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Pre-Game 4/Game of Thrones Q & A

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Combining these two questions...Dwyane Wade is doubtful, based on what LeBron James said yesterday in practice. Here's a link to that story. CLICK ME! Wade was too frustrated to even speak with reporters on Saturday, which is never a good sign. Based on circumstantial evidence, I think Wade will not play today and instead we'll see Mike Miller in the starting lineup. 

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Like, say, a vegetarian option for someone who doesn't eat meat?

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LeBron and Bosh aren't under any kind of minute restrictions. If the game is close, they'll be playing.

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Great question. The Heat has failed to close out sweeps of the first round series in 2011 and 2012. But this Bucks team is neither the Sixers of 2011 nor the Knicks of 2012. If Milwaukee gets down early, then it's over. Milwaukee had the look a team ready for vacation in the fourth quarter of Game 3.

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Isn't that $1 million question? I'll counter your question with another: How much are players willing to sacrifice to keep it together financially? Let's revisit this question after the postseason.

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Yes, afraid so. But Wade has proven in the past he can play through pain.

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The next series looks like it will be in Chicago, so I wouldn't have far to go.

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Trick question. LeBron is a superhero.

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Winter is (not) Coming to Milwaukee. It has been beautiful for three straight days. I walked the Great Wall of China with the Heat during the preseason. Does that count?

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Most of the show is currently based on the third novel of the series, A Storm of Swords, but the show also is currently diverging the back story of Theon Greyjoy from the fifth novel, A Dance with Dragons. Of course, that is a bit confusing as well, since the chronology of novels four and five overlap.

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Before last week, I would say Season One, but Jaime Lannister losing his hand and Daenerys Targaryen's scene at the end of the last episode have put the current season at the top of my list. Of course, the best episode of the series, in my opinion, remains "Blackwater Bay" of Season Two. Tough question!


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