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Udonis Haslem hoping Kobe Bryant can 'finish his career on a positive note'

Udonis Haslem played video games with kids and signed autographs at the grand opening of a subdivision in Miami on Saturday.

Kobe Bryant, who ruptured the Achilles tendon of his left leg on Friday, underwent surgery on Saturday and is now looking at a long recovery. Udonis Haslem faced a similar scenario in 2010 when he tore the Lisfranc ligament in his left foot. The injury required surgery and Haslem missed most of the seasn. He returned for the playoffs but didn't recover fully from the injury until the next season.
Speaking with The Herald on Saturday at an event in South Miami, Haslem said he's hopeful that Bryant will will make a full recovery and return to the court to finish his career on his own terms.
“He’s one of the greatest players to ever play the game and I hope he can make a recovery and finish his career on a positive note and pick his time to go and not let an injury be the deciding factor,” Haslem said. “[Rehabilitation] just takes a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of prayer and as an athlete you always go through that thought process of are you ever going to be the same and when you do get back and you do get somewhat healthy, you got to get yourself back in the rhythm of playing the game of basketball.”


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Get better soon Kobe. Great player HOF
Bound. But big question mark on his career.

Good morning Heat Nation...

Stomp the mamba into the ground.

This may be the first time all year I root for the Lakers.

Count down til game 1... Get rest... Get treatment... Get ready... Playoff time baby...

One thing I just thought about is, we have dealt with every team playing at their best whenever they played us... It's almost like we've been playing playoff games all season..

Now, this Bucks team will also bring a sense of a team playing out of their minds come game 1... We must be ready... We must bring our A game... We have to be aggressive... Set a tone from tip to buzzer, this is a whole different animal at this time of year...

Also, knowing that as a team, we have to be ready for all things... No matter what, stay focused... Find the match ups that will make this work in our favor, and abuse them at will... Nothing personal, this is strictly business...

Watching all things Heat... Title run 2013... Let's get ready... 007..

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