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Ray Allen on Steph Curry: 'He had a helluva season'


Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry set an NBA single-season record for three-pointers on Wednesday, surpassing Ray Allen's old mark of 269. Curry was 4 of 11 from three-point range in the Warriors' season finale and finished the season with 272 three-pointers.

"He had a helluva season,” Allen said before the Heat's game against the Magic. “Someone asked me a year or two ago and I said he was one of the guys that I thought had the potential of having the three-point record of the season or career because he reminds me of myself when I was in Seattle, bringing the ball up the floor, playing the open system, getting the ball in the air.

Curry has scored at least six three-pointers in 13 games this season. He was 11 of 13 from three-point range against the Knicks in February when he scored 54 points at Madison Square Garden. He had nine three-pointers against the Lakers last Friday in an epic game that saw Curry pour in 47 points. He then had seven three-pointers on Monday against the Spurs. 

“He’s had some big nights," Allen said. "You figure you’ve got to have some seven-three-pointer nights throughout the season and he’s done that, so I knew maybe five or six games ago at the rate that he’s playing that he would be able to break it.”


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Count down til game 1...

The time has come...

Only team on my mind is the Bucks... We will win this series... 48 minutes of pure hell... Let's get it baby... 007...

They wanted to play, ok, now it's time...

First thing first, we must win the first two home games...

Hey Brandon Jennings, better lace 'em up tight brah, you just got what you wished for. After 4 games, I wonder if he'll still think the Bucks match up well with the Heat.

Think college would've helped his conceptual reasoning?

Updated this blog post with Curry's new single-season record for three-pointers.

Bucks? Smh no chance

I actually think the bucks can and will upset the heat.

Jim, You sir are on dope.

I agree. Stop smoking and hoping for unrealistic things. Go Heat!!!!

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