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Second round to begin on Monday; NBA gives Dwyane Wade 11 days of rest

The Heat’s second-round series will begin on Monday, the NBA announced on Tuesday evening, regardless if the first-round series between the Bulls and Nets ends Thursday night.

The Bulls have a 3-2 lead in the best-of-7 series. Chris Bosh said the long wait is a “gift and curse” and that “just staying in shape, keeping our edge and keeping our mental focus where it needs to be” will be “a huge challenge,” this week.

“So, we have our work cut out for us this week,” Bosh Bosh said.

While the Heat swept the Nets the season, Bosh said he doesn’t favor playing one team or the other. The Bulls ended the Heat’s 27-game winning streak.

“They’re going to have to play their series, they’re going to have to battle it out, but there is no such thing as an easy road to a championship—whether that’s playing Chicago and battling it out or playing a motivated Nets team, nobody wants to get beat, period,” Bosh said.

While Bosh and the Heat likely will grow tired with waiting for the second round to begin, 11 days of rest between starts should give Dwyane Wade and his balking right knee time to heal.


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Can we please stop talking and give more importance to someone being gay or not? Should I as an Asian female come out and announce to the world that I am not a lesbian and I like men at my age and am very proud of that,too? Would anyone care?
Please stop imposing your personal preferences on us and want us to applaud their "bravery". Live your lives and allow me and everyone else to live theirs, please. You are not that special and we are all different. So what? Just be, why do they need our approval? Unless they feel there is something wrong!!

The west is wide open... Although, we still have to deal with the next round first, I just noticed how the west is up for grabs...

I personally, want the Bulls.... They think we can't beat them...

We should sweep them tooo... 007...

Bosh Bosh. I like it.

Lili, please leave and never come back....ever.

Thanks Lili, a lot of us feel the same way. As a matter of fact, most of America feels that way too.

Remember how the media embraced Tim Tebow when he "came out" and admitted to being a Christian? Neither do I.

"your horns are showing Morris (MSM)" - Purple Rain

Nets easier than the bulls

Black / BKY - help!!!! Let's get this conversation back to basketball.

Nuggs and Warriors & Clippers and Griz series' both getting a bit testy. Pretty sure Curry wants NO PART of Farried. Marc Jackson getting his panties in a bunch, when his player Green looks like he's a thuggin' out there.

Chris Paul is playing some great basketball right now, but he doesn't want to dance with Marc Gasol.

Doesn't matter Bulls v Nets, who wins. Let them slug it out for 7 seven games. I was more surprised with the Nets big win in Game 1 than I was that the Bulls are now battling with them.

Spurs v Heat in the Finals.

Wonder if the media is going to interview any of the NBA players who practice the Muslim faith what they think of Collin's announcement. Now THAT, should be real interesting.

'world's colliding, Jerry'


Wonder what side Joe falls on.

Is he sensitive to the less than 1.7% of Americans who practice homosexuality (or heterphobics, as they are known) or is he sensitive to the millions of followers of the (peaceful) Muslim faith that have NO tolerance for gays?

That is what the blogsphere is wondering right now.

On my way back now... Had a nice time up in the northeast... Much luv, to all up top... 007...

Chris Broussard made remarks on ESPN saying it was a sin based on his Christian faith. He gave an opinion, nothing hateful or bigotted...and ESPN gave an apology for what they claimed was a "regretful comment". ESPN claimed they support diversity. Then why didn't they support Broussard? Hard to believe someone's sexual orientation gets this massive coverage! Martina Navratilova made her announcement 32 years ago. This massive coverage, in my opinion, is more an indictment on us...the American public...

The Heat shouldn't get OVERCONFIDENT. Every team will be giving 200% to beat the Miami Heat. Ray Allen is the man in the post-season. Andersen is the spark. The starting 5 have pathetic +/- numbers (except LBJ) and they need to step up their urgency, because the bench is winning the games.

Cudos to Chris Broussard for coming out as a Christian. That took much more bravery and courage then what Jason Collings did. Collins has the vast majority of the media and the NBA and his employers behind him, I know, some 'struggle' right, and anybody who voices their 'opinion' of his choice is castigated. He will never have to worry about losing his job because of his decision to switch teams, from having a long term heterosexual relationship to being gay. Broussard risks losing his job because he "came out" and voiced his own opinion. Who really is braver? If you don't bow before the liberal agenda, then you are made to go to thenthitivity classes. And really, we do a HUGE disservice to Jackie Robinson by comparing the two. Huge being an understatement. Robinson could not be 'not black' and had some owners, players, fans, and media against his desire to play in the majors. Heck, CNN spent 9 times as much coverage - in one hour - of Collins than they did in one week covering the murder trial of Dr. Gosnell. Pretty courageous Jason.

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