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After 19-rebound effort, inside approach will not change for Chris Bosh

During the regular season, Chris Bosh's rebounding numbers dipped dramatically after the All-Star break. In the final 27 games of the regular season, he averaged 5.7 rebounds and recorded just one double-digit rebounding game (10 boards against Orlando on March 6).

In the current playoff series against the Bulls, Bosh had six rebounds in Game 1 and five rebounds in Game 2. So, it begs the question: What happened in Game 3 for Bosh to pull down 19 rebounds, a career postseason high?

Bosh said on Monday after shootaround that much of his effort in the post during the regular season was focused on boxing out opponents, which allowed his teammates to grab rebounds. In Game 3 against the Bulls, Bosh's strategy shifted. With everyone crashing the boards, securing rebounds became his primary objective.

“Boxing out, there’s a bunch of different techniques you can use and everything," Bosh said. "I’ve really been searching this season to find what works best for me and a lot of times I’m in situations where people only pay attention to numbers. I never really got caught up in that.

"I just wanted to do whatever it took to help this team win. I think now, with a little more urgency being felt, I feel more of a responsibility to do a better job of actually securing the rebound, because everyone is boxing out. Especially against this team where everybody is crashing the boards, so everybody has got to put a body on somebody and as long as we come up with the rebound, that’s what’s most important. 

Bosh's is taking the same approach for tonight's Game 4, so expect another upswing in his rebounding numbers.

“He played a very good basketball game in Game 2, so he knows he has to do certain things for us to be successful and we’re looking forward to seeing that consistency," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said.


Loul Deng has lost about 15 pounds due to complications related to his spinal tap and Kirk Hinrich is still having trouble with his calf. As a result, both players are likely out for tonight's Game 4. Deng and Hinrich have missed every game of the series.



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No suspension for Nasr???

When JR Smith elbowed Terry, he got one game... This guy just attacks Bron and violently shoves him to the ground ... He should be suspended for game 4, too...

I'm just sayin...

But if he's allowed to play, it's just a tactic that didn't work... We move forward...

Good solid playoff win... We move forward...

Game 5.... Closeout.... tbc....

Couldn't agree more with you Black. Nazr's play was definitely NOT a basketball play, and it's ludicrous to give Birdman a flagrant foul but not Mohammed.

Nate Robinson, you do a great job flexing and cheerleading, but what I'll remember most from this series is your 0-12.

Marc Gasol NOT making the first team all defense, but is Defensive POY???? The couple of highlights from yesterday's game that I saw, you looked lost and slow on defense. Your award was just like a recent election - people weren't really voting FOR you, they just were voting AGAINST Lebron. Let the players and coaches vote, NOT the fans or (sorry Joe) sportswriters!

Speaking of defense - WOW! Did the Heat just turn up the.....well, HEAT on defense! 42 points at the end of 3 quarters is amazing! Shooting percentage scraping the bottom of the barrel! Think any Heat players were motivated by the All NBA Defensive Team picks?

How many balls did the Heat players save possessions after flying out of bounds? Plenty.

Contesting shots at the rim, rebounding, yep, laser focus yesterday (on defense). Got a little sloppy in the 4th quarter, of course, with a huge lead. I thought we might run a little more clock in our 1/2 court sets, but that's why I'm on this keyboard and SPO is planning to close out the Bulls in 5 games.

Nice job guys! Once again, JJ gets in the game for a few ticks and launches/buries a 3! We are the deepest team in the league.

Helpful hint to Defensive POY Gasol - When at the end of a game and OKC has the ball, specifically KD, whaddya say you let Ibaka have that baseline shot and slide into the paint to try to defend the rim against a driving 30+ppg scorer. That award just got more ridiculous.


Thompson - 25% from floor
Curry - 28.5% from floor

Yep, Marc Jackson, you may be right. The best shooting backcourt of ALL TIME!

Slow your roll little guy. Game 1 of a series does not history make. Meanwhile, Tony Parker is carving you up like a Thanksgiving turkey. (I can still say Thanksgiving, right. That hasn't been ruled to be offensive yet)

We slam the door on the bulls tonight. I don't want to see a love fest afterwards either. Lost in the Wade's knee development is the fact that we can move Ray Allen in that spot to pick up the offensive slack. While we ALL want to see a healthy D-Wade on the court, we can survive tonight without him.

Get well Dwayne, Pacers are eyeing us up.

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