those pants, well, if your happy wearing them, then hey, do your thing... I'm just sayin..


Well it sure seemed like a priority when he was posting pictures of himself at the Great Wall, but I digress. If lack of time is an issue, eliminate the spotty "blog posts" and create a fan forum with that prime real estate on the Heat page. Furthermore, why would I instinctively come to a post about a tattooed birdchild to read comments about last night's game?

Seems like Ira over at the Sun Sentinel has a better format and, apparently, better time management skills. Just sayin'...

Anyhow, last night's game was fun..on the the next round. Go Heat.

Richie, I complained to Joe directly and he told me to calm down or I would be taken off the blog. I have the same issues as you. You are more sporadic with your complaints. I complained everyday and it went nowhere. I have asked for a question and answer type forum, many other things that have never happened. But I was told by Joe that the nightly deadline comes first, then twitter, and finally the blog. I asked if he could have an intern monitor the blog, or whatever and never got an answer. I also asked him to maybe follow around Barry Jackson for a day, never got a response on that one either. I have given up. Oh well. Go Heat.

Eyeballtwo, You asked if anyone on this blog went to the game, I'm a season ticket holder. Why you ask?

Richie, I tried to give you a response to Joe's blog. But it was erased by the admin on here. Whatever.


BKY - just want to live through my fellow Heat fans, that's all. I watched all the games, but I'm 1000 miles from the action. Jealousy is the word I'm looking for here.

Didn't watch much of the Pacers/Knicks game last night. Does anyone think the Knicks could actually win this series?

Spurs over Warriors. Who knew grizzled old vets would win out over ESPN's darlings of the week? Happens ALL the time. Hey, ah, Marc Jackson - slow your roll with that great shooting backcourt comment. Defense and consistent shooting are nice attributes to have also. But you got the media talking about you, so, you've stolen a page out of Jerry Jones' handbook....any publicity is good publicity, right?

Whats up Heat Nation... So far, everything is good.... Next round will be tougher though... Get treatment... Get rest... Get ready.... 8 more wins needed to reach this years goal... Come on guys, focus... If its the Pacers, we really have to want it more... They are still amped from last year... We have to want it more... come on guys... focus....

Get some rest too... time off can some times be boring.. I know... But hey... ECF, next week...

two thumbs up, enjoy the weekend...

Cheer up guys... Just looked at video from 2day... Cheer up... We are moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals... Man, who we play???

I slept on this topic last night..

The series against the Bulls was sign of how these teams feel you have to play against the Heat... The physical play was on display, and the slow down game that makes you have to grind out win... The one game where we really played our game was game 2... Now, let's say we play the Pacers... They have a big front line, very physical, and they crash the glass well... Their wings are athletic, good defenders... Their point play has been good... Safe to say, their a lot healthier than the Bulls...

The series last year was one of the toughest we had to face on our Championship run... So, couple of things I thought would open up thoughts on the next Match up... tbc...

well, before I post these comments I will wait til after 2nites game to make sure... tbc...

Well, ECF match up is set....

Let's go...

Game 1....

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