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Wade out again; Bosh ill

Dwyane Wade participated in the Heat's shootaround on Tuesday morning but will sit against the Bucks. It will be Wade's fifth game in a row to miss due to an apparent knee injury.

Wade hasn't played since the Heat's victory against the Hornets on March 29.

“When I feel it, I’ll get back on the court,” Wade said on Sunday. “Obviously I want to play, but I just have to make sure that I’m right…If you’re injured, you got to get healthy."

The Heat's Big 3 hasn't played together against that game in New Orleans. LeBron James (hamstring tightness) has missed three games, Bosh (hyper-extended knee) has missed one and Ray Allen (ankle) sat out a game. Mario Chalmers (ankle) missed games as well.

“A lot of people think the Heat are just resting, but, you know, we played a lot of games this season and we got guys banged up at certain times with different elements," Wade said. "So, we got to get them healthy just like other teams have done. It just so happens that we’re able to do it at the end of the year.

“We took care of business and we were able to say, ‘OK, we have these injuries, let’s just try to take care of them and be smart.’”

Bosh missed shootaround with an illness, according to the Heat, but could be available tonight. Whether or not he plays will be a game-time decision. 


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Really worried about Wade.

Come to play 2nite guys.... D-Wade and CB, get treatment, get rest, hopefully both of you will be ready for game 1....

You guys have been doing a marvelous job so I do understand that you have to take care of yourself. Hey well soon.

Is Le Bron still out

Good game... Good win... We move forward... Let's finish strong guys...

The Wizards next...

When you look at what the Bucks bring to the table, we should chop them down with our superior aggressiveness and gameplan to make it happen in 4... tbc...

Couple of comments:

Jermaine O'Neal in the news today. Anyone still think we need him?

Let it fly - I'm talking about the hair band/barett/or whatever that is in Miller's hair. Love your game dude, expressed that many times on this blog, but lose the band. Heck, I'm more comfortable with Birdman's appearance than yours.

UD - still can get it done.

Love watching the reserves bang it out these last few games. I'm sure the Heat will get no love for their depth at each position, but we Heat fans know what we got!

The Lakers have more talent this year than last year, but won't go as far as last year.

Hey Greeny, get with the program... We want Championships...

Get Well D.Wade I'm Praying Babes. Number One Fan.!

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